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Headline for 07 Must have Tools for a Personal Trainer - Equipment you will Need to Chisel Great Bodies
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07 Must have Tools for a Personal Trainer - Equipment you will Need to Chisel Great Bodies

When you choose to become a personal trainer, you take on the noble duty of helping someone realize their dream of becoming a healthier and fitter version of themselves. It's a rewarding journey, which will allow you to see great transformations. If you are planning on becoming a personal trainer you should consider spending at least on the basic equipment listed below so each of your clients will enjoy great results as they workout with you.


Jump ropes

At the mere mention of fitness equipment, we think of the most expensive, bulky machines that cost a fortune. But a great workout can sometimes be enjoyed with the use of simple and inexpensive tools. A jump rope is one of the basic items that should be in your possession when you start off as a personal trainer. With this simple tool you can make sure the clients enjoy a high energy cardio workout within minutes. The jump rope can be utilized both indoors and outdoors which will help you add variety to the routines.


Medicine balls

Invest in one or two medicine balls to create exercise routines that suit the needs of your individual clients. These come in varying sizes and weights so you can incorporate them into your regimens in a creative manner. You can go through websites of places such as First Class Personal Training which is renowned for providing high quality in home personal training in Markham, to get ideas about the manner in which simple equipment can be used resourcefully during your training sessions.


Foam rollers

Help your clients enjoy better results with their sessions of squats and push ups by introducing foam rollers. These will provide comfort and support when engaging in strenuous routines while enabling the client to achieve greater levels of flexibility. It's quite a common tool that many people possess and it doesn't cost a lot too, so you should certainly consider investing in one.


Resistance bands

The resistance bands are rapidly gaining popularity among those who seek a more compact tool than traditional dumbbells to use during workouts. These large bands of rubber are exceptionally versatile so you can incorporate them into a wide range of exercises. Some resistance bands come with added features such as interchangeable handles, increasing their adaptability even more.


Suspension trainers

With a suspension trainer, you can offer your clients a comprehensive bodyweight exercise. There are popular brands that are heavily marketed that you can consider buying, keeping in mind that trusted brands will bring a level of professionalism to your business. However these can be very costly. So if you are planning on starting small, it will be a good idea to invest in a suspension trainer that is more affordable and later on replace it with a better model.


Exercise mats

Include exercise mats in your studio and let your clients enjoy a better grip and increased comfort when they engage in workout sessions with you. These are quite affordable and are indispensable when doing exercises while lying on the floor. In addition, if you are planning on doing yoga sessions with your clients, it's important to use exercise mats as it will help them to get the poses right with ease.



A stopwatch is one of the least costly items that you can own as a personal trainer. Of course we have timers in mobile phones nowadays, but using a stopwatch to time your clients' planks and sprints will make you look more professional. Mobile phones are notorious for causing distraction so it's best that you don't bring the phone to the place where your clients workout after all.