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Airtight Pty Ltd

Airtight Pty Ltd is a leading company offering filtration and air pollution control systems for industries. Our expertise and excellence in offering effective and well-designed solutions is a result of our experience of internationally recognised suppliers.

Dust Extraction Systems

Airtight Solutions offers a wide variety of dust extraction system solutions including bag filter dust collectors, cartridge filter dust collectors, wet scrubbers, multi-cyclones, ESP’s and more.

Fume Extraction Systems

An engineered fume extraction system is essential for all manufacturing plants and factories to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for employees.

How would you install the flexible ducts in your home?

Flexible ducts make the whole work of installation much easier and smoother where the requirements of offsets and that of elbows are eliminated. However, these flexible ducts must be handled well at the time of laying them.

What Is Special About Dust Extraction System?

The dust extraction systems are done by specialized companies that have a reputation. They deal with not only extraction but also, they can collect and dispose the dust in a scientific manner.

All You Need to Know About Modular Ducting

Modular Ducting is a process which is used for process ventilation, air filtration, and particle extraction. To use the right ducting system is not only financially beneficial but also enhances the longevity of the selected products.

Tips to Choose the Best Dust Extraction System

Dust extraction systems can help you avoid stress and money. You need to do a lot of research while selecting the cartridge bad or fluted media which is available in the market.

Why Would You Install Fume Extraction System?

The Fume extraction systems should be flexible enough to accommodate in various sizes workplace. Depending on the enterprise or the industry, the workplace could range from a very small room to a very large place.

Reason to Choose Dust Control Solutions

Dust control solutions are the best way to prevent spread of dust or contain dust generation in a space. Due to dust emission, there can be too much pollution. If the community complains about the spread of dust and increasing pollution due to concrete cutting, you may choose dust control solution.

Wood-Waste Fired Heat Plants

With Airtight’s containerised heat plants, you can achieve substantial cost savings by cutting out your dumping fees and generate hot water or heating for your factory or spray booth.

Dust Control Solution

Dust control systems are important for improving the quality of the air. The amount of damage to land, air, and water depends on the type of dust and its discharge quantity. Nowadays, people have become aware of the increasing pollution due to the discharge of dust.

Top 5 Tips To Make Your Dust Collector Safer

Look for a collector with a higher pressure rating, Install the best ductwork, Never store the dust in the hopper, Don’t use a PLC to clean the filter and Look at the ease and safety in filter change.

Why Dust Collector System is so Important for any Manufacturing Company

Any manufacturing industry whether big or small strives on the production capacity it has to produce the product. The dust collectors ensure that there are no dust particles or any dangerous chemicals out in the workspace, so that workers can feel safe and give their 100%.

Dust Collector Systems for Effective Industrial Cleaning

The levels of pollution are rising constantly. However, technology is at our disposal and is helping us with efficient dust collector systems to help stop the pollution of air. he dust collector system takes inside polluted air and filters out the dust or dirt and the result is the clean air.

Features of Dust Collector

Various tantalizing features of dust collectors are Inexpensive owing to the absence of exclusive filters and their relatively high maintenance cost. Increased Removal Efficiencies up to 99%, Natural recovery of the residual dust particles which remains mostly dry, Easy maintenance, Robust Design and rigid mechanics.

Know about A Dust Collector System

A dust collector system is used to remove dust and pollutants from your commercial or residential areas, and they will improve the air quality of your premises. Airtight Solution is a leading supplier of dust collector systems.

Available types of industrial fan in Brisbane

Are you looking for industrial fans in Brisbane? We at Airtight Solutions are the leading providers of industrial fans in Australia, an essential piece of equipment for extracting fumes from factories.

Get all kind of dust extractor in Melbourne

Choosing right dust extractor can be confusing but careful consideration can always help. You need to have a clear idea on the type of wood dust that would be produced at your workshop.

Get information about dust collector in Adelaide

If you have a workshop or workplace that produces a lot of dust in your place, you must know the importance of dust collectors, and you must get one without further delay!

Best biofuel boiler in melbourne

If you looking for best wood waste boiler australia you can visit our website. our compnay has Australia’s most reputable original equipment manufacturers.

Benefits and Tips for Installing Flexible Duct

It consists of registers and grills that are installed in the walls or the ceiling of a building. As compared to metal ducts, flexible ducts speed up the installation process by minimising the number of joints, elbows and offsets.

Benefits and Tips for Installing Flexible Duct

A flexible duct is an important part of any HVAC and air conditioning system. It connects the ductwork of the cooling and heating system with the air distribution chamber.