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Construction and Home Improvent in Columbia, MO

Eckhoff Construction LLC is your leading Columbia, MO home builders ready to provide various services including fence installations and porch building.

The craftspeople and artisans from Eckhoff Construction LLC are rapidly making a name for themselves as one of the most creative and impressive home builders in Missouri, what with their consistent and unwavering dedication to design and workmanship. It’s not surprising, since Eckhoff Construction LLC, a construction company specializing in outdoor living remodeling and home improvement services, has been around for a handful of years as a leading innovator in their industry within the state of Missouri. They’ve handled different kinds of projects and have been able to produce great-quality results that have time and time again resulted in top satisfaction from their customers. Their can-do, will-do business ethic has given them the opportunity to build a large number of things that are house remodeling, from decks, fences, under decks, patios, gazebos, you name it. Are you planning to expand your property with one of their specialties? Give Eckhoff Construction’s services a try. Read more here: Find Your (Outdoor) Lap of Luxury with Eckhoff Construction LLC

Come summer and everyone wants to build a brand new deck for their home. Building a new deck is a great opportunity to extend your living space outdoors. However, before you plan to build a deck, it is best to hire professional home builders in Missouri who can help you achieve what you want. They will be able to give you helpful tips, give you a variety of options for materials and amenities, provide you efficient maintenance, and determine the best design for your home. Once you have the structure built alongside your home builders in Missouri, you can start looking for ways to customize your deck to suit your needs and design aesthetics. Read more here: 10 Fancy Ideas to Decorate Your Home Deck

Are you considering installing a brand new deck? If so, working with professional home builders in Missouri can be the best way to make your vision come to life. Not only is it an outdoor space that you can enjoy with your family and friends, but it can also increase your home’s resale value if you plan on selling it in the future. One thing for you to consider when installing a new deck is the color you want to use. This is an easy way to bring life to the exterior of your home and make it look as good as new. Read more: Color Ideas for Your Deck

Eckhoff Construction Delivers 110% on Home Building Services

Lately, you have been dreaming about adding a beautiful brand new deck to your home where your family and friends can spend quality time at. Or maybe you have been thinking about installing an impressive wooden fence to give your home an attractive appearance and keep the area protected. You know you want your home to come with all the bells and whistles that you and your family deserve. If you have the financial means to accommodate all things luxury, then what are you waiting for? This may be the perfect time to build a custom home or make home improvements. At Eckhoff Construction, their home builders in Missouri are more than ready to make your vision a reality. Read here: Eckhoff Construction Delivers 110% on Home Building Services

Hit The Deck! Causes of Collapse

Decks can be a great addition to the households and properties alike; it adds a sense of sophistication to properties and adds value to the house. But not all home builders not only in Missouri but also in other parts of the country can develop quality decks. It takes years of experience before contractors are able to master the art of deck building. Through careful planning, one can develop a sturdy deck for anyone’s home. But even with careful planning, decks are still susceptible to various causes of deterioration and eventually, collapse. Some are natural, while some are manmade. This article aims to identify the most common causes of deck collapse and give you an idea of what you can do to prevent such collapse from happening in the future. Read more: Hit The Deck! Causes of Collapse

Eckhoff Construction LLC: The Ace of The Deck

They always say a house is not a home. Well, that may be true IF one is talking about the family, but not the house itself. If one is talking solely about the house, then the overall livability of the house would determine if it is considered worthy of being a home. Indeed, the house is somewhat of an extension of the homeowner. Let’s take our body, for example, we care for it and improve it if we can, that’s why we go running from time to time or visit the gym to lift some weights, the house is no different. The homeowner wants their house to be maintained and improved so that it wouldn’t draw flak from other people. With that said the next question for every homeowner in Missouri is: “where can I find good home builders in Missouri?” Read more: Eckhoff Construction LLC: The Ace of The Deck

What to Bring to the Initial Meeting with Your Home Builders

Your first meeting with your chosen home builders in Missouri can be a little intimidating, especially if it is your first time. Whether you are planning to construct your dream home or you want to remodel your current home, working with home builders during the design and construction process will allow you to enjoy several benefits. In order for the process to go smoothly, it will require that you prepare adequately and ask the right questions. Not only will it help you be more relaxed, but it can promote a healthy working relationship. Read more here: What to Bring to the Initial Meeting with Your Home Builders

You Can Expect Splendid Results with Eckhoff Construction

When you are constructing a brand new home or remodeling your current home, it is important to consider who can help you meet your needs and desires. Many homeowners opt for professional home builders as they can provide multiple advantages during the design and construction process. Not only will they be able to understand the vision you set out for your home, but they can also keep you stress-free all throughout. If you are in need of home builders in Missouri, then you can contact Eckhoff Construction who is a leading innovator in home improvement services. (Read more: You Can Expect Splendid Results with Eckhoff Construction)

Signs That Tell You It's Time to Replace or Get a New Deck

Your house can take a lot of beating over time from insects, bad weather, or if you live in Missouri - humidity; and the prime targets of these natural elements are areas outside your home particularly, decks. When your decks are made of wood (which decks are mostly made of) they are the most vulnerable to natural elements. Although they can withstand most of these for some time, eventually, signs of breaking down will show up. You might be asking yourself, what are the signs that tell you it’s time to call the best home builders in Missouri to repair or replace your deck? Read more: Signs That Tell You It's Time to Replace or Get a New Deck

Over the years, home remodeling has become a dream that many Americans had added to their “things to achieve in the future” list. And truly so, it became much more of a reality now than before. This can be proofed by the increasing population of those who are already working on making their once-a-dream desire to improve their homes a reality — and this is not just about painting a room to look newer, but it involves large-scale improvements that can wow anyone who sees it. Read more: Why Choose Eckhoff Construction, LLC as Your Home Builders in Missouri?

Custom Deck and Fence Builders in Columbia

We guarantee you with services that will surpass all your expectations. We are your most trusted custom pergola, decks and fence builders in Columbia, MO.


Behold, My Cedar Deck!

That is, do you have a deck? Because if you don’t then it’s definitely time for you to have one built by trusty home builders in Missouri or wherever you are. Contrary to what may be considered as a popular belief, decks aren’t just areas for lounging around, drinking beer, and doing nothing. (Read more: Behold, My Cedar Deck!)


Ways to Improve the Crib

Ways to Improve the Crib

For those who have already acquired their own property and house, the next challenge is for them to be able to customize their living space into something they can call their own. Home builders in Missouri are being called upon day in and day out because people want to make the most out of their homes...


Look at That Deck! – Build Them Big with Eckhoff Construction LLC

Look at That Deck! – Build Them Big with Eckhoff Construction LLC

Are you itching to throw the perfect party but just don’t have enough space in your home to host it? Well, why not press pause on that thought for a bit and consider getting a deck built for your home by the best home builders in Missouri – Eckhoff Construction LLC? (Read more: Look at That Deck! – Build Them Big with Eckhoff Construction LLC)


Don't Be Fooled by HGTV Home Builder Shows!

Don't Be Fooled by HGTV Home Builder Shows!

Oh yes, that’s right. Those home builder shows from HGTV are not everything you might think they are. So if you're living in a place like, say, Missouri, and you want to get something done for your house, then try to get in touch with the local home builders in Missouri and not the ones you see on TV! (Read more: Don't Be Fooled by HGTV Home Builder Shows!)

Eckhoff Construction, LLC: King of Construction

News: If you’re looking for home builders in Missouri who not only do the job well but also treat you with the respect that you deserve, then there’s no other company to go to than Eckhoff Construction LLC! They have the knowledge, the skills, and the initiative that is sure to put a smile on your face once you partner with them. You will never have to worry about sloppy construction projects and rude contractors ever again. With their team of experts, you get the most out of your investment.

News: Eckhoff Construction, LLC: Upping the Values and Looks of Missouri Homes

Did you know that the home builders in your area in Missouri can help raise the value of your existing property by simply giving your home a few trendy upgrades? And do you know who's the best company out there who can help you achieve that? Eckhoff Construction, LLC.

Eckhoff Construction LLC: Freshen Up Your Home

Generally speaking, it’s always a homeowner’s instinct to maintain their property’s appeal and beauty. That being said, home builders in Missouri have developed a wide array of services to cater to the needs of those who need an improvement project, especially when their home has already gone past its prime. If you think that your home’s appearance no longer gives you the same joy that it once did, guys at Eckhoff Construction LLC can help you out!

One of the biggest achievements in life is to build an aesthetic home. For most people, buying or building a house is a once in a lifetime activity because other options such as mortgages require heavy investments which are not always affordable. For this reason, it is necessary to have professional home builders in Missouri for the right construction. Eckhoff Construction, LLC offers tailored services to suit your dream home needs. They have a wide variety of services that will surely benefit you.