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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Hydroponics System

Urban gardening gas gained a lot of popularity in the recent years due to the adoption of modern farming methods such as hydroponics. If you have space in your homestead or backyard, you can use this technology to get full year supply of vegetables and fruits.


Available space

Available space

First start by assessing the available space to determine the size of hydroponics system that will fit the available space. Hydroponics systems comprise of pots or buckets arranged in a systematic manner and their number can be determined by the space available.



Apart from the buckets or pots, hydroponics system comes with extra components such as pumps, coolers, and grow lights. When shopping for an ideal system, you will realize that there are automatic and manual systems and it's upon you as a buyer to determine the right system that will give you efficiency.



When you start as a beginner, you can prefer to give it a trial with a small hydroponics system kit. when you start enjoying this practice, you will realize that you need to add more pots and that is why it's advisable that you also need to factor in the aspect of expansion in the near future.


Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Every hydroponics system uses electricity so as to run the pumping, grow lights and air conditioning in the system. Therefore, you should consider systems that have energy saving bulbs so that you can minimize operating expenses.

Here is a list of best grow lights for your indoor gardening.


System price and setup cost;

System price and setup cost;

Hydroponics systems can be found in the market as pre-built but if you have expertise in building such systems, you can DIY. This is a factor that will determine the initial cost of the system as it will determine whether it will be expensive or cost saving.