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Outsource Medical Billing Services

Outsourcing medical billing services help health groups to focus more on their patients and save resources and money.

Medical Billing Insurance Claims Process - Efficient and cost-effective

Medical billing insurance claims process starts when a medical practitioner starts treating a patient and prepares a bill of services for a designated payer, such as health insurance provider Co. In the health insurance sector, with the continuous rise in competition new operating models are coming into the spotlight.

Medical Billing and Medical Coding Services Provider- Bikham Health Care

Medical billing coding services is a procedure for submitting and following up on healthcare services to an insurance company. The process runs between the healthcare provider and the insurance company via a top medical billing services provider company.

Patient Registration and Follow Up Service Provider - HealthCare system

If you are looking for patient’s follow up in health care system, please let us know how we can help you. We are the best patient registration service provider with more than 12 year’s experience. Request an appointment today +1 800-940-4943. We strive to provide complete care for our patients.

Outsource Medical Billing and coding Services - Medical Billing HealthCare

Looking for Outsource Medical Billing and Coding Services? A Bit about Healthcare and Medical Billing in the United States: Health care in the United States is provided by many distinct organizations.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Billing Services – Bikham

Obstetrics and Gynecology medical billing services involves the procedure for submitting and following up healthcare services to an insurance company. The process is performed between the healthcare provider and the insurance company via a top medical billing company. For more information call us at +1 800-940-4943

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For a medical businesses, financial management is the key.
We at Bikham feel the efficiency of a practice is only as good as its revenue management system.
Many physicians all across the United States still mange their billing with the help of an in-house team, worse yet, they do it themselves. While in-house billing is simply not feasible for big practices, small practices have been able to get away with it.

Ambulance Medical Billing Services and what you need to know

Emergency medical billing services or EMS are the services which come in handy when an instant medical aid is required somewhere. They are specially introduced to provide medical assistance to the patients out of the hospital or transport them if they are severely injured and unable to move.

Insurance Verification Process in Dental Medical Billing Services – Medical Billing Service Provider

Insurance verification is the first and a vital step in dental medical billing to ensure that the services rendered by the practices are paid or not. According to a research, almost 75 percent of dental insurance claims suffer due to incomplete or incorrect verification of insurance eligibility. Dental insurance verification is one of the main…

Opt the Top-Notch Orthopedics Billing Service Provider for Your Business Growth

Orthopedics is the field of medicine concerned with the treatment of musculoskeletal system. Orthopedicians utilize both surgical and non-surgical means for the treatment of ligaments, spine, joints…

What is ICD-10 Codes, It's Importance and Benefits - Bikham Healthcare

ICD-10 codes (The tenth edition of International Classification of Diseases) is a clinical cataloging program that came into force on October 1, 2015.

in Medical Billing – Medical Billing Service Provider

As we are approaching the quarter end of 2018, we can still find a number of latest trends for End to end revenue cycle solutions RCM that can help you establish your business for success. Here, we have listed a brief overview of five key trends to watch in the rest of year that can…

Outsource Patient Demographic Entry Services

Outsource patient demographic entry services to Bikham Healthcare. We are the professional provider of medical billing & coding services, eligibility and benefit verification services, charge entry and payment posting services at affordable cost.