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Interesting Places in Chiang Rai – Discovering Bliss

Chiang Rai is a peaceful destination that offers everything from scenery to spiritual beauty and even plenty of entertainment. If you want to do justice to Chiang Rai, don't miss out on the places below.


Wat Ngammuang

Thai's, in general, are devout Buddhists and Buddhism plays a major part of their culture. Adorned with a number of historic temples coupled with a set of interesting tales one really can get a sense of how strongly this philosophy has been etched into the Thai culture and lifestyle. One temple that stands tall as glaring proof of the fact is the Wat Ngammuang. Wat Ngammuang literally means 'beautiful city' and stands true to its name in both architectures as well as interiors. The temple is located in between the regions Doi Tong and Wat Phra Kaeo and also happens to be the oldest building in the city for it originally dates all the way back to the 15th century. However, the building was significantly reconstructed in the year 1677. In addition to its spiritual appeal, this temple is historically renowned as the place that holds the ash of King Mengrai the Great.


Doi Tung

Scenic beauty is one of the many reasons for Chiang Rai's popularity and the mountains found here is the main reason for this. Doi Tung is one such mountainous region that is located 1300 meters above sea level. Although renowned for its beauty this location has a deep spiritual significance as it houses a sacred Buddhist Shrine which was constructed on the site around 911 AD and is believed to house the left collar bones of Lord Buddha himself. Enshrined in the twin Pagodas, Doi Tong has for centuries been a pilgrimage site that has attracted Buddhist from all over the globe. Apart from this, the scenery alone is a good reason to visit the place.


Doi Chang

Another spot worthy of a visit is the Doi Chang. Doi Chang is one of the largest coffee grown communities in Thailand and also houses Chiang Rai's agricultural research center. The plantations are the main attraction here and you can find everything from Macadamia, fruits and what not. The scenery is a big highlight here and you get some spectacular views of the surroundings from this region. Doi Chang is a popular place to visit during winter and even if you are staying at the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort or any other Lanna resort you can indulge in an excursion to this place.


The Golden Triangle

When it comes to tourist's attractions in Chiang Rai, nothing beats the Golden Triangle for this is where some of the best historic attractions in the area can be found. The Golden Triangle is the area where Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand meet. A mosaic of attractions can be found here that range from gorgeous scenery to an array of temples and plenty more.


The Chiang Rai City Center

Finally, don't miss out on the Chiang Rai shopping experience. If you want a comfortable version of shopping here, head over to the City Center. Not only will you be able to shop till you drop, you can also experience authentic Chiang Rai as well. Relish in the delicious street food, visit the vibrant Night Bazaar and mingle with the locals; it is all part of the package.