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Healboat-Best Doctors & Hospitals in India

Through healboat anyone can consult with doctors online & also fix appointment.

Procedure of Kidney Biopsy

Through given post, you can get all detail about kidney biopsy causes, procedure & treatment. There are many bets hospitals for kidney biopsy in India.

Best Hip Replacement Surgeons in India

Looking for the hip replacement in India, you are thinking right. India is the best center for the hip replacement at very affordable cost.

Top 10 Best Doctors in India

Looking for the top Doctors in India? Visit helaboat now for the right guidance and list of top 10 doctors in India for treatment in your budget. If you want to consult with the doctors online then try healboat official site.

Best Diet to Prevent Kidney Stones

In order to prevent kidney stones, a person may drink plenty of water, reduce the amount of oxalate-rich foods and also the amount of salt and animal protein.

Top Hospitals for Bariatric Surgery

With the wide range of top hospitals for bariatric surgery, India is becoming one of the most preferred choices for bariatric surgery treatment. Any person who is suffering from obesity can avail the best quality treatment from these hospitals.

Complete Process to Get Medical Treatment Visa for India

Visa for medical treatment is goes for those who are seeking for the medical treatment in India. As we know that getting Medical visa is not a easy task. Here is a complete process to get medical visa for India.

Ideal Diet after Blood Marrow Transplant | Healboat

Diet after bone marrow transplant. After stem cells transplant, you need to recovery and you'll be dealing with side effects that can affect your eating and drinking. So, you need to take a healthy diet after bone marrow transplant to deal with this side effects and for recovery as soon as possible.

Kidney Transplantation Doctors & Hospitals in India | Transplant Cost in India - Healboat

When the kidney fails, the entire excretion system of body goes downhill/fails. The final way to fix such a travesty is nothing but organ transplant. However, the process has its own risk, unless, you opt for Kidney transplantation in India.

Heart Disease and Kidney Disease Relationship

Kidney diseases and cardiac diseases both are causes and consequences of the other disease. Also, some of the risk factors of kidney and heart diseases are common.

Life after Liver Transplant – You should know it

To that end, it is easy to understand the drastic change in average life after liver transplant. To that end, in order to make sure that the transplanted liver stays healthy a healthy lifestyle is also necessary.

Why Kidney Transplant Success Rate in India

Kidney transplant success rate in India is dependent upon two factors: the quality of the doctors and the quality of the medical equipment.

2 Types of Liver Transplant

Do you know there are multiple types of liver transplant? For treating different kind of liver conditions there are different types of liver transplant treatment. Seek the guidance of medical experts at Healboat to know the complete treatment details along with the cost involved.

Find Treatment for Cancer in India in Easy Manner

It is unfortunate that to this very day, there has been no comprehensive cure for cancer in the late stages. However, there are ways to manage the symptoms and cancer treatment in India can provide you with the same.

Orthopedic Surgery in India

Are you looking for a knee replacement surgery in a cost effective and high value way? If so, then you should look for orthopedic surgery in India.

How Long Does Knee Replacement Surgery Take

Knee replacements is a severe procedure in which diseased joint, ligament, femur etc are removed and replaced with the artificial material. In this procedure usually the surgeons take two to three hours and remove the diseased part with the artificial part.

Alcoholic Cirrhosis: Signs and Symptoms

When the person consume too much alcohol on regular basis the healthy tissues of the liver becomes scarred. The various signs and symptoms of alcoholic cirrhosis that the patient will suffer from include the jaundice, fatigue, bleeding, weight loss, itchy skin etc.

Best Liver Cancer Treatment Hospital in India

Just being diagnosed with the liver cancer is not the end of life! You can look for the best liver cancer hospitals in India and avail the treatment for the same to get back to your normal life. There are multiple best liver cancer hospitals in India including the FMRI, Apollo, BLK and Max healthcare institution etc.

Stem Cell Transplant Success Rate in India

Stem cell transplant success rate in India is pretty high. The reason for this success rate is the competitive nature of the hospitals, the high end medical techniques and the best hematologists. To that end, if you want more information in this regard, you should get in touch with Dr Rahul Bhargava, our best hematological expert.

Blood Cancer Survival Rate in India

One of the most conditions that are found in people is blood cancer and India is one stop destination providing this treatment to people.

Breast Biopsy Treatment Hospitals in India

Don’t wait till it’s too late! There are number of Breast biopsy treatment hospitals in India offering this procedure in an efficient and the cost effective manner.

Average Cost of Blood Cancer Treatment in India

In India the maximum cost of blood cancer treatment in India is around USD 25000 that is highly cost effective in comparison to other medical tourism countries.

IVF Treatment in India - Get it with Healboat

Are you frustrated by making the useless efforts for getting a child? Now you can get the best IVF treatment in India with the assistance from the medical experts at Healboat.

Bone Marrow Transplant in India

There are multiple top notch hospitals in India providing the best possible bone marrow transplant in India.

IVF Treatment in India

Get the treatment details from the topmost doctors and hospitals in India sitting at any corner of the world with Healboat simply by making a call, providing the medical details and previous reports?

Liver Transplant Recovery Diet | Healthy Diet after Liver Transplant

Once you have had the liver transplant, the recovery diet is going to be focused towards making sure that your body is able to heal fast and properly.