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Updated by Juego Studios on Mar 29, 2020
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Augmented reality mobile app development Solutions Using the Latest Technology

With more standalone devices and smartphones offering dedicated support for augmented reality, the market for AR apps is set to grow by leaps and bounds. One of the top AR app development companies in the industry, Juego Studios provides augmented reality app design and development solutions for interactive applications in a variety of sectors including entertainment, manufacturing and retail.

AR App Development Company India | Best Augmented Reality Developers

Designing a new AR app? Full service development for augmented reality games, apps and experiences from Juego Studios. Hire top AR app developers today!

AR Portfolio - Augmented Reality App Development Company

Looking for skilled augmented reality game developers? Juego Studios creates interactive AR games across various genres and platforms.

AR Game Developers | AR Games Development Company

Build immersive games with world-class AR game developers. We create augmented reality games for smartphones, tablets, HMDS and smart glasses.

AR Geo-Location Based Application Case Study

The success of Pokemon Go has highlighted a number of possibilities offered by using location-based Augmented Reality to create engaging games and apps. Digitally interactive treasure hunt apps are combining the idea of a conventional physical scavenger hunt with the world of augmented reality. AR allows the overlay of virtual elements over a real-world location, which can be perceived using digital devices like smartphones.

PUMA GUNNERS | AR game development from Juego Studios

Puma Gunners, an exciting AR-based First-person shooter game. Contact Juego Studios for VR & AR game development.

Augmented Reality Trends, What’s Next? | Juego Studios

There are hundreds of Augmented Reality trends out there, we have listed 5 of them to prove how this technology is going to stand in the long-term future. Some of the trends are AR market will grow fast, Enterprises will love AR, AR will change the face of marketing. Read on to know more.

Tech foresight: Future of Augmented Reality

Future of Augmented reality is more than just a game. Here are the some of the trends which will reflect the position of AR&VR in the current scenario and its prospective position in the future

Healthcare Services | Interactive Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industries - Juego Studios delivers mobile-centric interactive solutions for healthcare industry keeping all advanced technologies in mind like IoT and wearables.With gamification solutions, we provide better learning experience.

Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) in HealthCare | Case Study

AR/VR in healthcare is going to be widespread in terms of intraoperative surgery, training of healthcare professionals, physiotherapy, better diagnosis, anatomy, visualization.

The Gist of Geo-location AR Games - AR development

Reality technologies like AR, VR and MR are actually redefining the way users experience the environment around them, virtual and real. AR & VR are changing the course of how various industries like healthcare, education, training, travel, shopping are performing their operations. AR products are easier to be made available to people and the development lifecycle for AR games is much shorter than what a VR game would take. It is only because of incapable hardware that the true potential of AR is not yet realized.

How are AR & VR Reality technologies going to revamp these domains?

Start - ups develop AR / VR applications in several areas from real estate to military to healthcare. Here is the infographic on how Augmented Reality Technology and VR Technology will revamp the different industries.

How real estate firms can realize rising ROIs through reality technology of AR?

Juego Studios can provide apt AR&VR services for businesses as we have pioneered in various technologies around AR.

How businesses can leverage location based AR to land lucrative deals?

This blog explains how retailers can benefit with location-based AR technology to drive profits which thrive consequentially for business. If you are looking to get more deal click here.

AR Beauty App - Case Study | Augmented Reality App | Juego Studio

Beauty industry is actively using AR virtual makeup app. Juego Studio has developed AR Beauty App Face detector, lips, eye-lashed, hair editor and offers many more customization features. Check it out!