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life coach in bangalore

The best life coach in Bangalore - Rajan Sampath who as become the life coach with his experience and he started sharing his experience with his subordinates which makes him to become the life.

Professional life coaching in Bangalore, Feeling Depressed

Would you feel disappointed, it might be signs of a Depression due to break-up, a disagreement with a friend, or a really tragic movie. Sometimes we feel sad and don't even know why. You need to spend time with a Life Coach to come out of this feeling.

Are you taking complete responsibility for your life? – iinlife

This is the most important question that each of us should ask ourselves. Are we taking complete responsibility for our lives? This answer for most people will be a resounding “NO”.

Are you surprised? You can ask, I am in charge of my career, earn a salary, take care of my family, educate my children, to a large extent take care of my parents. I own several houses, have a few cars, bikes and take my family for vacations. I have risen in my organization through several promotions and have increased responsibilities, have been recognized for my efforts and my appraisal feedback say that taking ownership and responsibility is my strength.

Read more how to take the complete responsibility of your life Tips from the best life coach in bangalore Rajan sampath @

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Marathons and Life – iinlife
  1. There are many people who do better at Marathons than us. There could many reasons. They are stronger, have been good at sports, may have been running for a long time, has been practicing harder and is essentially a fitter person. Similarly many of our peers and juniors seem more successful than us. They have had a different journey, like school, teachers, friends, intelligence level, different set of skills etc.. Why is it that we are not able to see it that way?
A Recipe For Career Success – iinlife

Everyone in this world wants success and runs behind it in their everyday life. But once you decide on your success dish, you should also think about the recipe or in general the basic elements- Confidence, willingness to change, knowledge, experience etc. By considering all these you can achieve career success.

The winning framework for success – iinlife

Success sometimes comes from luck or can be won by the people who “wing it” or “dream it”. You may see a tall building and their great architecture and may feel amazed, but the main thing is the foundation of the building which is bearing the pressure and weight of this great place.

How to handle your emotions – iinlife

Emotions can be termed as feelings. What you think or feel about a person, place or material will be considered as emotions. Whether you are dealing with happiness or joy, anger, frustration or depression all are considered as emotions we come across in our everyday life.

How to overcome your life problems? – iinlife

We all endure problems at some point of our lives. It may be personal problems, professional problems or even financial problems. Each problem brings out its own set of stressors and solutions.

7 Steps to Achieving Any Goal in Life – iinlife

The most life changing thing you can do is to setting your life goals. We plan our future to be brighter and desire to accomplish some great feats. Whether great or small at some point in our lives each one of us wants to achieve something, but we don’t set all those goals in the right way.

Personal Transformation in 5 Easy Steps – iinlife

As the physical transformation happens in the human’s life on a slowly and constantly, the same way personal transformation should happen. Unfortunately, it does not happen as automatically as physical transformation. It needs to be worked upon.

7 rules to ultimate satisfaction for living your best life – iinlife

Everyone needs satisfaction in everything they do. Satisfaction is a fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or a payment of a debt or needs or the pleasure derived from this. Satisfaction is also when you do something that you wanted to do from a long time. Everybody’s major goal in life is Satisfaction.

What’s the best way to increase one’s personal standards? – iinlife

Before we look into the importance of setting personal standards and ways to increase it, understanding personal standards is very important.

How to come out of your confused mind? – iinlife

Are you in confused state? Confused about life and career, which one to opt. Are you suffering from sleepless nights, troubled with the direction in which your life is heading? Does your confusion cause you to feel anxious, helpless and desperate? It is important to understand the reasons for this confusion.