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Sound Ideas - One Stop Shop For All Your Music Needs

Sound Ideas is the world's largest publisher of professional sound effects, royalty free music & production element libraries. We offer over 500,000 sound effects, production elements and royalty free music tracks for television, film sound design, game development, post-production, interactive media and many other professional audio productions.

Add the highest quality royalty free smooth Jazz Music from Sound Ideas to your collection. Snappy and Smooth Jazz music offers 24 full-length royalty free melody tracks for broadcast and audio applications. For more information regarding the purchase visit or call us at 905-886-5000.

Sports Music & Elements Sound Effects collection offers more than 600 royalty free audio clips and includes the American and Canadian national anthems, plus a wide variety of musical fanfares, chants, calls, accents, and riffs. For more information regarding this or to view our other high-quality sound effects visit or call us at 905-886-5000.

General HD Combo Sound Effects Collection includes the content of The General HD, The General HD 2 and The General HD 3 and offers 38,303 royalty free sound effects that are of very high quality and offers clear, crisp, high-definition sound. For more information regarding purchasing and to view our wide variety of different sound effects collection visit or call us at 905-886-5000.

Sound Ideas: Interview with Mike McDonough

Mike McDonough is one of the most successful and phenomenal premier sound designers, engineers and recordists in the music and sound industry, and has a number of achievements and awards to his name. Read this blog post to find out Mike McDonough’s history, his inspiration, and insight into the industry. To read more interesting blog posts from Sound Ideas visit

Sound Ideas: Mix Signature Collection Combo

Mix signature collection combo from Sound Ideas offers the very best of Sound Ideas Mix Music Collections with handpicked 574 unique musical compositions and offering 2125 royalty free music tracks. This well-priced music package combines all 36 CDs of the Mix Signature Music Series into one collection that is ideal for broadcast. Visit or call us at 905-886-5000 for information on purchase and preview.

What Are The Different Types of Sound Engineers?

The music industry is a vastly growing field which is evolving at a very fast pace. If you are a beginner or have a passion for music then you can pursue a career in many different fields. View the file for information about different types of sound engineers and their various roles in the music and sound industry. For information about various sound effects or royalty free music collections visit or call at 905-886-5000.

New Music Released in February From Sound Ideas

Check out the file for detailed information about the new music released in February from Sound Ideas. To know more about our other releases visit for more information or call us at 905-886-5000.

What Are The Benefits of Music on Mind and Body?

Music is not only soothing and good to listen to, but there are many benefits of listening to music on your health and overall well-being. Read this blog post to find out about the possible benefits of music on your health and body. For more information and to download various kinds and types of royalty free music visit for more information or call us at 905-886-5000.

A Brief History of Sound Recording

View this infographic to learn about the turn of events that resulted in modern-era sound recording. You will be amazed to find out the evolution of sound recording from the Phonautograph to the modern sound recording devices we have today.

5 Important Elements of Music

If you are a music lover or a beginner in music production then you should know about the important elements of sound required to produce music. View this infographic to learn about the important elements used in music production.