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100 Tips & Tricks For Home + Garden

home decor and interior design tips for better living


7 Succulent Types That Beautify Your Home | Lavorist

I guess that the first thing that comes to everyone's mind when somebody says "succulent plant" is Aloe Vera. But Aloe Vera isn't the only type of succulent in the world. In this article you will learn that there are many succulent types with which you can decorate your home!

Inspirational DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas | Lavorist

DIY rustic home decor is very popular these days. It is because of how it brings natural atmosphere to the room and how that affects the overall mood of a home! Are you rustic style maniac just like me? If you are, you are in the right place! In this blog post you will find lots of inspirational DIY rustic decor.

Round Black Mirror Dominance - Steal That Interior #1 | Lavorist

Steal That Interior #1 - walnut console table styling // round black mirror // decorative big basket // beige desk lamp with shade // small white vase 

15 Best Minimalist Living Room Ideas | Lavorist

Are you looking for inspiration for your interior remodelation and you love minimalistic style? Go through these minimalist living room ideas and make your place a minimalistic home! In the article you'll find examples of minimalistic decor and furniture. It doesn't matter if you live in an apartment or a house!

Living Room | Lavorist

Browse the most stylish decor and furniture for Living Room! Find new candle on your coffee table, browse modern wall shelves or fill your empty room space with new bookshelf!

Modern Black Frame Canopy Bed - Steal That Interior Design #3 | Lavorist

Steal That Interior Design #3 - canopy bed // scandinavian interior // black frame bed // wooden floor texture // hanging indoor plant // awesome bedroom design // comfortable scandinavian bed // round area rug

10 Stylish Quilts And Comforters For Your Bedroom | Lavorist

Do you like sleeping? I bet you do! For a quality sleep, it's important to have a cozy bed, pillows, quilts or comforters. Comfort is important but it isn't everything. Everybody wants to have pillows, quilts and comforters in design what the like. Sometimes it's hard for us to tell what do we like until we saw it!

30+ Photos Of Modern Houses In Which You Will Want To Live | Lavorist

Large modern houses - contemporary mansions that will always make us want them. Some of us live in these architecture masterpieces but most of us only dream about modern homes. I have 30+ pictures of remarkable modern house designs that will inspire you and make you want to live in a contemporary home even more!

19 Photos Of Simple But Stunning Garden Design | Lavorist

Simple garden design is really calming. Imagine sitting there surrounded by flowers and plants and you're enjoying the atmosphere. Nice feeling, right? I have these 19 garden design pictures and these modern garden designs will inspire you and then you can remodel your small, old and stuffed backyard!

Office Aesthetics: How Interior Design Can Improve Productivity in the Workplace | Lavorist

Interior design and overall aesthetics are essential to any office space. The general look and feel of your space can reflect your company’s personality and identity, while simultaneously dictating or influencing office culture.

Bring a Quirky Character to Your Child’s Bedroom With Crystal Chandeliers! | Lavorist

The parents are usually confused about hanging a chandelier in their child’s bedroom and they think that it won’t be a smart decision. But, the truth is, you should never give second thought for hanging a chandelier in your kid’s room. There are some considerations, like don’t go very distinctive with a chandelier for your kid’s room, just use something simple but elegant. Do take care that you are not being too bold with the style or using black and grey colours, as they reflect only style but no liveliness and youth.

Must-Have Home Decor Trends You Need to Know | Lavorist

Is your home ready to shine bright this season? Let’s enhance the beauty of your home with these latest and popular home decor trends that will dominate in 2018. Just like previous years, this year also Greenery and Richer Color Palettes will remain popular in the modern and contemporary homes.

How to Pick a Right Vanity Basin for Your Bathroom | Lavorist

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home and it not only needs to be functional, but it also has to suit your lifestyle and the design you want. Luckily, there are many choices available for you in the market when it comes to selecting a vanity basin.

Trending Decor Ideas That Add Another Star To Your Interiors!

People spend a lot to have the best interiors for their home or office. But, certainly, it is not an easy task. With the upcoming of new-new stuff and trends in the market, it becomes difficult to manage a fresh and glamorous look. This year, a number of fresh ideas and new trends have been witnessed.

How Stucco Is beneficial for Home Improvement? | Lavorist

If you want your home get noticed, then one of the best ways to do that is to use stucco as a siding. There is a lot that you should know about this material, along with why it is used and what it is made up of. There are plenty of benefits and advantages that you get when you choose this material, including the fact that you can pick from a wide variety of colors.

Things to Keep in Mind to Get Best Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations | Lavorist

Every renovation task needs a plan according which all functions follow up. The most difficult parts to remodel in a house are the kitchens and bathroom, as most of the members relax and spend most of their time there.

How Would You Choose the Best Quality Timber Furniture? | Lavorist

Do you want to buy the timber furniture for your beautiful house? The timber is the best one which can be used for the furniture and also can be affordable than any other wooden furniture.

The Various Tips To Choosing The Best Carpets And Rugs | Lavorist

Carpets are an important component of a home which makes the room look perfect and inviting. With the proper rugs and carpets, you can make an area more appealing and beautiful. The benefits of using carpet are not just restricted to aesthetics but also it is functional. When it is very cold, your foot stays warm when you tread the carpeted floor.

Importance Of Shade Sails For Home | Lavorist

Shade sails have become a rage and are listed among the most essential items for home decor. They are not merely used to safeguard the property from sun and rain, but also to add character to a home. With shade sails no matter whatever the season is you can enjoy your tea or drink.

Better Ways Of Planning The Kitchen Renovation | Lavorist

It is found out that most of the homeowners tend to spend more money on kitchen renovation then the entire home improvement project. The kitchen is one of the most essential parts of any household and people tend to spend more time in the kitchen and hence they would want it to be a perfect section in the entire home.

How To Design Pond Water: Features And Decoration | Lavorist

Are you planning to create an exclusive pond for your backyard? If yes, you need to enhance your creativity and work towards achieving the same. There are numerous ways of designing a perfect pond area for your backyard!

10 Landscaping Ideas to Improve the Appearance of Your Front Yard | Lavorist

Landscaping ideas in relation to front yards most definitely would also include the appeal of the front pathway. Its colour, overall maintenance, loose bits- they are categories which need inspection.

Modern Design Of Wooden Home Furniture | Lavorist

Furniture is the very essential part of our home and a simple design element can make all the difference. One style that won’t go out of trend anytime soon is the furniture designs made out of wood. Wooden furniture designs have always been popular and been the foremost and the most popular choice of the designers for furnishing the home.

Cozy Looking Boho Room - Steal That Interior #2 | Lavorist

Steal That Interior #2 - boho room // indoor palm tree // ornamental area rug // comfortable ottoman // rope basket // scandinavian couch // yellow decorative pillow // white walls // full of light

Patio | Lavorist

Are you spending a lot of time on the Patio? Make your Patio really stylish and comfortable! Browse products and for exmaple find comfortable a hammock and fire pit and enjoy a relaxing atmposhere at the fire!