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Must See Places in Colombo – Ideal Travel Tips for when you are in Colombo

Just like the verdant forests, the sanctuaries and the religious sites everywhere else in the country, the commercial hub of Sri Lanka also has a lot to offer. Here are some tips to try out.


National Museum of Colombo

Known as the premier institution of culture, the national museum of Colombo is home to some galleries that date back as far as the late 1800s. You can relish many types of art, statues and even carvings from the ancient times of Sri Lanka. The museum also features exhibits like swords, muskets and other paraphernalia from the colonial era of the Sri Lankan history. Also, there are many reproductions of the 19th century English paintings that are popular in Sri Lanka. The museum also exhibits a range of demon masks that are antique. You can even view the magnificent throne designed for King Wimaladharmasuriya II.


Galle face green

Initially cleared by the Dutch to allow their cannons to have a clear focus, the Galle Face is not only a great promenade but it is also a popular rendezvous spot in Colombo. Located close to many luxury apartments in Colombo, Galle Face Colombo is popular for its stunning views and the many vendors who sell mouthwatering delicacies inspired by Sri Lanka's diverse culture. The benches along the promenade are often filled with canoodling couples and joggers taking a break. Galle Face is also located close to upcoming projects like Cinnamon Life Colombo.



A great place to shop and have a relaxing time, Barefoot is a beautifully designed boutique found right on the Galle Road. Popular for the vibrant and beautiful handloom clothing including serviettes, wallets, cushions, sarees, bedspreads and more. You can also find some notebooks made of recycled paper and book covers made of textiles.


The Viharamadevi Park

initially known as the Victoria Park, the VIharamadevi Park is known as the biggest park in Colombo. The park was later renamed after the mother of King Dutugemunu. Notable for the stunning blooms and the ancient trees, the park is frequented by families, lovers and even joggers looking to get some exercise. The park is also surrounded by several popular shopping sites like Odel and Cotton Collection.


The Dutch Period Museum

Originally the permanent residence of the Dutch governor, the Dutch Period Museum evinces the 17th-century architecture in Sri Lanka. The Dutch Period Museum had been used as a Catholic seminary after that and a military hospital, a post office as well as a police station. However, the mansion has been put to better use now with all the artefacts and the furniture from the Dutch period.


Dutch hospital

The vibrant centre of the Colombo Galle Fort, the Dutch Hospital and its entire complex of buildings dates all the way back to the early 1600s. Restored lavishly during the past few years, the Dutch Hospital now features several shops, restaurants, and cafes run by interiorly and local operators as well. The line of shops also includes TGI Fridays that is frequented by locals and tourists alike. There is also a 19th-century British building at the back built facing the Chatham Street.