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Custom Boxes and Packaging

All about custom boxes and packaging for different category of items.

Money on Cake or Cake Boxes

Cake boxes are very important because they are presented on special occasions and should look presentable.

Office Snack Boxes: A New Business Idea - Packaging Web

The office snack boxes are very important these days. Everyone likes to carry some snacks in order to get extra energy at work.

Rigid Boxes vs Folding Cartons - packaging-for-your-products

There has always been a comparison between rigid boxes and folding cartons. Both have their own place and people are using according to what they need.

Item's Packaging

It is very important for your business the way you pack your items. A good and presentable packing is always a plus for your business.

Why Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes Do It Better as Compared to Readily Available Cardboard Boxes - Systematic Packagi...

The cardboard! A material possessed of unimaginable potential and possibilities can do a lot of wonders for the business and household purposes when used correctly and with a vision to make an impact. So: One Saturday night it occurred to me that perhaps...

All Over Packaging - Will CD DVD Storage Boxes Be Required In the Near Future.2 7 2018

There are a lot of types of CD/DVD cases that are still seen around even though we have entered a highly digitalized market for mainstream music. There was once a time when artists to promote their own songs, would make and burn their own disks and supply them by hand now with technology on the rise that era has started to decrease rapidly. Nowadays the access on devices for music is phenomenally very impressive, software�s such as Napster, iTunes, windows media player and more have become a common household channel for music, movies or any sort of entertainment.

Packaging-Needs - Forside

Every item needs to be packed nicely in order for customers to attract towards it.

Baking Birthday Cake with Love - Packaging Design Solutions : powered by Doodlekit

The day was a special one and the month even more special, I and my best friend were just days apart from our birthdays and wanted to make this one a very special one. We had planned to save money, time and effort by celebrating it together as we both were March babies. Making it more exciting the day we chose to celebrate was 17th March 2007 the day of the St. Patrick’s Day. The theme we choose was obviously green, and the kicker was that we had to bake a cake together. 

Evolving old Boxes into Book Haven – Jason Laura – Medium

Summer of 2012 working at a library as a bookkeeper, it was my first job as a freshmen and I got introduced into it by my mother who previously used to work here. She had entrusted me with the…