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Updated by Hemendra Singh on Jun 01, 2020
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Steps to Become a Web Developer

The world is turning into a small place with the help of internet.

Businesses embark their presence through websites, an online portal that contains all the information about a company.

Several companies are trying hard to blend this opportunity and churn out a chance to become the best website development company.

But, to become a web developer and having the mastery of web development are two different things.


Step 1 - Have a Clear Vision

To be specific on your goal is the first step of any planning process. For that, you have to be clear in your vision. Planning and vision complement each other. The clearer you are in your vision the better you would be able to develop the plan.

If you are a beginner, it is better for you to not to widen your choices. Try to cast your net narrowly. Be specific about the following things:

  • Choose your favorite platform e.g. Angualr.JS or React.JS?
  • Where would you like to flourish, at Front End or at Back End development?
  • Whether you like to go for User experience or User Interface?

Every company has their set norms to hire web developers. Some value the jack of all trades while others looking for a programmer with a specialty.

However, you can also decide your specialization by figuring out your interest, likes, dislikes, and preferences.


Step 2 - Do a Thorough Research

You have to do proper research not only on the platform on which you would like to work but also for the company for which you want to work. Searching the job and a right company will give a good boost to your career as a web developer.

While you hunt for a job, just look for the specific title that suits you as a programmer. You can also go through the job description and can picture yourself in the particular job role.

To become a web developer, choosing a language and framework is the must. Do thorough research on the programming language you choose. Be it Python, PHP, Ruby, JS or any other.


Step 3 - Pick out Your Required Skills

Up-till now you have identified and set your goal, you have searched for the Web Development Company for which you would like to work. Now it’s time to look, what experience and skills a company is seeking in a candidate.

Note down the job skills that are reoccurring in the list of a job description. Whether web development companies are looking for a person specialized in Angular or React, Ruby or Rails.

After you choose language and framework, you start learning about programming fundamentals. Try to learn the basics of programming for a better understanding of logic.


Step 4 - Time to Polish Skills

Once you are done collecting the list of skills that a company requires from a web developer, it’s time to work on those skills and polish them.

Work on those skills first in which you can easily conquer other contemporaries. Be it a technical or non-technical experience you just need to work accordingly to redeem the opportunities. You can polish your technical skills where you feel the need of improvements in order to stay ahead in the competition.


Step 5 - Restructuring Your Portfolio and Resume

Along with your skills you must also spruce up your LinkedIn profile and resume.

You can work on brushing up your presentation skills, dexterity in communication, analytical skills and problem solving ability that make you presentable and groomed.

Tech industry requires diversity therefore you must always highlight your achievements, be it technical or non-technical.

Thus, you are required to restructure your portfolio and show yourself as a professional web developer.


Step 6 - Building Sample Work

The next step is to produce the sample work. Learning by doing is the best approach in this case. It is the best way you can justify yourself.

Building sample work might be challenging for you. But here are some ways you can develop experience:

  • Try building your own projects.
  • Try to do web development work for friends and family for free or at low charge.
  • Volunteer your work on a non-profit basis.
  • Start your own projects like photo gallery web app, simple blog or building a basic project management app.

Note – If you do pro-bono work, always ask for the recommendation on LinkedIn in return for your labour and time.


Step 7 - Crate a Strong Connection

Today is the time when building connection is the ladder to success. The connection can be formed between anyone, be it between a boss and a subordinate or between two businesses or companies. It’s time you put yourself out and showcase your talent to the world.

You can attend conferences and meet-ups and build relationships with people you met there. Later you can connect with those people by approaching them through their Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype calls, virtual conferences and e-mails that are just to name a few.

You can build something of your own and show them your work. Ask your connections to contact you if they want to build a website, and there might be chances you get your dream job.

Here are some more ways to become a successful web developer. These additional points may help you to stand among the best programmers who offer amazing web development services to its clientele.

  • Deploy your product on the free server.
  • Have a habit of writing test cases based on the framework you choose like Jasmine for NodeJS or unittest (PyUnit) in Python.
  • Explore more about web servers.
  • Contribute your programming skills to open source projects. It will give you lot of learning.
  • Use Google search and Stackflow in case you have any query. All queries are answered here.
  • Technology is subjective. It keeps changing and evolving. Try to be up-to-date with latest trends in eco-system of web development.