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Shelving Store Uk

Shelving Store is the UK's leading online store for storage products. We offer a vast range of storage products like storage lockers, shelving, storage cabinets, cupboards, racking and many more at discounted rates.


What to Look for in Personal Effects Lockers

Whether you are a business owner or administer a school, if you wish to provide a safe place for your employees/students to keep their belongings, the best solution is to install lockers in your building. A personal effects locker is one such option that has started gaining prevalence in recent times due to its aptness and advantages.

Useful Tips to Buy to Best School Lockers by Shelving Store

Have you ever tried buying school lockers? Whether you are a first-time buyer or replacing the old school lockers with the new ones, there are a few points you must give a thought before making a purchase.

Mobile Shelving UK: The Ultimate Solution to Storage Woes

Since the option for expansion or buying new premises is somewhat limited, how to tackle the storage woes? Mobile shelving is the ultimate solution to this dilemma! It is a highly innovative concept that can significantly shoot up storage space in a confined area.

5 Reasons That Make Laptop Storage Lockers a Must in Schools and Offices

An expensive electronic device such as laptop should be offered adequate protection at places like schools and offices. A storage locker exclusively created for them is a smart way to ensure enhanced safety. Check out this post to know 5 of the biggest benefits of using storage lockers for laptops.

An Overview of the Different Types of Staff Storage Lockers

Storage lockers in an organization can help employees keep their belongings safe and give them a space to store their tools and other things. Read this post to learn about the different types of employee storage lockers.

Tips To Buy Perfect Storage Lockers Online

To narrow down your choices of buying storage lockers online, here are a few guidelines for buying the perfect storage lockers online.

Why school lockers are an integral part of every educational institute?

Shelving Store UK offers an assorted range of school storage lockers keeping in mind the critical demands of students and dynamic school environment.

Top advantages of investing in Long Span Racks for Shelving

Shelving is an important part of any business or household facility, it helps to keep things organised and in a timely manner. 

How to use Mobile Shelving?

The shelving systems provide uttermost convenience for not just storing but also for shuffling the storage from one place to another.

Where to buy lockers in the UK? What are the different types of Lockers available?

Lockers are the treasured items in itself since they keep providing security from one generation to another.

Where to Buy Cheap Staff Lockers in the UK? Things to look out for while buying lockers!

Buying locker systems, could really be a life time experience since we do not venture out buying lockers very frequently. But the choices made during buying or ordering lockers, can truly fill up your experiences for the decades to come.

7 tips to follow in order to find ideal school lockers manufacturers in town

School lockers play an absolute essential role in securing items of students and staff members that helps in safeguarding valuable property of not just school but even people working within the school premises.

How Re-charge Lockers are giving a secured outlook for charging the devices in an organisation?

The investments in Power Tool Re-Charge Lockers is one of the best investments one can make in the dynamic world of Artificial Intelligence and Ecommerce or Digital world.

The importance of staff lockers as a difference maker to office premises

As the distance between home and workplace steps up with the simultaneous enhanced working hours, it becomes essential to give the staff a welcoming atmosphere.

The critical need of lockers for students required at school

If you are running an educational institution, then it becomes your core responsibility to ease the burden of the students and make sure they are comfortable to step in.

Top Office Shelving options for your Business to Grow!

Every successful organisation have one thing that is common in all and that is they give due importance to the discipline. Discipline helps to stay focused and organised, if the things are organised it gets pretty simpler to take decisions and move forward.

7 indications it is time to get post box lockers on board

Being out-of-date or even harmed are surely the key reasons that induce a storage alternative necessity. Apart from this, other possibility could be the updation of lockers for a more systematic storing answer.

Think well before making a move to purchase lockers for schools

Only a well made sturdy safe can be useful at school premises due to the fact that youngsters make a rough use of the lockers to keep their laptops inside. Inspite of the fact that the safety of a school can never be compromised, it is the lockers providing a valuable line of defence.

8 sneaky ways to expand home or office storage due to shortage of space

When there are clothes lying around here and there as well as other things just thrown around, you surely need your storage capacity to shoot up at that moment so that you need not to worry any more regarding your limited storage space.

How the storage lockers can give you a great peace of mind with the best security?

We are living in such a fast paced world, but did we ever notice, how often we come across our “needs” to settle things quickly and forget about it being

How wet area lockers are the best security lockers for your facility?

Many years ago, all homes had traditions of putting their treasured items at one place and keep it safely locked until the time required again.

3 parameters to emphasise when dealing with storage lockers at a workplace

When you have brand new lockers got at the workplace it is important to keep in mind certain considerations related to the storage facility usage especially when it comes to staff room storage lockers for workplace.

The Importance of Lockers to store Work Outfits

For consistency at a high quality workplace, it is the attire that controls the code of conduct at a workplace. Such workplaces comprise of hospitals, factories, companies, and others where attire is an identity.

What all security points to jot down when shelving important documents and files?

It is always hard to have your important papers archived safely especially when dealing with important documents and files.

The storage options making your workplace setting secure than ever

With open office concept gaining momentum it is a no surprise to see how important storage lockers are turning out to be. The personal privacy is an utmost factor that these staff room storage lockers keep intact.