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Updated by Hemendra Singh on Sep 23, 2021
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These Web Development Company Techniques Promise Your Business Growth and Strength

The NineHertz Custom Web Development Companyexcels in website designing as well as development. The virtual world is growing at fast pace. We have stepped into that world where we want everything to be done in the easiest way possible. Every organization has joined the stampede to mark their presence in the internet world.



Browser Caching

Pulling users from the database and forcing them to reload the page of your website can be a hassle task. To solve this problem, you can find various CMS (Content Management System) platforms such as WordPress and Joomla. These platforms are equipped with numerous plug-in to improve browser caching effect. It saves CPU resources by filing the queries to local cache storage cache file.


Organized Code Structure

It is an important thing which a developer must always consider while developing a website. The code along with the file names and folder must be well-structured and well-managed for developing a website.
While building a server structure during the development of the website you must follow the MVC hierarchy. It will allow you to split views, content and the backend code into multiple directories.
Though there is no definite way of performing these functions, still separation of backend logic from frontend code views would be beneficial in many terms.
Generally, websites built using HTML or single PHP file are routing to multiple views. In both the ways of developing a website, a web developer has numerous options to choose.


Avoid Website Scaling

Scaling is known as the process of keeping the record of the behavior of an application that changes with the increase or decrease in the numbers of users.
But we suggest you avoid the scaling of an app, either horizontally or vertically. You should need a dedicated machine to avoid the server crashing when the website receives huge traffic.
For such situation, you should need multiple-server-setup or the cloud-based virtual mechanism. However, Twitter and Instagram are two giants that need high-class scaling. Otherwise, it does not happen with the majority of websites. What we suggest is that you should follow guidelines for maintaining the status of the website. You should provide a decent environment to the server. It helps website files to not to get clogged on HTTP requests.
The clarity in vision while developing a website helps you a lot in maintaining frontend HTML/CSS. The process becomes easier for you if you have a clear idea of the proper structure of a website, right from the beginning.
Until and unless you fix the bugs or redesign the new layout, you are not required to edit the backend files.
Understanding of common practices of backend file requires thorough research. These common practices are like classes, functions, 3rd party scripts and many more.
There are two micro-frameworks, which are worth learning and these are Silex and Symfony. Both these libraries prove the best platform for new developers to learn best website development practices and best programming habits.
Maintaining a website is subjective and changes according to nature of the project. For example, a small business website takes less time to build when compared to an e-commerce website.
Prior developing any website, do consider its strengths and weaknesses. It would help in development strategy. Considering these things will reduce the workload and make the process run smoothly.


Improvise the Network

Optimizing the network connection is one of the best techniques in the process of web development. As you know that the web server which is hosting your website is continuously taking in and giving out the network data and it is done through an HTTP request.
In the case where multiple websites are hosting on same the IP, there comes the HTTP request and it is common in the cluster of large server.
It is recommended that you make HTML grabbing the file locally as much as possible.
Through HTML grabbing, the time taken on requesting external resources from various search engines gets reduced.
Apart from all these, to improvise your network connection, you should also take care of the structure of the website design. Do not use a separate sheet, rather take single image sprite sheet for the backgrounds of CSS. It will help you to call merely single HTTP request and facilitates in the smooth working of the related icon in the layout.
If you are thinking about image compression, trust us, it is not of much use. But if you are having thousands of photos, then it may affect your site gradually therefore, you must focus on compressing HTML resources and response data.
Resources can help you minify and reduces the extra whitespace whereas response makes a new way of HTTP request that helps in the easy reloading of the page.
With the Ajax effects by JQuery, loading a full webpage or gallery of images is no more a taxing process for your server. Optimizing the return data according to the need makes the Web application development work easily for developers.


Web Development Techniques

Stats show that the total numbers of websites on World Wide Web are 1.7 billion till 2071. The number is continuously growing. What’s more important in all is the process of web development through which a Web Development Company develops websites.
Increasing trends in web development have opened gateways to growth, opportunities and overall development. Web development companies around the globe are constantly working to bring something innovative in the eco-system of web-development. The process of website development is subjective. There is no particular way of developing a website. Therefore chances of uncertainties are also high.
To avoid any kind of uncertainty, we have made a consolidated list of techniques in web development that will promise you growth and strength.

*Following are the techniques: *


Web Development Planning

Web Development Planning


Each project has its own requirements and working process. The above-discussed techniques might not come handy for all projects still you can ponder on afore mentioned ideas for stability and growth.
Using CMS platforms such as WordPress and Drupal make the scaling much easier as they have the community of developers that has all the know how’s of codebase.
Take help from these communities in case of any problem and also avail their knowledge to answer your queries.