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Salkeld Home Care Agency LLC

Salkeld Home Care, LLC is a reputable provider of home care services in Arizona. We are proud to extend our services to the areas of Queen Creek and its neighboring communities. We strive to deliver our nursing and therapy services to the homes of families throughout the entire Maricopa County area. Our agency is family owned. We believe in helping others by offering compassionate support and care during the times of crisis or need and restoring their overall health with a holistic approach.

The Advantages of Keeping Your Senior Loved Ones at Home

Reaching an advanced age often means certain changes in how things go about in daily life. In plenty of cases, senior loved ones will struggle with their daily tasks and will require assistance most of the time. Additionally, they may compromise their safety by living in their homes alone.

Post-Surgery Care: How You Can Help Make Your Loved Ones’ Recovery Easier

Surgery is one of the treatment options available for individuals with certain medical conditions. More often than not, surgery is the last option. Going through a medical procedure can be nerve-wracking for any patient. What happens afterward can also be taxing.

5 Care Services for Every Recovering Loved One

When a loved one is sick, everything can seem like a challenge. From providing care, preparing food, to keeping up with work, to taking care of yourself, these can all be disrupted when one of our loved ones get sick. All these are of our concern but with the help from Salkeld Home Care Agency LLC, a Home Care Agency in Queen Creek, Arizona that offers Non-medical Home Care, we can help you with the following tasks.

5 Comforts of Having a Companion

Being alone for a long span of time is not okay, especially during the onset of one’s mature adult life. These are the years where we’re prone to ruminate, think deeply of certain things, and maybe even develop depression. Salkeld Home Care Agency LLC, a Home Care Agency in Queen Creek, Arizon helps in formulating solutions by providing Companionship Care services for you or your loved one.

Why You Should Find a Hobby

A hobby is not only a great way to spend the time and have fun but it can also serve a healthy purpose. Hobbies are one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and prevent depression. There are different kinds of hobbies you can do and you can do just about any hobby you wish, as long as it is something that you enjoy and look forward to.

What Is Companionship Care? Do You Need It?

As a home care agency in Queen Creek, Arizona, Salkeld Home Care Agency offers exceptional non-medical home care and companionship care services. So what is companionship care? Let’s find out!

3 Reasons Why Home Care Is Beneficial

Our Home Care Agency in Queen Creek, Arizona is here to support you – no matter what your family’s health situation may be.

The 3 C’s of Why There’s Nothing Better than Home

Are you getting ready for your next surgery? Or are you an outpatient? Or are you preparing for your next physical therapy?

How to Help Your Aging Parents Maintain Good Oral and Dental Health

Good oral and dental health is not dependent on age. From kids to seniors, having healthy teeth and gums is important.

What to Keep in Mind When Accompanying Your Senior Parents to Social Events

Old age should not be a reason for any person to stay isolated at home. Socializing with others affects emotional wellness which, in turn, affects overall health.

How Can Exercise Lead to a More Youthful Lifestyle

As we age, many aspects of our health will slowly diminish over time. You may notice that you no longer have the energy you once had.

3 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy life: What You Should Know

Our health should become a priority the older we become and this is for one good reason. Many aspects of our health slowly diminish over time. Our metabolisms will become slower, our immune systems will become weaker, our memories will fade, and so much more. These are all hallmark traits of aging but just because it is normal it does not mean you have to let it happen. There are a number of methods that can be used to slow down these effects and to help you continue living the lifestyle you love.

Providing Genuine Care for All Ages

With our busy lives and schedules, we sometimes unintentionally neglect our loved ones at home who are in need of attention, assistance, or care.

The Best Facility-Services at the Comfort of Your Own Home

We make it possible for you and your loved ones to receive the non-medical home care at the home care agency in Queen Creek, Arizona

How Can Home Care Services Help You?

Here are a few of the many ways our non-medical home care services can help you continue living the independent and fulfilling lifestyle

Home Care Agency in Queen Creek, Arizona | Salkeld Home Care, LLC

We strive to offer professional and trustworthy assistance to every individual with specific home care needs.

What Is Companionship Care?

One of the most personalized services we provide as a home care agency in Queen Creek, Arizona is companionship care.

The Importance of Emotional Support for an Elderly Loved One

Salkeld Home Care Agency LLC, a Home Care Agency in Queen Creek, Arizona, is greatly aware of this importance.

How Keeping Your Elderly Loved Ones at Home Can Be Most Beneficial

In the United States, approximately 90 percent of the elderly prefer to spend their years in the comforts of their homes. Who wouldn’t want to be in a place where you feel most secure and most comfortable? Security and comfort are also major factors that affect one’s health.

So how exactly can keeping your loved ones home be beneficial both for you and for them? Salkeld Home Care Agency LLC, a provider of Non-medical Home Care, gives the following reasons:

Home Care Agency | Queen Creek, Arizona | Salkeld Home Care, LLC

Salkeld Home Care, LLC is a reputable Home Care Agency in Queen Creek, Arizona. We are proud to extend our services to the areas of Queen Creek, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, San Tan Valley, Gold Canyon, Apache Junction, Scottsdale and its neighboring communities.

Reminders: How to Find the Best Home Care Agency in Arizona

We all want to make sure that our elderly loved ones are receiving the care and support that they deserve at home. However, sometimes, we are unable to provide that care because we have other responsibilities such as work. This can make it difficult to be around to all of the time. For this reason, it is important to find an exceptional home care agency in Queen Creek, Arizona that can watch over your loved one.

What Can You Do to Overcome Stress?

Those are just a few ways to reduce the stress you experience. We are here to help you continue living the lifestyle you love! If you would like to find out more or if you are interested in learning about our non-medical home care, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Salkeld Home Care Agency LLC for more information.

Home Care Services | Queen Creek, Arizona | Salkeld Home Care, LLC

It is our desire to help every individual live a life of comfort and independence through our paramount services that are carefully crafted according to the specific needs and preferences of our clients. We don’t believe in a “one service fits all”, as we strive to personalized a care plan that is most suitable for them after we assess their situation.

4 Signs Your Senior Loved One Needs Home Care

We don’t just offer ambulation assistance either! We also provide impeccable Companionship Care, light housekeeping, and other practical services. Let us know how we can be of aid to you and the people you care about the most.

Meet Our Caregivers | Home Care in Queen Creek, AZ

Salkeld Home Care, LLC is a provider of non-medical home care services in Queen Creek, AZ. For inquiries, please call 480-565-7878.