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The Device Support

We provide diligent support for a wide range of electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, routers, printers, Virtual Reality and more. Call Now!

9 Most Common Reasons Why Amazon Echo Is Preferred Over Apple HomePod

Amazon Echo has been continuously capturing the digital market with its smart speakers and voice assistant ‘Alexa’ built-in. Users of this product find it helpful for ordering the items online or listening to music from streaming apps. They are using this device for a number of tasks and activities. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

What Are The Simple Ways To Fix Wi-Fi Issues On Amazon Kindle?

One of the most annoying issues in a Kindle device is related to problematic Wi-Fi. If you are using Kindle and are not able to access the internet, then there is definitely some problem with your Wi-Fi connection. So, let us find out why Wi-Fi issues occur on Kindle devices and how to get rid of them? For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

Most Common Kindle Issues Along With Their Troubleshooting

Amazon Kindle is an E-reader designed by Amazon which is an alternative to the manual books present in the market. Amazon Kindle also faces a number of issues similar to the other electronic products present in a market. For mitigating those issues, you can go through certain steps and troubleshoot the issues and if the issues are not solved, you can take assistance from Kindle User Forum.

How To Check And Update Your Amazon Alexa Software?

Many Amazon Echo users are eager to know how they can check and update their Alexa software in the comfort of their home. They don’t want to take their devices to the local support facility or call at any number. They want to do it on their own. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

Why Kindle Fire Gets Locked And How To Eradicate This Issue?

Kindle Fire is the first choice for many avid readers and there are multiple reasons behind it. Kindle Fire is stylish, feature-packed and remains on for multiple days. But, the problem of Kindle Fire getting locked has somewhat dented the reputation of the device, but people are confident about the Kindle help and support providers that they will fix this problem. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

A New Kindle Oasis Has Bigger and Waterproof Screen

Amazon had developed a Kindle Oasis model earlier in 2016 for the perfect reading of e-books. Now, the company is going to reveal a new oasis model which is boat loaded with lots of amazing features. The price of this model will be cheaper than its predecessor. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

It is now possible for you to make calls through your Amazon Echo. You need to have Alexa app installed on other devices you wish to make calls on. This is a spectacular feature, which seems to have a great future. Let us find out more about it. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

Record Your Favourite Shows on DirecTV And TiVo Through Amazon's Alexa

Good news for Amazon Echo users as Alexa has been given the power to record shows that are being displayed on TiVo and DirecTV. To know more about this feature, you need to go through below-mentioned blog post. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

What Are The Highlighting Features In Kindle Oasis New Model Launched By Amazon?

Amazon is back again with another top-notch e-reader. But, it is not just any e-reader, it is, in fact, the best that is available in the market today. Amazon has launched a highly elegant, feature-packed and expensive e-reader. The name of the device is ‘Kindle Oasis’, and it is not the same device that you have seen in the stores. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

What's the Easiest Way of Adding Music Files on Your Kindle Fire?

Want to play your favourite music on your Kindle Fire e-reader? You can check out our simple guide in which we have explained everything in a very easy-to-understand way. You will not find any difficulty understanding the process of how to put music on your Kindle Fire tablet. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

How to Connect Smart Home Gadgets to Amazon Alexa?

Regardless the level of your experience in smart homes, you would know that it is possible to control the smart devices of your house using speciality apps. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

You can give multiple commands to Amazon Echo's Alexa

Amazon Echo is blessed with its digital assistant called Alexa and if you are new to this impressive device then you will glad to know that Alexa gets an ability to listen to more than one command. Set up your Echo and enjoy multiple features. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

Google Home Got Enabled with New Smart Home Products

In the fine list of compatible third-party smart products, Google home has recently got enabled with the bunch of new lineup of products. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

How To Get Special Offers On Kindle Fire?

Are you getting special offers on your kindle fire tablet? If yes, then you can change or receive special screensaver and offers directly on your kindle fire tablet. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

How to fix Amazon Echo's mic issue?

Are you from those Echo users those who’re facing the issue regarding mic? If yes then here we have some effective steps for. These steps will help you out in fixing the issue or you can also contact professionals. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

Check out Pros and cons of Amazon Echo spot the smart speaker

Echo spot Smart speaker is a product of Amazon Company. This product is loaded with audio as well as with video capabilities. The company objective to launch this product was to stand in competition with its rival companies like Google and Chromecast. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

What Are The Steps To Enhance Security Of Kindle Fire?

Tablets have become an easy target for thieves. It is a well-known fact that tablets today have classified data, which if get into the hands of thieves could inflict huge damage to the people. One of the most popular tablets in the world today is Kindle Fire, which is being used by millions of people. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

Grab the Right Kindle In 2018

Amazon, an E-commerce company nowadays has dived into the field of Digital Entertainment. Kindle E-reader is best example of it. Everyone loves to read books but they can’t carry books everywhere so, Amazon is presenting the Kindle E-reader which lets you read your favorite book, topic, stories etc. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Review

Amazon has launched Echo Dot Kids Edition. I don’t know how to react to this because back in the day, I was not willing to let my child access Alexa, but now, Amazon has launched a device for kids, so I’m just wondering what impact it will have on my child. I’m sure many other parents would feel the same way, as they too are bothered with the same thing. Amazon must have given a thought while making Amazon Echo Dot Kids version, so I think there is nothing to bother.

Kindle App Receives a New Update Resulting in a Smoother Scrolling Of eBooks

Kindle app has received yet another update, and in this update, you are going to get a smooth eBook scrolling, which can be compared to reading from an original book that is made of paper. Check out what else is available in this new update for Kindle app in the below-mentioned blog post. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

Amazon Echo's New Feature Will Help You Save Your Voice by Serving as an Intercom

There is no need to scream to call everyone for dinner because Alexa Announcements feature is now available in Echo devices. Just send your message to Alexa and it will broadcast it to the rest of Echo devices that are installed in your house. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

Is Amazon Really Discontinuing Entry Level Kindle eReader?

It is rumored that the entry-level Kindle model is going to be discontinued. The reason such an information has surfaced on the web is that of the absence of the same Kindle device from the Kindle family. Is Amazon really going to discontinue entry-level Kindle or is it just a mistake, to know more about it Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

How Many of You Know Amazon Echo’s Alexa Can Fart?

As we know Echo grips capability of voice interaction and playing audiobooks etc. Amazon Echo’s Alexa lets you enjoy multiple tricks and features. From farting to translating, you can have fun with Alexa by trying these different tricks. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

How to Delete Kindle Books from Kindle Library?

When you have finished reading a book from EBook library on your iPad, then you can delete it. The steps to delete EBook from kindle app are simple. We will discuss with you in this post. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180

What Is Alexa And What It Is Capable Of Doing?

There hasn’t been any blog in which the details regarding Amazon Echo has been presented generously, so I guess our website is the first to discuss all the amazing capabilities of Amazon Echo and its voice assistant, ‘Alexa’. Let us delve deep into this device and find out where does it goes in terms of features. For more information Call (Toll-Free) 800-414-2180