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Updated by Hemendra Singh on Mar 02, 2019
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Things to Remember before you Hire a PHP Developer

If you have stumbled onto this article its very likely that you are trying to develop a Web Content Management System or some other kind of Web Framework, for which you need the expertise of a PHP Developer. Or maybe you are someone who has an idea and have just gotten around to figuring out that you need to know PHP programming amongst other things to bring your idea to life. Well, either way,we are here to help. So, if you are part of the latter category, here is a brief of what PHP is all about.

PHP was originally an abbreviation for Personal Home Page andis a general-purpose programming language for web development, suited for server-side development. And usually runs on a Web Server. It’s basically more for developing the Back-end components of your Web Application.



You need to make sure that your potential PHP Developer has an ample of relevant experience in the field, because like every other programming language, experience represents the highest credentials. Go through your potential developer’s portfolio and if you can, then try to get reference testimonials from previous clients. Also remember when hiring a programmer, cheap is never actually the best option to go with, because there are many newbies in the market who will offer service at lower rates.


Updated Knowledge

With programming languages like PHP, there are regular updates. So, you need to make sure that the Web Development Company or the individuals you hire have a fully up-to-date arsenal of tools to reach your desired goal.


Ease of Communication

While deciding on a Developer, always remember where he or she is working from, because building a program is a lot of going back and forth, and sometimes emails and phone calls are just not enough. So, take into account the kind of functionality that you are trying to develop within your Website and what level of accessibility you require with your Developer.


Quotation and Deliverables

The budget and developer’s quotation are going to be one of the major factors in shortlisting your Person for the job.You need someone who literally fits the bill, and at the same time is prompt in coming up with the most reasonable options. The deliverable time frame is also a major contributor to your hiring decision because you want a developer who is compatible with your product timeline.



You need to make sure that your contractor is not just a good programmer, but also an insightful product developer and manager, who can guide you and at times even be open to contradicting you. Developing any kind of software framework needs a lot of design thinking. And the brainstorming that goes into it requires both an abstract, and an analytical mind to work together to solve real problems.You need to think critically about the marketing of your product from the development stage.



At last, the key aspect is to hire PHP programmer who is passionate about his trade. Even though “Passion” is not a technical factor, it plays an important role in Program development. Because you need someone who is invested in your product and has fun while sitting long hours in front of their laptop screen coding away. These individuals are more likely to provide you with the highest return on your investment and deliver a robust PHP program.