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Oodles Studio Blogs

Oodles Studio provides you the best of mobile and web UI UX along with the strategic branding solutions of all sorts and flavors for your business.

Web Design Tips To Boost Website Conversion Rate

If at any time, you notice that your website visitors are declining in numbers or your website conversion rate is not as high as it used to be, you can possibly fix all this by making small changes to your website design.

Mobile Checkout Screen For e-Commerce Mobile App Design

Designing a check out screen is a crucial part of e-commerce mobile app design. Ultimately, this is the page that will get you conversions and if this page is confusing, it may affect your sales.

Importance of Conversational UI In Web and Mobile App Design

Chatbots are machine driven and are powered by smart AI algorithms to provide a realistic human-like chat experience to the users. Chatbot integration is a vital part of Conversational UI in Web and Mobile App Design.

Best UX Design Practices For The Sign-up Forms On Your Website

The sign-up page is just as important as any other page on your website. In fact, a sign-up page gives the first impression of your USP to the visitors. This blog focuses on the Best UX Design Practices for the sign-up forms. 

The Importance of Logo Design and Mistakes To Avoid

The importance of logo design hasn’t been hidden from anyone. It defines the true identity of a company and has a huge impact on building up its reputation in the market. The logo makes the first impression of your company on the audience and the potential customers.

The Importance of Graphic Designing for Businesses

In this Blog, we are going to learn the importance of graphic design and how it plays a major role in the growth of our business.

A Comprehensive List Of Designing Tools You Must Use - Oodles Studio

In this blog, you can see the list of graphic designing tools you must use such as sketch, adobe, zeplin, affinity designer.

Branding and Content Marketing Strategies For Your Business

While most people use it for socialising and building networks, the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are also used extensively for branding and content marketing.

7 Principles Of Designing Interactive Chatbots

Chatbots are great tools for your website to automate the process of communication with your clients. In this blog, we have discussed some basic principles for interactive chatbot designing.

Step By Step Instructions To Plan Application Icon - Oodles Studio

While a logo recognizes and speak to an organization's item or brand, an application icon distinguishes and speaks to, you got it, an organization's (or individual's) application.

Top 5 Frontend Web Development Frameworks In 2018

When it comes to frontend web development, there is a plethora of handy tools available on the internet, each one focusing on different areas of the process.

The Benefits Of Crowdsourcing - Oodles Studio

Crowdfunding is really a branch of crowdsourcing, which centres around uniting the aggregate insight that is accessible to help on specific ventures.

Best Possible Ways to Retain Users - UX Design

In outrageous cases, settle your UX design to experience an entire rebranding trying to delicate reboot your image. This approach doesn't generally look good, yet a lot of organizations like Target, Harley-Davidson and even Apple have effectively rebranded.

Designing Email Newsletters That Boost Conversions

Email Marketing is a popular marketing strategy practiced by many organizations to enhance conversion rates. It is a technique to attract potential customers by sending them an email about deals and offers. However, designing email newsletters and the content plays a vital role in converting the customers.

How To Create Animated GIF In Photoshop | Oodles Studio

All of us would have probably come in contact Photoshop and wanted to create animated GIF on the internet for our purposes. In this blog, you will read about how to create animated GIF. So, what is animated GIF? It is an image file that includes the animated images, which seem like that image is moving.

The Importance Of Brand Development For Online Businesses

In this blog, one should get to know about the importance of Brand Development. why is it important to build a brand. The Strategies they should follow to be in the competition.

How To Find The Best Web Design Agency Using These Tips

You are might aware of the fact that for good business a good website is really important. Whether you are a big firm or a standalone company your internet presence is very important to your success. here we are providing you best tips to hire a good web design agency.

Master These User Interface Design Basics To Master Designing

Performing out of the box doesn't mean that you are taking your user into an irrelevant space. Rather, a good interface gives space to a user to work as per his needs and choices. A good User Interface has the potential to engage the high number of users. To master user interface design, one has to know these basics.

How A UI/UX Web Design Impacts The Overall Customer Experience

No one will stick to a website if it doesn't have potential to impress a visitor. A user-friendly environment for a website is required for the flourishment of a business. Now, read on to how a UI/UX Web Design impacts the overall customer experience of a website.

Latest Innovations That Mobile UI/UX Design Companies Use

The UI/UX design trends are changing daily. In fact, the designs that mobile UI/UX design companies are using to make mobile apps are continuously modified because of the huge level of competition.When users want something unique, there is nothing more important than providing them with creative UI/UX designs.

Logo Design Company: To Be Remembered By Your Logo

In this blog, you get to know that why we have a need for a logo. A logo is a graphical mark used to promote and grab public recognition. A company's logo is today often considered as an image of its brand. Here I let you know why you should opt for a logo design company while creating a logo.

Graphic Design Company: A Boon For Online Business Growth

Graphic designer companies design & combine pictures, texts, and symbols to form visual representations of their ideas. Graphic designing include editorial designing, corporate designing, web designing, etc. Designs made by the top graphic design company is a way better than designed by a standalone professional.

Basic Aspects of E-Commerce Mobile App Design | Oodles Studio

Mobiles phones are changing users behavior which includes brand preferences, purchasing decisions etc. Whether a customer's shopping for groceries, food or fashion, their mobile devices serves as an important partner. In this blog, I'll tell the basic aspects of e-commerce mobile app design.

Latest Trends Used By Front End Development Experts | Oodles Studio

As the trends in the tech industry Front End Development not only give their website a tremendous look and feel else it has the ability to increase their revenues. In this blog, I am going to tell you about the latest trends used by Front End Development experts.

Core Key Points A Strategic Brand Consultancy Focuses On

A strategic brand consultancy works on the core key points of business strategies. These points basically focus on testimonial economy, creating emotional appeals and value generations so that a company can generate a high number of revenues. This blog tells about key points a strategic brand consultancy focuses on.