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Steer clear of these 9 costly app development mistakes to ensure a long run of your Mobile App

Building a successful app that stands out from the rest demands careful planning and execution. Here's how you can proceed with caution and escape some major pitfalls.

Android M to O-Comparison of Common Android Operating Systems

Get to know the key elements of the three most widespread Android Operating Systems - Android Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo (both for the users as well as the developers).

Benefits of Embedded Analytics for customers and business

Learn what is Embedded analytics and how they can benefit your users as well as the business through valuable insights. Read more here.

13 Must Know iPhone X Gestures

iPhone X has become much more intuitive and easier to navigate with these new set of gestures. Read this article to master these moves.

Different methods to get Million Downloads for App

A brief guideline for app developers to reach millions of their app downloads. Here is the complete article, Read more.

App Discovery|Building an App on a Sturdy Foundation

App Discovery is the foundation stone of a successful app. Put these pro tips about App Discovery phase to practice and extend the longevity of your App.

Understanding the technicalities of food through AI, AR and VR

AI, AR and VR - the three most innovative technologies in recent times have been employed by multiple industries in different ways. Here's how the food domain is changing with the advent of these groundbreaking realities. Know more here.

10 technologies that will become indispensable by 2020

With technology evolving at an explosive phase with no signs of slowing down, here are the technologies that will become mega trends by 2020. Read more here.

5 Biggest Pitfalls of an Enterprise App Development

Building an enterprise app can be full of challenges. Read this article to avoid 5 typical blunders and steer clear of failure. Read more here.

The Strategy Behind a Viral App

Ever wonder how you can make your app go viral, and compete against the best of the best. In this article, we have laid down the concepts of making a viral app. Here is the complete info.

7 effects of Artificial Intelligence on the Mobile App Industry

The advent of Artificial Intelligence in the mobile app's segment has brought far-reaching reforms to the mobile economy. Read this expert analysis on the implications of AI on the mobile app industry.

8 pro tips to become a social media mobile app influencer

In today's times, having a prominent presence on Social media platforms is a must. Companies employ Social Media Influencers to promote their apps through social media channels. Here are some all important steps to become a social media influencer.

7 Most Widely Used Mobile Payment Apps

The advent of digitization has given rise to numerous mobile payment apps. Here are 7 of the most well known brands in this category. Read this article to understand the different types of mobile payment and wallet apps.

Earning money on mobile apps

Every one wants to earn money form to the mobile app. In this article, we discuss the idea of what to expect as the future of your application in terms of its money earning capabilities.

Accelerating Growth of API Market

API Market is a global and open API platform that lets you easily innovate and grow at an exponential level in your company. APIs is an interface that has been designed to be easily accessible to the wider population of Web and Mobile developers

Tips to make Iphone battery last longer

This article is meant to provide suggestions for saving Iphone battery from the perspective of both, the app developers and the users. Also we'll look at some of the methods that you can employ to improve the battery life. Read the complete article here.

Add more value to your Mobile Apps with Motion Design

Motion design has become an intrinsic part of mobile app design process. Here's how you can leverage the power of motion design and make a huge impact on the user experience.

How to succeed in a Tech Company coming from a non-tech background

Tech Sector is the fastest growing industry in the world. If you are under the impression that only the people from a technical background can make it big in this industry, then read this article on how to make it big in a tech company when you don't have a technical degree.

Uses of blockchain in the future of the enterprises

The blockchain is proving to be a valuable asset for Enterprise Mobile Apps. Read this article to learn how decentralized apps are tackling complex issues like payment processing, asset and identity management in an effective way. Read the complete article here.

Key points of Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design has come a long way since the launch of App Store. Here's how you can build an app with a design that keeps your users hooked to your Mobile App.

Role of AI in developing next-gen mobile apps

Artificial Intelligence is playing its part in the expansion of mobile app development. Whether it's growing your user base or generating greater revenue, here's how artificial intelligence can achieve these results.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on customer experience

Artificial Intelligence has found various applications in the field of customer experience. Here's how you can adopt AI to give a massive boost to your customer experience.

Pro tips to make your website a conversion magnet

In today's cut-throat world of online business, the website conversion rate can make or break your business. Follow these guidelines to scale up your conversion rate and compete among the best of the best.

Here's how you can smarten up your clumsy restaurant app

By not using a smart restaurant app, you are losing out on a tremendous amount of actionable data from users and other sources. Here's how you can switch to a smart restaurant app and gather insightful data to improve user experience.

10 ways chatbots are automating banking services

Chatbots are helping businesses improve sales and provide better customer services. By collecting information from daily interactions, chatbots can automate time taking and repetitive processes. Here's how the banking sector is gaining from this technology.