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Silcarb is a world-class manufacturer and exporter of muffle furnaces and silicon carbide mosi2 heaters since 1982. The manufacturing plant located in Bangalore, India.

Muffle Furnaces Silcarb Recrystallized

Silcarb has been committed to accelerating and positioned world No.1 Quality Muffle Furnaces Manufacturer and Exporter consistently since 1982.Our manufactur...

Silcarb Recrystallized Private Limited Bangalore India

Silcarb has been in the field of Manufacturing Customized Silicon Carbide Heating Elements & Furnaces for the past three decades, with its plant located at Bangalore.Our prominent heating elements are:- sic heaters, silicon carbide heaters,starbar heaters, globar heaters, erema heaters, hot heaters and many more. Tel: +91-80-23347004 .. for support or fill up the enquiry form.We will get back very soon.


SILCARB is not only leading Manufactures and Suppliers of High Temperature Furnaces in India but also in the world since 1985.Fill free to call 9:30AM - 5:30PM on +91-8023347004 for booking your order .....

Silcarb Recrystallized: Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace - Silcarb Recrystallized is the most trusted customised muffle furnace manufacturer and exporter. Our manufactured muffle furnaces have attracted a lot of global consumers.

Silicon Carbide Heater: Silcarb -Best Silicon Carbide Heater Manufacturer and Supplier Bangalore India Asia World

Silcarb is the most trusted brand name in manufacturing best quality customised sic heaters. Tel : +91-80-23347004 ..

Silcarb Recrystallized Bangalore India is known for the best quality manufacturer of customisd furnaces. Tel: +91-80-23347004 ..if you have any query?.

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Dosing Furnaces,Dosing Furnaces Manufacturer-Bangalore India,USA,Italy

SILCARB is not only leading Manufactures and Suppliers of dosing furnaces in India but also in the world since 1985.Silcarb is ISO 9001-2008 certified by UKAS, RAB and NAQ & ANAB, Tel : +91-80-23347004 ..

Reverberatory Furnaces,Reverberatory Furnace Manufacturer,USA,Italy,India,silcarb

SILCARB is not only leading Manufactures of Reverberatory Furnaces in India but also trusted globally since 1985.Fill free to call on +91-8023347004 and reserve your order .....

Silicon Tube,SIC rods-rod,silicon carbide rod-Tube,India,silcarb,USA,Italy

If you are interested to buy SIC Rods then don't forget to Tel : +91-80-23347004 ..Silcarb manufacturers SIC Rods that has first choice in global market due to its ultimate quality to surge.

Super kanthal-1700-1800-1900, Mosi2 heater, Mosi2 Heating Elements,USA,Italy,India, Silcarb

SILCARB has been emerging as the most trusted name in manufacturing and supplying of the customized Super kanthal-1700-1800-1900, Mosi2 heater and Mosi2 Heating Elements in the world since 1985.

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Muffle Furnace - Applications
The muffle furnace is a vital testing instrument that is utilized in the laboratories for testing different materials. The instruments are used for conducting the test methods that requires a high amount of heat. There are many applications of muffle furnace that are utilized in industries. The instrument can reach a very high temperature of up to 9500 C, which is ideal for some critical applications in industries. Know more about standardized muffle furnace and how it can benefit your production reach out to our experts now! Here are some of the major applications of a muffle furnace: Research and Analysis The instrument can be used in the laboratories for performing the research about various properties of different materials. The instrument is used for converting the materials in absolute ashes. This ash is used for performing the analysis of different attributes of the materials that are being tested. It is the best way to study the chemical properties of different materials. Heat Treatment The device is used in different metallurgical processes for the heat treatment of different materials. The heat treatment is used for making any structural changes in the materials. The muffle furnace can reach up to such high temperatures that are capable of making desired changes in the materials at the molecular level. Aerospace Industries The aerospace industries uses muffle furnace for testing the the flame retardancy of distinct materials at very high temperature, which are to be equipped in the aircraft.

Silcarb offers highly efficient muffle furnace that is used widely in different industries for the purpose of quality assessment of different materials as well as products. It is a unique test cabinet precisely designed to analyze the percentage of Ash content in a particular test specimen. It follows International test standards of IS & ASTM.
Muffle Furnace - Key Features
• Temperature sensing through J-type sensor. • Highly accurate test results under uniform temperatures. • PID Control for Temperature. • High Grade density imported Glass Wool Blanket insulation. • Maximum Thermal Efficiency by insulation means. • SSR based heaters • Auto tuning Advance PID controller

Heat Treatment Furnaces,Heat Treatment Furnace-Manufacturer-India,Silcarb,USA,Italy

Silcarb is the top manufacturer & supplier of heat treatment furnaces, ageing furnaces, gas carburizing furnaces in the world.Tel :+91-80-23347004


Silcarb -Industrial Heating Elements Manufacturer Bangalore India

Silcarb -Industrial Heating Elements Manufacturer Bangalore India

"If you need the best quality Silicon Carbide Heating Elements then Silcarb should be your first choice.Silcarb has emerged top brand in manufacturing & supplying of heating elements to global consumers since 1982. Tel: +91-80-23347004"


Branded Silicon carbide Heating Elements - Erema Heaters

Branded Silicon carbide Heating Elements - Erema Heaters

SiC Heating Elements

Best quality Silicon carbide Standard Rods Manufacturer and Supplier Bangalore India

Super SA (High Density) Rod


Chemical Resistant Rod

EH Eco Heater Rod

Silcarb Silicon carbide (SiC) electric heating elements for element temperatures up to 1600°C, available in a wide variety of standard sizes and geometries, or in customized designs to meet the specific needs of various processes and equipment Sic heating elements are refractory, non-metallic products of round section or tubular form of a uniform diameter throughout their length Silcarb Sic heating elements, are manufactured from high-purity, recrystallized Alpha silicon carbide, and have earned the reputation as the world’s leading Sic heating elements. These elements are widely used as high-temperature heat sources for electric furnaces and for the firing of ceramic capacitors, ferrites and other electronic components that are commonly used in mobile phones and computers.

Sic heating elements are capable of high power output and may be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Because the element material remains rigid even at the maximum operating temperatures, no special supports are required, which simplifies the design of the equipment?


Maximum element operating temperatures 1600 - 1650°C

High-density element surface power loading (15W/cm2), approximately 5-10 times the output of Nichrome wire

High Mechanical strength throughout their operating temperature range

Excellent Thermal shock resistance

Chemically stable

The heat source is free of noise and air pollution

Various coating products are available for protection against water vapor and harmful gas atmosphere

Easy to handle and install

No need for complex support systems - Sic is self-supporting

Higher density resulting in longer life

The wide variety of shapes available

Typical Applications

Silcarb Sic heating elements can be used in a diverse number of heat treatment processes and across a wide temperature range from 500 - 1600°C, below is a list of some typical applications where Silcarb Heating elements are used:

Metal Industries

Powder metallurgy sintering

The solution, molten cast holding, and aging processing of aluminum alloy

Gas carburizing hardening of components for automotive, aircraft, and machinery

Carburizing, nitriding, and bright annealing for steel parts

Hardening and tempering of various dies

Brightness processing of die steel

Tempering and soldering of machine components

Carbon and sulfur analysis, tempering process for band steel

Patenting processing for steel wire

Electronics Industry

The firing of ceramic capacitors

Sintering of alumina and steatite

The firing of piezoelectric elements

The firing of I.C. substrate and grazing

The firing of ceramic resistors, varistor, and thermistors

Temporary sintering and calculations of soft and hard ferrite

Heat treatment of shadow mask for color TV, pure iron, permalloy, bright annealing of silicon steel plate, heat treatment of copper soldering, optical fiber, and compact discs

Porcelain Industry

Fusion, retention, and gradual cooling of the glass

Surface treatment of glass

Heat treatment of liquid crystal

Lens matching

Manufacturing of safety glass

Manufacturing of ceramics and glass fiber

Manufacturing of various fine ceramics

The firing of quartz raw materials

The firing of porcelain enamel

The firing of ceramic ware

The firing of the grindstone

Test for various refractory products

Chemical Industry

The firing of fluorescent paint

The firing of various pigments

The firing of carriers and catalyst

Heating of reactive gas

Coal carbonization

The firing of activated carbon

Cleaning furnace and deodorizing furnace


Various high-temperature test furnaces

Ignition of gas and kerosene appliances

Ignition of various types of industrial equipment

Various high-temperature tests

Local heating

Ash melting surface

Administrative Contact Information:

Organisation: Silcarb Recrystallised Ltd
Address 38, 17th cross, Malleswaram East
City Bangalore
State / Province Karnataka
Postal Code 560055
Tel : +91-80-23347004.

Phone 91 80 3347004.3275035

Fax 91 80 3347004.6134589


Brass-Copper melting furnace,Brass-Copper melting furnace manufacturer,SILCARB,USA,Italy

<SILCARB is a award winning leading manufacturers and suppliers of Brass-Copper melting furnaces in Bangalore(India) since 1985.Brass Melting Furnace of silcarb is first choice of global clients.