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Fat Loss

Know more about different advanced and effective fat reduction procedures.

Know more about Vaser Liposuction

Body Sculpting is a very ambitious cosmetic therapy involving sound technology and clinical intervention through Vaser Liposuction. Know more about this advanced procedure.

Know more about Vaser Hi Def

This procedure target subcutaneous fat in a much calibrated fashion and simultaneously provide a sculpted impression without having to additionally work on it post fat reduction. It also provides more predictable outcome when operated on areas like chest, back and even abdomen.

Know more about Male Breast Reduction or Gynecomastia

Gynaecomastia is a common plastic surgery procedures performed in males. Gynaecomastia (often referred to as ‘man boobs’) is the enlargement of male breast tissue. The growth of breast tissue can be painful or tender. In most cases, both breasts get enlarged; in others, only one breast gets affected. It can happen to males of any age or weight.

Get more Details about Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is the ideal starting place to get on the road to a toned, firm stomach that looks fantastic. If you want to feel more confident about yourself and you would like to remove the health risks of excess weight gain, you can undergo a tummy tuck.

Vaser liposuction and the importance of a reputable surgeon

Over the last few years, more and more people have been opting for Vaser liposuction to rid themselves of stubborn fat. Problem areas such as the belly, bingo wings and double chin, where people feel more sensitive towards, are being targeted by this revolutionary technology. This rise in popularity, along with other cosmetic procedures, has resulted in more clinics and surgeons offering treatments to combat unwanted fat. However, too many people are cutting corners in their search for a reputable surgeon and opting for either the cheapest they can find, or one that can do it in the quickest time possible. Here we outline, why that is not the best idea.

Vaser liposuction is carried out by a qualified professional in the cosmetic surgery industry. The procedure is usually carried out at a medical clinic or health centre. Therefore, it is extremely important that you research both the professional who will be doing your procedure, and the location at which it will be performed. Just as you would check reviews for a product or service, you should check reviews and background information on your consultant or Vaser liposuction professional. Word of mouth recommendation and viewing genuine before-and-after photos are usually the best methods of understanding what to expect when it comes to your results. The reason that we can't stress this point enough is because it is not just the technology used during the procedure, but the person performing it. So using the best Vaser lipo machine might be one thing, but the results will not be good if the person does not use it correctly. If the procedure is not performed to a high standard, the patient may experience imperfections. As the primary goal with Vaser is to achieve a smooth contoured body, imperfections can be devastating and seem like a complete waste of time once your body has recovered. Common imperfections with Vaser if not performed correctly include:

Missed Areas

Gynaecomastia Surgery is an Unique Solution for Treating Moobs or Male Boobs

Moobs, also known as man-boobs (and officially as gynaecomastia) is common among many men. Gynaecomastia surgery is an effective solution for such problems. Know more about gynaecomastia surgery and how it is helpful for treating man boobs.

Know More about the Vaser Liposuction Procedure and its Increasing Popularity

Vaser liposuction is known for being a less-invasive medical procedure that is viewed as more beneficial than traditional liposuction. The downtime for patients is much less compared with other treatments. It is an advanced procedure to remove fat from targeted organs of the body.

Struggling with stubborn fat areas? Have you tried all diets & exercises? Can’t get rid of fat then probably Vaser Li...

What Is Vaser Liposuction? Vaser liposuction, also known as VASERlipo, is a modern liposuction procedure using ultrasound technology to break down fat cells in the body with minimum damage to surrounding cells and tissue.

Get an Attractive Body Shape with Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Liposuction is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that can remove fat from your body with minimally invasive technology and very little downtime.

Comparison Between Vaser Lipo and Laser Lipo?

Two of the most popular liposuction treatments of modern times are Vaser liposuction (aka Vaserlipo) and Laser liposuction (aka Smartlipo). Vaserlipo is considered to be one of the most advanced, minimally invasive fat busting treatments in the industry. Smartlipo, is the other popular fat removal procedure, which uses heat as opposed to Vaser that uses ultrasound.