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Things to do in Sri Lanka - Activities Galore

Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise with a whole slew of activities that interest almost anyone. Let's look at the top things to do while you're in Sri Lanka.


Whale Watching

Being surrounded by the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean that are teeming with vibrant and engaging marine life, this country is a hotspot for catching a glimpse of the giant mammals of the deep. Whale watching in Sri Lanka has become an enormous and extremely popular attraction for both locals and tourists alike. Towards the southern coast, close to Dondra Point, you'll find the main meeting spot of these astounding creatures. The ideal time for this activity would be between December and April where they make their migration path between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The highest number of recorded sightings are in the months of December/January and March/April. The waters around Sri Lanka boast an impressive 26 of the 80 different species of cetaceans in the world. You'll witness creatures like the blue whale, humpback whale, Bryde's whale, baleen whale, toothed whale and even the sperm whale. Mirissa is one of the ideal places for whale watching in Sri Lanka, while Trincomalee too is now becoming popular for the activity.


Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the entire world, it goes all the way back to thousands of years. Called "the science of life", it is a heritage of Sri Lankan culture. This ancient practice has now gained immense popularity in the western world, where some tourists from different parts of the globe make their way to the island exclusively for its Ayurvedic treatments. Many resorts and places around the country also offer Ayurvedic spa therapy, some resorts even offer a holistic experience with consultations with doctors, personalized dietary plans and health programmes. The main basis of ayurvedic treatment is to systematically detox the body, thereby offering all participants a rejuvenating experience that replenishes their bodies. You'll find a whole array of therapies offered, depending on your need, such as Ayurveda heal oil for migraines, stress relief and hair loss. You'll also find abhyanga body massages which relax your body and improves blood circulation. Highlights at these places are their herbal baths and steam baths which truly offer a relaxing and stimulating experience.


Bird Watching

Sri Lanka's tropical weather and gorgeous landscape ranging from the hill country to lowlands and even the jungles and marshlands offer an amazing opportunity for bird watching. Sri Lanka boasts over half of the recorded 4427 bird species, and as many as 23 are endemic to the island. The Sri Lankan grackle and other endemic species are generally found within the wet zone while you can find creatures such as the whistling thrush and yellow-eared bulbul in the hill country. For one of the best bird watching experiences in the country, the Kumana National Park comes highly recommended.



Shopping in Sri Lanka has come to become a truly interesting experience. You'll find shopping malls spread all throughout the capital city of Colombo. Highlight malls include both Majestic City and Liberty Plaza which offer a variety of stores that sell a myriad of items such as casual wear, business attire, kids clothing, toys, electronics, cosmetics, furniture, handicrafts and many more. Discover Sri Lanka with all its offerings by visiting various locations around the country. Most places in the country are accessible by train or bus, but you can rent a car from the many places such as Malkey Rent a Car to truly explore at your own pace and comfort.