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Social Media Agency in Ahmedabad

5 Digital Marketing Trends That will Rule In 2018 - SearchNative

What your customers think, what they want and how they interact with each other is constantly changing and that's why you must know these 5 digital marketing trends that will rule in 2018.

Social Media Management Tools To Use In 2018 (And Beyond)

Are you still manually monitoring and managing all your social media accounts? There’s a better way! Avoid frustration and save your time using these social media management tools.

What is Cambridge Analytica Incident and How Facebook is Going to Prevent Such Data Breaches In The Future

Facebook has enacted 6 core initiatives to prevent companies from getting user’s data without their authorization and in this way Facebook is planning to prevent another Cambridge Analytica Incident in future!

7 Reasons Why Businesses Need To Invest In SEO 2018

Do you have a website/ mobile app? Then, your business needs SEO! Because if you’re not on the 1st page of Google, you won’t be able to get any business.

10 On-Page SEO Factors 2018: How To Do SEO For A Website

How to do SEO for a website so it can rank HIGH on GOOGLE? Does this question always pop up in your mind? Then, follow these top 10 ON-PAGE SEO FACTORS.

5 E-Commerce Strategies (You Must Use) To Grow Your Business

Do you own an e-commerce store but unable to sell anything? Use these 5 tested and actionable E-COMMERCE strategies to grow your business.

Celebrity Marketing Tactics: How To Become A Celebrity On The Internet

Do you wonder, how to become a celebrity on the Internet? In this post, you will learn the celebrity marketing tactics to become popular on the Internet.

Landing Page That Converts: 5 Pro Landing Page Tips 2018

Do you want to grow your EMAIL list? Or Do you want to increase your SALES? This guide will help you to create the Landing Page That CONVERTS.

Google Speed Update: Page Speed as Ranking Signal in Mobile Search

People want to find the answer to their questions as fast as possible. So, Google considered this & coming up with the new Google speed update.

6 Actionable Tips To Implement Voice Search In Your SEO Strategy

A decade ago, nobody knew “what is voice search?” but today 50% mobile search queries are voice search and that's why you should implement voice search in your SEO strategy.

Viral Marketing - 5 Most Valuable Advantages for More Sales

Wanna think something out of the box? Want to do Viral Marketing? Hire a creative team to promote your products/services by viral marketing Call Now!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Walmart Acquires 77% Stake in Flipkart

Walmart acquires Flipkart on Wednesday May 9, 2018. The deal was closed for $16 Billion dollars and it’s the biggest e-commerce acquisition to date.

5 Advantages Of Social Media Sharing For SEO

There are 200 factors involved in ranking your website on Google but one of the most important factor is social media sharing. In this post you will learn about 5 advantages Of social media sharing for SEO.

Adobe Acquires Ecommerce CMS Giant Magento for $1.68 Billion

Adobe Inc. announced an agreement to acquire a popular e-commerce platform Magento Inc. for $1.68 Billion.

5 Actionable Ways To Appear In Google’s Featured Snippet

Featured Snippet are the first thing which people see while searching for any word or query on Google and here are the 5 actionable ways to appear in Google Featured Snippet.

IGTV (Instagram TV) is here to enthral you even more with long videos!

Instagram has launched IGTV where you can upload and share upto 1 hr long videos! So, No more 1 minute video limit on Instagram!

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – What’s in there for you?

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is the regulation passed by the European Union, which mandates that the businesses and organizations must protect the personal data.

6 ways Social Media can help your Startup GROW

Over 2 billion active social media users exists right now! If your business isn't already on social media, you could be missing out on a big opportunity.

YouTube Announces The Launch Of 'Copyright Match Tool' To Help Creators Protect Their Content

YouTube introduces a new tool called the Copyright Match Tool, that will help original content creators to protect their content easily.

Outsource SEO Services: RANK better in SERP (Today)

Outsource SEO Services and rank better in SERP (Google) today. SearchNative has team of SEO experts who will help you to rank on no. 1 page of Google FAST!

How to Optimize Google My Business listing To (Generate Sales)

Not optimizing your Google My Business listing is like not opening door to a customer knocking at your door. Optimize Google My Business to (generate sales)

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Using Facebook

You cannot RANK on Google overnight. So, what should you do to bring the traffic to your website? Learn these 5 strategies to drive more traffic to your blog using Facebook.

How to Promote Business through Digital Marketing

Are you struggling to promote your business effectively? Digital Marketing can promote and boost your business profits enormously. Learn how.

Social Media Marketing – How to Increase Brand Awareness with Social Media

Are you a startup and looking to generate awareness for your brand? Read here on how to use social media marketing to boost your brand awareness.