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Reading Jewellery Shops

Unveiling the Hidden Secrets of Aquamarine from Reading Jewellers

Learning about the lore of aquamarine is definitely interesting. However, seeing some of the beautiful aquamarine jewellery from jewellery shops in Reading will leave you in awe. Check out this blog to discover the beauty of the March birthstone.

Freshen Up Tired Rings through Berkshire Wedding Band Repair Services

Is your wedding ring looking rather dreary? Bring back the elegance of your wedding band through Berkshire jeweller’s wedding ring maintenance and repair services.

Reading Jewellers’ Expert Guide on Looking for the Watch Meant for You

A perfect wristwatch definitely brings out the best in you. It is a timeless accent that gives a sleek finish for that elegant look. But, choosing the ideal watch that suits can be challenging. So, this blog will guide you in choosing the best watch piece from Reading jewellery shops.

Stylish Jewellery Trends for Summer 2018 in Reading Jewellery Shops

Summer 2018 is a time filled with warm colours and floral patterns. Read this blog to see the top jewellery designs in Reading jewellery shops.

Let Your Passion Unfold with Peridot Jewellery Pieces from Reading

Ever since 1912, the Peridot has been the official August birthstone. But, its history goes as early as 1500 B.C according to ancient papyri records. It was then known as chrysolite and was mined for over 3,500 years at Zabargad Island. Archaeological evidence also shows that Cleopatra VII’s known favourite ‘emeralds’ were actually Peridots.

TAG Heuer – A Sleek and Standout Timepiece for Successful Men

Whilst women dress a lot of accessories to make a statement, men only need an excellent timepiece to truly standout. Numerous personalities and even famous celebrities have been wearing men’s watches. Actors like Leonardo di Caprio, Chris Hemsworth and the ever popular racer Steve McQueen all have the most luxurious timepieces.

Four Timeless Sapphire Jewellery Pieces To Desire For This September

Sapphire is the perfect birthstone for the month of September. In Ancient Persia, rulers believed that the sky was painted blue as a reflection of sapphire stones. Kings and queens wear this precious stone as a necklace to serve as their protection from harm. Such strikingly blue colour made sapphire as a symbol of heaven by the clergy during the Middle Ages.

Bespoke Second-Hand Jewellery Pieces To Fall Deeply In Love With

There is nothing more beautiful than sparkling gemstones set on fine rings, necklaces, or earrings. Each intricate piece can definitely add a unique touch to any outfit you wear.

So, it is fair to say that second-hand jewellery can hold just as much splendour as newer pieces. It can also be an excellent investment in today’s times of economic uncertainty. Not only in the UK but all over the world, people are buying pre-owned jewellery items because they offer some unusual and not often seen styles.

Be Dazzled by the Latest Gianfranco Bigli Chloé Jewellery Collection

We all have our favourite types of jewellery. It could be a bracelet bearing an oriental-inspired design or a pendant with a fine-cut gemstone centrepiece. One could argue that these items are needed to complete us!

Add a Flair of Dazzle with Opal Jewellery for a Vibrant October

A beautiful play of rich gold and brilliant auburn colours swirls in the Autumn breeze. Such alluring hues have beguiled many people since time immemorial. Truly, an opal is the perfect gem to complement the season’s mystique charm.

Show Your Style with the Finest Jewels from Reading Jewellery Shops

Few experiences are more exhilarating than donning jewellery for the first time. Most of us deeply appreciate its finer details. Some owners would be awed by its intricate engravings. And, quite a few aficionados would be so keen as to distinguish the different gemstone cuts.

5 Quick Tips to Keep Your Precious Jewellery Pieces Pristine

When we prepare for a night out or when attending a prestigious event, we would often put on the finest smelling perfume. This type of practice can be the main cause of jewellery degradation. Chemicals and synthetic aromatics in the perfume can actually tarnish silver. It can also cause the pearl and gold pieces to fade as well.