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Five Times Rose Was A Complete Boss

Rose was easily the friendliest and nicest of the Girls. There were times she could almost be seen as a pushover. However, there were a few moments where Rose could only be pushed so far. Here are five examples of Rose being a complete and total boss.

Wowie Wow Wow Wow

Rose's sleazeball dentist manages to convince Rose that she imagined his groping while she was groggy during their last visit. After she apologizes, he gives himself away during this visit while Rose is perfectly alert. She vows to report him to the state dental board to make sure he can never pull his nonsense again.


Daisy is a Sunshine Cadet and is a very sweet girl. Always willing to lend a hand, she helps Blanche get things together for a rummage sale. She sees Fernando, Rose's childhood teddy bear, and Blanche gives it to her. Blanche realizes that Rose never meant for Fernando to be given away. Remember when I said she was a sweet girl? Yeah, that lasted all of about five minutes. Daisy refused to give Fernando back and even held him for ransom. She even sent Blanche one of his ears!! Rose takes charge, outsmarts Daisy and gets Fernando back.

Drop Dead

Mrs. Claxton is the most miserable person in the neighborhood. Everyone despised her. Mrs. Claxton wanted the city to chop down a 200-year-old oak tree on her property despite a petition to save it. Always one to look for the good in people, Rose did everything she could to get Mrs. Claxton to agree to save the tree. Eventually, she is successful. Though we later find that she only agreed so that she could get a prune danish. At a city council meeting, Rose makes one last attempt at trying to convince Mrs. Claxton to save the tree. But Mrs. Claxton finally pushes Rose to far. Rose finally tells Mrs. Claxton exactly what she can do, and it ends in the worst possible but hilarious way.

Rose Is In Charge

The Girls and three guys they met on their vacation get stuck on a deserted island. Their bickering back-and-forth infuriates Rose to the point of declaring herself in charge. Rose meant business, and even Dorothy was willing to listen to Rose. This is where her training from her pioneer scouting as a child comes into play.


Dorothy wonders how Rose would feel if Miles tried her "cupcakes." Rose is actually talking about cupcakes which makes for a hilarious misunderstanding. We can only imagine how Rose would have reacted had she known what Dorothy was actually talking about.