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Physiotherapy Brampton Institute

Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute is located on Main St. S between Steeles Avenue and Queen Street.

Chiropractor, Massage Therapy in Brampton

Brampton Physiotherapy Voted Best Clinic In Brampton Top Choice Awards 2016. Physiotherapy, Chiropractor + Massage Therapy in Brampton.

Massage Therapy Kinesiology Brampton Ontario

Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute is a leading massage therapy clinic servicing the Brampton area. Call (647) 492-9107 to book an appointment!

Benefits of Hiring Chiropractors in Brampton

Here Brampton chiropractor could provide a great deal of help. He adjusts and locates the musculoskeletal area that is not functioning in a proper manner.

Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic Brampton

Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute offers sports injury therapists servicing the Brampton area. Call (647) 492-9107 to book an appointment today.

3 Day Plan to Boost your Health this Fall

Fall is a natural time of transition, which makes it ideal for a gentle detox cleanse that will reset your body and mind while priming you for a winter of wellness. Detoxifying through your diet doesn’t have to mean fasting, and if done periodically, is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

Positive affirmations to help you believe in you

Here are some positive affirmations you can repeat to yourself, or even write down in your notebook, or stick them somewhere you can see them

Why Do We Need Physiotherapy?

Brampton Physiotherapy can treat a variety of injuries, aid rehabilitation, and restore strength and function to previously injured areas. Its trained professionals and state-of-the-art equipment can assess and treat the cause of the discomfort and set you on the best path to get back to normal.

Sports Injury Clinics in Brampton

Sports injury clinics are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to treat injuries and promote healing. New technologies are constantly being discovered and implemented with great effect, allowing injuries to be healed much quicker.

Why Physiotherapy Is Key To Easing Shoulder Pain?

Simple physiotherapy exercises could be the most effective treatment for shoulder pain according to University of Ulster research. A new study combining the results of previous clinical trials worldwide has revealed that exercise reduces pain, improves muscle strength and enhances the overall quality of life. Click on the article title for detailed information.

Why you need Massgae Therapy to remove Stress & Tension

Message therapy can be extremely useful for the body, especially it can help curing frozen shoulder, strained tissues, chronic aches etc. Message therapy helps the tissue to relax, which in turn reduces any form of spasms and painful contractions. It can also help in reduction of nerve compression. In fact, massage therapy can be used in tandem with any other form of therapy. Often, we cry in pain which might have developed from muscle pull, severe backache or spasms. Without giving a thought we take first grade pain killers like Ibrufen or Combiflame.


Why We Need Chiropractor to Improve Your Health?

Why We Need Chiropractor to Improve Your Health?

Why we need Chiropractor to improve your health? Read here

The Benefits Exercise Has to All Stages of Cancer Treatment

The CancerSmart Rehab program developed by the Wellspring Cancer Foundation is an exercise and rehabilitation program for cancer patients. This treatment, found only in Brampton, is based on the established effectiveness of physical activity during all stages of cancer and all stages of cancer treatment.

What Are Kinesiology Treatments?

What kinesiology treatments do is detect imbalances in a person’s chemistry, build, nutrition, and emotions. The way this is done is by having a kinesiologist conduct various stress resistance tests on certain muscle groups.


Massage Therapy Specialist in Brampton

Massage Therapy Specialist in Brampton

Looking for registered massage therapy and physiotherapy clinic in Brampton. Book an appointment with the best Chiropractor in Brampton today!

How to Live Your Life's Purpose

Everyone has a purpose in life, and within that purpose lays a unique talent just waiting to be expressed and shared with the world. If you’ve ever witnessed someone living their life’s purpose, it’s inspiring to see—they exude happiness. Having the same experience for yourself is pure bliss. If you haven’t found your purpose, that’s okay, you will.

5 Ways to Relieve Back Pain Before You Go To Physio

Find out how to easily fix back pain in 5 easy steps before you make that trip to the physiotherapist. Back pain can occur for many reasons.

What a Massage Therapist can do for Your Health

In today’s society, it’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves and to maintain our health and wellness, especially with all of life’s daily pressures. To help you out with this, consider massage therapy.

The Benefits of Natural Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy brings together several healing modalities designed to give you a healthy, optimal lifestyle. It’s not just rehabilitation; physiotherapy is about disease management, disease prevention, and wellness.

Helpful Tips on Who Can Benefit from Physiotherapy in Brampton

If you’re considering physiotherapy in Brampton, here are some types of services you can expect to improve your quality of life.

Massage Therapy in Brampton: How to prepare for your appointment

Are you looking for the massage therapy near me in Brampton, Visit us online today. Also, find the tips on how to prepare for your appointment.


The Naturopath Explained: Who They are and What They do

The Naturopath Explained: Who They are and What They do

What is the naturopath and what are naturopathic doctors? This is a common question, even in the medical field. Part of the reason for the mystery is that the naturopath profession is quite small. Currently, naturopathic doctors (NDs) are licensed to practice as medical professionals in 5 provinces, 16 states, and 2 American territories.

The Naturopath Explained

What a naturopath does, will more than likely never been seen on a national television hospital series, because they do not find cures for rare diseases, perform transplant surgeries or repair wounds in the emergency. Their focus is more centered on preventing diseases and dealing with patients on a physical and mental level.

Licensed naturopathic doctors have scientific Medical Training and got to school for seven years. They learn much of what medical doctors learn about anatomy, biochemistry, and pathology. They also learn how to use the same physical exams, medical imaging, and labs that clinics and hospitals do.

A naturopathic doctor is a recognized medical professional, who spends most of their time preventing disease. They help patients deal with issues before they become major health problems such as

Preventing heart disease
Preventing cancer through diet
Helping people break the pattern of insomnia
Naturopath combines alternative and conventional treatments to complement each other, which makes them more diverse than allopathic doctors. They help patients overcome immediate health issues as they address belief systems and behaviors underlying symptoms.

Naturopaths assess physical health, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. They believe in treating the whole person, not just their symptoms.

Where is Naturopath Practiced?

Naturopathic doctors work in a variety of clinical settings, including clinics, hospitals, private practice, and community health centers.

Three Common Misconceptions About Naturopaths

To help you get a better understanding of the naturopath, we will look at three common misconceptions.

Naturopaths are Against Conventional Medicine: This is not true; in fact, naturopaths work alongside medical doctors. The best healthcare involves a team of doctors. Sometimes a naturopathic doctor is needed and other times; a medical doctor is better suited for the patient. Naturopaths refer patients to ERs, surgeons, and cardiologists when they know that the conditions are beyond the scope of what they offer.
The naturopath is the Same as Homeopathy: This is not true because homeopathy means giving medicine in extremely small doses, thus it is related to how medicine is given. Naturopathic medicine is more of an approach to how patients are treated and favors low-force or natural interventions. However, sometimes treatments may include homeopathy, so it is part of a treatment plan – but only part of it.
Naturopath Natural Remedies are Unscientific: This is not true, much of naturopathy is based on scientific research.



Improving Sports Performance While Reducing Risk of Injury

Improving Sports Performance While Reducing Risk of Injury

You’ve heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and nowhere is that more apt than in the field of sports medicine. When it’s time get that ounce or get that pound, there simply is no profession more suited to help than physiotherapy. Physiotherapy stands best suited to deliver the sports medicine you need. No healing profession meets the rigors of a body being pushed to the max through exercise like physiotherapy.
At the Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute it isn’t just injury treatment, it’s about going deeper and treating the underlying causes and working to reduce re-injury risks and improving performance.

Sports injury: A fact of the matter

Anyone who uses their muscles knows that injuries are just part of the routine. From weekend warriors to the pro athlete, pushing the body to the max, whether on purpose or on accident causes muscles to seize and freeze. And when you’re body has been pushed past its limit, it will let you know all about it.
No workout is without risks, and no muscle or soft tissue is immune to injury. So you need to know how to work your body well, efficiently, and safely. That’s the service that physiotherapy can provide. Pushing hard and getting to the next level without injury takes not only talent, but education and planning too.
When you work with a physiotherapist at Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute, you’re getting state of the art rejuvenation therapies as well as solid educational tools that help you work your body’s muscles hard. When you work hard, you need to understand your body mechanics and you need to understand muscle’s recovery. That’s what physiotherapy will help you with.
When you partner with Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute, you’ll be getting a full complement of sports medicine to assist you in therapy when you’ve over done it, and planning and education so you can work recovery into your routine. You’ll get the tools you need to push hard, safely and effectively.

Sports injury treatment

When you’ve pushed too hard your body needs help to heal. And that healing comes from getting your body to trigger its own healing process quickly and effectively. We’ll work with you to get your muscle fibers realigned through deep tissue massage, and we’ll give you immediate relief from the soreness and pain. We’ll set the body’s natural processes in motion to get you back on track. The treatment is effective, and aimed at getting your muscles soft and supple so you can start working them to their optimum levels.

Prevention of sports injury

But we want to go further. We want to help you prevent injuries and learn how to push your body hard. That’s why we’ll set up a prescribed pre-workout and post-workout routine that’s designed to get your soft tissues warmed up and cooled down safely. We’ll help you understand your recovery mode, and what you’ll need to do between sessions to get full recovery because recovery is the key to preventing injury. You’ll learn how to work your body’s mechanics so you can keep it optimally healthy, and ready to go. And in between sessions, we’ll give you deep tissue massage that will encourage muscle and tendon health.
The team at Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute boasts years of experience in sports medicine, and we stand ready to help you get your workouts to the next level safely while minimizing the risk of injury.

Improving Sports Performance While Reducing Risk of Injury

Physiotherapy stands best suited to deliver the sports medicine you need. No healing profession meets the rigors of a body being pushed to the max through exercise like physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Is Key To Easing Shoulder Pain Says Ulster Research

Simple physiotherapy exercises could be the most effective treatment for shoulder pain according to University of Ulster research.


160 Main Street S.,Unit #6 Brampton, Ontario L6W 2E1

Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute is located on Main St. S between Steeles Avenue and Queen Street. We are proud to offer our services to the residents of Brampton, Georgetown, Mississauga, Bramalea, Huttonville, and Springbrook.