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Updated by Desired Smiles on Mar 09, 2021
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Desired Smiles - Best Dental Clinic in Burlington

At Desired Smiles, we offer a relaxing dental experience and work to alleviate both the pain and the fears of our patients. The environment at Desired Smiles will help you relax and feel comfortable while you receive your dental treatments For more information visit us at

At Desired Smiles, we love when people are satisfied with our services and they recommend others to visit our dental clinic in Burlington. Rated as the best dental clinic in Burlington we strive to provide great, caring, sensitive service in a relaxing and comfortable environment. For more information or to book an appointment visit or call us at 905.637.5463.

Desired Smiles is a one-stop solution for all your dental problems. At Desired Smiles, we welcome patients to get a free second opinions and are always happy to help. Feel free to contact us anytime to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. For more information about our dental services in Burlington visit or call us at 905-637-5463 to book an appointment.

At Desired Smiles, we have partnered with Health Smart Financial, a great financing company that doesn’t charge interest, and offers 0% financing for most procedures, even those not covered by dental plans. For more detailed information about the benefits and the application process visit or call us at 905-637-5463 to book an appointment.

Dr. Nicky Ghoreshi is one of the best dentists in Burlington and provides the highest standard of dental care within a calm and comfortable environment. She strives to help her patients in achieving their desired smile, and to alleviate fear and overcome dental anxiety. To book an appointment visit or call at 905-637-5463.

The importance of bringing your child to the dentist for first time

Have you brought your child to a dentist for an oral checkup yet? It is advised to bring your child for dental checkups within 6 months of their first tooth coming in. It is estimated that 19,000 Canadian preschoolers per year require surgery to treat tooth decay. Read this blog for information about the importance of early visit to dentist for your child.

Why Do People Avoid Dentists and Dental Procedures?

Ever wondered why some people avoid going to a dental clinic? Pain and fear are not the only factors responsible, there are many different reasons. Avoiding your dentist can result in a host of future dental problems which can easily be avoided in the initial stage. Read this blog to find out the main reasons people avoid going to dentist.

How to Overcome Fear of Dentists

Are you afraid of going to dentist? Regular dental visits can help you in avoiding many future dental problems and can even detect early signs and symptoms of oral cancer. Therefore, it is very important to visit a dental clinic. Read this blog for tips on overcoming the fear of dentists.

Which Procedure is Better – Dental Bonding or Dental Veneers

Dental bonding and Veneers are both cosmetic dentistry procedures for transforming your smile and improving the look of your teeth. There are many pros and cons of both the procedures. View the file to learn about the differences between both procedures, and find out which one is more effective for your needs. For more detailed information visit or call us at 905-637-5463 to book an appointment.

Root Canal Treatment in Burlington At Desired Smiles

Are you looking for root canal treatment in Burlington? At Desired Smiles, we offer a painless procedure to cure your intense tooth pain. A root canal treatment is done to save a tooth that is heavily infected and involves the removal of infection from inside the tooth. For more information go through the file and to book an appointment visit us at visit or call us at 905-637-5463.

Interesting Facts About Teeth – Desired Smiles

Teeth are an important part of your body. But do you know everything about your teeth? View this infographic to find out some fun and interesting facts about teeth and you will be amazed to know how much less you knew about your teeth. For more information visit or call us at 905-637-5463.

Achieve Your Desired Smiles Today – Desired Smiles

What is stopping you from achieving your desired smile today? With advancement in dental technology, it has become easier than ever before to correct misaligned, crooked, crowded, stained teeth and achieve a beautiful, attractive smile. Read this blog for further information and to book a free smile analysis in Burlington visit

5 Useful Tips to Help Prepare for a Dental Procedure

Even if you maintain good oral health, you may require some kind of dental procedure at some point in life. Preparing for your dental procedure in advance will make the procedure easier for you. Read this file to find out some useful tips to prepare for a dental procedure.

All You Need to Know About Wisdom teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars located in the back of your mouth. Sometimes due to lack of space in the mouth, wisdom teeth come in at an angle or don’t fully emerge leading to problems down the road. If they are misaligned or impacted, you need to get them removed to prevent damage to surrounding teeth, tooth decay, and infection. Read this blog post to find out everything you need to know about wisdom teeth removal. For more information and to book a free consultation with a dental professional in Burlington visit

Are you anxious about visiting your dentist? Dental anxiety is a common thing that many patients experience before visiting a dentist. However, if your stress and anxiety is overwhelming and preventing you from visiting a dental clinic, then, in that case, sedation dentistry might help you in alleviating your fears and getting the proper dental care that you need. Read this blog post to learn about sedation dentistry and various sedation options available to reduce your anxiety.

There's no denying the fact that a great dental team means a better experience. When you bring together like-minded individuals who work together to a common goal, an office becomes a warm, fun, exciting and rewarding place for the people who work there and a comfortable place for the patients as well. Read this blog post to learn about the secret to building a strong team.

Early Signs of Gum Disease You Should Never Ignore

Gum disease is an infection of teeth, gums, and bones that surround the teeth and is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. Understanding the common signs of gum disease can help you to prevent the disease in its early stages. Read this file here to learn about the common signs of gum disease that you should never ignore.

11 Best Tips to Stop Snoring

Snoring is a common problem that affects around 30% of the world’s population aged 30 and above. It occurs when the tongue falls back and blocks the airway resulting in the vibration of respiratory structures. The resulting sound while sleeping is due to the obstructed air movement during breathing. View this infographic to find out the best ways to stop snoring.

Fluoride, Sealants and Digital X-Rays : Great Tools for Healthier Teeth

Regular brushing, flossing and a healthy diet can help you maintain your oral health by keeping your teeth and gums healthy. At Drs. Heidary and Ghoreshi Dental Group, we have other tools at our disposal in our dental clinic - fluoride, dental sealants, and digital x-rays to help keep your teeth in top shape. Read this blog post to learn in detail.

How to Repair Your Cracked or Broken Tooth

It certainly hurts when you have a chip, crack, or break in your teeth. Unless you have a minor chip, your teeth have no permanent way to be fixed until you see a dentist. Here are some common dental procedures that can repair your cracked or broken tooth. View this infographic to learn more.