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Updated by Charlotte Rivers on Mar 06, 2018
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Reasons Why Parents Need To Monitor Their Kid's Technology Use

With kids growing up using technology, it's important parents monitor tech use for these reasons.


Make Sure They Aren't Participating In Ridiculous Online Viral Challenges

Not all online viral challenges are good. There are some pretty ridiculous and dangerous challenges out there that serve no purpose at all like the Tide Pod Challenge. You don't want your child ending up in the hospital because they did something stupid and dangerous.

Protect Your Child From Online Predators

Parents want to protect their child from online predators. According to statistics, 13% of children have received unwanted sexual solicitation on the internet. Click this link to read a story about what a father found on his daughter's phone!

Prevent Them From Being Cyberbullied

Cyberbullying is a serious issue among young kids online. 43% of kids online have reported being cyberbullied. It's necessary for parents to spy on a cell phone if it means protecting their children. Watch the video to learn of some common types of cyberbullying.

Make Sure Your Child Isn’t Going Down A Criminal Path

Monitoring your child’s technology use is essential to confirm they aren’t going down a criminal path. This includes drug use and dealing, stealing, fighting, making threats, and school shootings. The most recent example of this is Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland School shooter.

Social Media Could Cause Depression in Children

A recent study, “Status of Mind,” published by the RSPH, outlines just how harmful social media can be on a developing child’s brain, and why. Do you want your child to become depressed? Avoid it by using a cell phone spy software to monitor them.

Too Much Screen Time Could Cause Health Issues

It have been proven that too much screen time can lead to health problems such as obesity, blurry vision, and wrist pain.

Prevent Their Exposure To Inappropriate Content

There's inappropriate content all over the internet kids have access to. It was recently discovered that YouTube videos involving cartoons and popular animated characters that seemed kid-friendly (but weren’t), were being recommended to children.