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Future Scholars Academy

Future Scholars Academy provides quality, interactive education to children aged 6 weeks old to 5 years old. We use the STEM curriculum to teach fundamental subjects to the youngsters. We check their progress and aid them in every way possible to ensure that they are learning.

How You Can Inspire Good Study Habits in Your Preschoolers

Learning is an integral part of a child’s life. Through learning, children will be able to develop the necessary life skills that they will use in the future. Learning is education. However, even if you send your children to the most reputable Learning Center in Sunrise, their education will not be easy if they do not develop good study habits themselves. Forming good study habits can definitely aid your kids in achieving educational success. As early as now, you have to inspire them to develop these habits.

6 Tips When Sending Your Kids to Daycare for the First Time

The first day of Daycare in Sunrise can be nerve-wracking, especially for parents and kids who find themselves in this situation for the first time. This day may be filled with tears as both sides experience separation anxiety from each other.

Seven Tips That Preschool Parents Should Not Ignore

Your little angels have grown to active toddlers. Expect to deal with the restlessness and energy. Now is the time to help your children grow and develop by channeling their energy into learning. Future Scholars Academy, a reputable Preschool in North Lauderdale, Florida, wants to share with you the following parenting tips:

Why Send Your Children to a Daycare Center

A lot of parents are confused whether or not to send their children to daycare. Is it the perfect place for their little ones or will it make them feel abandoned? Keeping your kids home for a long time can result in some issues if you have to go somewhere and leave them somewhere new. During their first few years, they tend to start learning about their surroundings and it helps to expose them to other people in a different place.

Six Ideal Activities for Your Kids to Participate In

Kids are unique, even in the ways they want to have fun. While some are more outgoing and prefer physical activities like sports and dancing, others immerse themselves in arts and crafts, singing, and painting. A few would even find educational games and musical instruments more to their liking. It’s a good thing then that nationally renowned childcare centers like Future Scholars Academy offer all these activities and more.

Preschool Programs in North Lauderdale and Sunrise, Florida

You can ask more questions about our Day Care, VPK or School Readiness Programs! Please call 954-414-1211 (Sunrise) or 954-535-5660 (N. Lauderdale).

Getting Your Children Ready For Day Care

Your children have spent most of their early years with you and your family at home. Now, it is time for them to get to the next level.

How You Can Help Your Toddlers Establish Good Study Habits

Studying is part of education. It is important for individuals to practice good study habits early on as they can use these techniques for later pursuits.

Keeping Your Kids Safe at School

It can be nerve-wracking and stressful being away from your kids or relying on someone else to watch over them.

How Can Breakfast Help Your Kids Excel in School?

Breakfast is the most important meal for a reason. Having a healthy breakfast when we wake up can help prepare us for the day ahead.

Positive Framing: Definition and Benefits for Your Child Who Is Constantly Learning

This concept of communication construction has been observed to provide the following benefits in a learning center in Sunrise

Nursery Rhymes: Characteristics and Their Benefits to a Child’s Learning

The sense that it can attract kids makes nursery rhyme a viable tool for teaching kids in a daycare in Sunrise.

Tips on Getting Your Kids Ready for Preschool

learning center in Sunrise where your little ones’ mental, physical, and emotional growth can be healthily stimulated.

What Should Your Little Ones Learn in Preschool?

We are a learning center in Sunrise dedicated to helping your child achieve a holistic, healthy growth.

Preschool in North Lauderdale, & Sunrise | Future Scholars Academy

Ask for assistance today! Call 954-414-1211 (Sunrise) or 954-535-5660 (N. Lauderdale) for your questions about VPK, School Readiness Program or Day Care.

Preschool Food Program: Bridging Good Nutrition At Home And In School

An important part of our preschool in North Lauderdale, Florida is the food program that we offer.