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Fathers 4 Progress Inc

Fathers 4 Progress Inc. a Fatherhood/Male Involvement Program; is under the auspices of Sharon Baptist Head Start an organization of trained teachers, clinicians, staff, and volunteers. We are dedicated to providing a variety of services to the community. As a visible and active establishment within the community, Fathers 4 Progress Inc. has developed expertise in assisting men with issues significant to the healthy and holistic development of their children as well as themselves.

Becoming a Father for the First Time

Becoming a father can be both exciting and terrifying. You are going to be raising a child of your own, so where do you even begin? What do you need to do in order to become the best father you can be? Well, the best thing you can do is go with the flow. No one is perfect and there is no formula on how to be the best dad. Being a father is learning process that never stops, even when your children are already grown.

A Father’s Responsibility: Providing for the Family

One of the largest sources of stress for many fathers is being able to provide for their families. A good job can be hard to nowadays and with a new baby on the way, it can become quite stressful to secure a steady and good income that can provide the resources the family needs to get through each day. However, you do not have to go through this struggle alone. Fathers 4 Progress Inc. is a fatherhood training center in Bronx, New York that is committed to helping you secure work as well as become the best you can be with the skills that you have to pursue a livelihood.

Depression in Men: What It Is Like

In the older days, men are seen as stronger and more stable than women. There has been no proven genetic difference between a man and a woman which means they are physiologically and cognitively equal. Despite being equal, there might be a difference in expression, mood, and perception due to hormonal differences. Let’s focus on depression and how men handle it. Depression in men is just the same with depression in women, the way how it is being dealt with is where it differs. According to, more than 6 million men are experiencing depression every year.

Why Men Sometimes Might Need Rescuing

The pure definition of a family is composed of a mother, a father, and the children. The father goes to work while the mother does the household chores assisted by the children. Fathers or men are always seen as the breadwinner of the family, the strongest one amidst the crisis, the savior of the family. In the past, men are always required to go to work, to be considered a good father to his children, and they too are required to feed the family to be considered as the patriarch. That’s the basic definition of fatherhood or manhood in old age. It is different now, slightly changed but totally different.

The Impact on Children: When Parents Separate or Get Divorced

Separation and divorce are two things which couples never expect to happen when they start their relationship. Every married couple has vowed to keep their relationship and to build a strong family in the eyes of the law.

Fatherhood: Are You Ready?

Becoming a father is one of the biggest changes that any man has to go through.

Preparing Your Little One for School: Some Tips

So if your child is about to enter kindergarten, there are many things you can do to prepare them so they will not go in blind.

Hobbies Fathers Can Do with Their Kids

However, there is so much more to keep in mind, such as spending quality time with your children.

Keeping Food on the Table for Your Children

It can feel like one of the hardest things to do as a father is making sure that there is always food on the table for your little ones.

How Fathers Can Get Involved with their Child’s Life

Father involvement is essential for both the father and the children’s well-being. Fathers don’t have to insert themselves in every aspect of the children’s life.

The Disadvantages of a Child Growing Up without Father Involvement

You might know somebody who grew up without the presence of a father in the family. You might have grown up without a father or without both parents.

The Importance of Encouragement for Children

As a father, one of the most important things you can do for your children is to provide positive encouragement.

What Is a Fatherhood Training Center?

Our fatherhood training center in Bronx, New York is a facility that is dedicated to helping men become the best fathers they can be.

4 Research-Based Facts on the Importance of Fathers

Did you know? There are research-based, psychological, and biological reasons why kids do better with a paternal presence in their life.

Becoming a Better Father: 4 Tips to Help You Form a Positive Relationship with Your Child

Dads! It is highly important for you to be actively involved in your child’s life.

My Father, My Hero

The most delightful thing that change has brought to family life is the shift in focus that fathers are equally as important as mothers in the parenting business.

Father-Child Bonds: How It Impacts Their Upbringing

The best cooks in the world are men, and the kitchen welcomes anyone with an appetite for a good meal and fun company.

Fatherhood Training Center in Bronx, NY | Fathers 4 Progress Inc.

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How Important Is a Father in One’s Life?

Father involvement has been an interesting topic of studies recently. It is said that males are the ones who don’t invest much in their offspring.

How Fathers Can Help the Community

You must have seen some groups of women who are engaged in community service and outreach programs.

Parent Training | Bronx, NY | Fathers 4 Progress Inc.

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How Can a Father Impact a Child’s Life?

One of the most important influences in a child’s life is a father. A dad can make a huge impact on the life of their child.

Strategies to Discipline Teenage Children Better

No parent has mastered parenting. Learning how to cope up with the challenges of being a good father to our children is a continuous process. But among the most difficult phase of parenting is when our children are already in their teenage years.

Providing for Your Family: What You Need to Know

Traditionally, it is the father who is the breadwinner in most families.

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