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Mac Uninstall Tutorials

A collection of app uninstall tutorials for Mac users

Uninstall Adobe Lightroom and Remove Its Traces on Mac

Have no idea how to totally uninstall Adobe Lightroom from your Mac? Fail to install the newer version due to the incomplete removal of the older one? Different version of Lightroom may require you to perform slightly different uninstall step. In this post we will show you proper ways to remove Lightroom for Mac once and for all.

Follow Proper Steps to Uninstall NTFS-3G for Mac

Encounter incomplete uninstall when trying to delete all components of NTFS-3G? Wondering how to truly uninstall NTFS-3G from your Mac? In this page we will first show you the three steps to manually uninstall NTFS-3G, and then recommend a more effective and hassle-free way to remove any unwanted app within a few clicks.

How Can We Uninstall Mailbox 0.7.7 From Mac In a Right And Easy Way

Don't know how to uninstall Mailbox 0.7.7 from the Mac computer? You can read this article and find some effective ways to remove the application completely from macOS.

Xmarks for Safari Removal Tutorial - How to Easily Uninstall Xmarks for Safari

Fail to fully remove Xmarks for Safari on your Mac? Come across troubles when uninstalling Xmarks for Safari ? If you encounter problem when trying to delete Xmarks for Safari as well as its associated components, read through this removal tutorial and learn about how to perfectly remove any unwanted applications on your Mac.

How can Uninstall McAfee LiveSafe Totally from Your Mac

When there is a need to uninstall McAfee LiveSafe on your Mac computer, do you think it is just a piece of cake or a difficult task for you? Different people may give different answer to this question, but it is a fact that some problems always exist and trouble you to remove this app under the OS X. This page provides detailed tutorial of how to correctly and completely remove McAfee LiveSafe from OS system.

Mac: Enable Markup Extension in Supporting Apps

If you frequently edit photos on your iPhone, you may have been very familiar with the Markup feature in Photos app, but do you ever use the Markup extension on your Mac? This hidden feature offers many simple but handy tools, allowing you to annotate an image, add a signature to it, or simply resize a picture in most third party Mac apps.

How to Effectively Uninstall Sophos Home for Mac

Have no idea how to uninstall Sophos Home from your Mac? Find it hard to get rid of all its components hidden in deep system directories? If you perform the uninstall in a wrong way, Sophos Home may be broken and leave dozens of associated files on your Mac. The key in this matter is to find the correct way(s).

How To Uninstall Eclipse IDE 4.6 from Mac OS

Having uninstalled Eclipse but it still shows up in Spotlight? Cannot figure out how to remove this app and all the files it created on your Mac? In this tutorial we will guide you through the proper steps to uninstall Eclipse, and moreover, provide a hassle-free, easy-to-complete solution to help you remove any unwanted Mac apps.

Fail to fully remove Kaspersky Internet Security on your Mac? Come across troubles when uninstalling Kaspersky Internet Security? Take it easy and we will guide you through the Kaspersky Internet Security removal smoothly.

Two Ways to Uninstall ESET Endpoint Antivirus on Mac

Having problems in uninstalling / reinstall ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Mac? Fail to install other brand of antivirus due to the leftovers of ESET Endpoint Antivirus? In situations where you cannot remove ESET software by conventional means, you can refer to this tutorial and follow the steps below to perform a proper uninstall on Mac.

Fail to Uninstall and Remove Nox App Player for Mac? Find Solutions Here!

The topic of this post is: how to properly uninstall Nox App Player for Mac? To help you avoid issues that may occur during the uninstallation, we would like to share some little tricks here, and you are suggested to follow the uninstall steps below.

How Can I Uninstall Inkscape from My Mac (Solved)

Looking for a solution to uninstall Inkscape? Have no idea how to sweep out the traces it created on your Mac? This page contains detailed instructions to guide you through the process of removing Inkscape along with any related items on Mac.

How To Uninstall NicePlayer from Mac OS

Have troubles in uninstalling NicePlayer on your Mac? If you are looking for a solution to help remvoe NicePlayer from macOS, check if this post can help you out.

How to Remove TunnelBear on Mac OS X

Encounter issues when trying to uninstall TunnelBear for Mac? This page provides detailed instructions about how to correctly and completely remove TunnelBear from Mac computer.

Follow Correct Steps to Uninstall Express VPN for Mac

Unable to completely remove Express VPN from your Mac? Have no idea how to restore the network system settings after the uninstall? Get help in this removal guide.

Removal Tutorial: Uninstall Xbox 360 Controllers Driver on Mac

Have problems when using Xbox 360 Controllers on your Mac? Xbox 360 Controllers app stops working for unknown reasons? In some cases re-installing this driver could help fix the issues. But how to correctly uninstall Xbox 360 Controllers?

Unlike other categories of third party apps, Xbox 360 Controllers does not install itself in the default /Applications folder. To get rid of this app and all components it creates on your system, you will go through three stages: (1) disconnect your Xbox game controller if it is plugged into your Mac, (2) remove Xbox 360 Controllers from the System Preferences pane, and (3) delete Xbox 360 Controllers-related items. Here we list the detailed steps to guide you through the second and third stages.

How To Uninstall Chromium 60.0.3112.101 from Mac OS

Unable to uninstall Chromium from your Mac using the trash-to-delete method? How to remove this app and all its components from the whole system? If you run into troubles when trying to remove Chromium, read this post to get the proper solution.

How to Remove MySQL Database Server on Mac OS X

Encounter issues when trying to uninstall MySQL Database Server for Mac? This page provides detailed instructions about how to correctly and completely remove MySQL Database Server from Mac computer.

Why and How to Remove Trend Micro Apps on Your Mac

This post takes Dr. Cleaner Pro as an example to show you the proper steps to uninstall unwanted apps without leaving any trace on Mac.

How to Fully Uninstall Airfoil (Airfoil Satellite) from Mac

Cannot uninstall Airfoil for Mac? Have no clue how to get rid of associated apps? Searching for the right way to delete Airfoil leftovers? If you have any of the issues above, you’re in the right place – this page will provide the answers to these questions.

Here’s How to Remove PaperCut from your Mac

Some end-users of PaperCut wanna remove the PaperCut client from their Macs and wonder how to do it correctly. The steps to uninstall PaperCut vary depending on what method the client is deployed on your Mac. If you encounter problems in this removal task, read through this post to learn the proper ways to remove PaperCut.

How to Remove Hulu Desktop without Hassle

Wondering how to perform a clean removal of Hulu Desktop? Two ways are available here: you can either take regular steps to manually uninstall Hulu Desktop and delete its leftovers, or instead, utilize a professional uninstaller to save a lot of troubles and achieve perfect result. Now read on to know how to carry out thorough uninstallation.