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Benefits of Sri Lankan Healthy Drinks - Goodness in a Glass!

Sri Lanka has an abundance of fruits & herbs, however, many of us neglect to consume them thanks to our 8-5 busy schedules. Next time, make these amazing elixirs that are loaded with health benefits.


Divul Kiri

Delicious and cooling divulge Kiri or wood apple juice is perfect for this blazing hot weather that's said to plague the country for another month or so. Named after its tough, wood-like shell, wood apple, one of the most popular fruits in Sri Lanka, is also called elephant fruit as they are adored by elephants. The nutritional benefits of wood apple include aiding digestion as it is a good remedy for digestive disorders and helps eliminate worms in the intestine. Wood apple pulp also boosts metabolic speed and organ activity so it's a good energy drink as well. As wood apple is rich in vitamin C it can also boost the potency and strength of the immune system.

"Divul Kiri" is translated as wood apple milk and that's because the pulp of wood apple is blended together with coconut milk. This adds more health benefits as coconut milk is called as a "miracle liquid" that contains many properties such as lauric acid which is a protective kind of fatty acid said to boost heart health.


Kola Kanda

Remember when your grandmother would force you to drink a glass of kola kanda before you went off to school and you would do so reluctantly? Well, if you know the health benefits of this age-old drink back then, you would have gulped it down and asked for more! Kola Kenda is brimming with so many nutrients as it's made out a variety of herbs that are used in Ayurvedic medicine. For example, gotu kola, the most commonly found ingredient in the kola kenda is said to protect the gastrointestinal system, boost blood circulation, relieve anxiety, improve cognition, detoxifies the body and is used in skin care as a topical solution. Then there's also kola Kanda made from hathawariya which is said to help the female reproductive system immensely.


Beli Juice & Beli Mal

Just like the wood apple, the beli fruit has a hard shell which holds tender fruit within. Scientifically named as Aegle marmelos and in English as the Golden Apple. The pulp of the beli fruit, said to be rich in many nutrients such as vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine and beta-carotene which is one of a group of yellow, orange and red pigments called carotenoids that act as an important precursor of vitamin A. The beli mal or beli flower is dried and powdered to make an aromatic and refreshing tea that is believed to relieve bowel disorders, heartburn, vomiting, indigestion and palpitations. You can find beli mal tea bags at many supermarkets like Keells Super. However, you can get a cup of homemade beli mal from a roadside kiosk along the roads leading to the hill country of Sri Lanka. A steaming cup of fragrant beli mal tea taken while enjoying the misty views of the Kadugannawa is a soothing treatment for the body as well as the mind and soul...