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Know your family concerned with legal issues involving family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, and child custody. See this Family Law checklist.

What is an Annulment and How Can I Get One in Missouri?

When considering an end to a marriage there are many terms used that may be unfamiliar, or misunderstood, such as divorce, legal separation, and annulment.

Kathleen E. Shaul | Divorce Lawyer | St. Louis Missouri

Kathleen E. Shaul concentrates her practice exclusively in family law with an emphasis in divorce litigation. To schedule an appointment, call 314-863-9955

What Does Legal Guardianship Mean in St. Louis, Missouri?

Legal guardianship in St. Louis, Missouri is when a legal guardian takes
on the responsibility for the welfare of a ward, who is a child
or an incapacitated adult. It is a long process that is best…

Missouri Child Support Guidelines – Kathleen E. Shaul – Medium

Child support payments and guidelines use terminology that may be confusing to a parent. Read on to learn all about child support in Missouri. Child support payments are made from one parent to…

Considerations for Family Access Motions (“FAMs”)

If you feel your court-ordered visitation rights are being violated, a Family Access Motion (“FAM”) should be filed to restore visitation rights.

Advocates for Father's Rights in St. Louis, Missouri | Kathleen E. Shaul

If custody or visitation with your child is being withheld, you need family law attorneys who are effective advocates for father's rights in St. Louis, Missouri.

When Does Child Support End? | Child Support Attorney | St. Louis MO

Most people know that child support ends somewhere around the child’s 18th birthday but are a little unclear as to exactly when or how it should end.

The “Craigslist Sperm Donor” and the Potential Impact on Missouri

A man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple has to pay child support. After national attention, the case was quickly dubbed the “Craigslist Sperm Donor”

How Your Career as a Divorce Attorney Teaches People About Marriage

Kathleen Shaul shares what her experience as a divorce attorney can teach us about life and how to have a great marriage that lasts.

Why a Good Divorce is Better Than a Bad Marriage - Wevorce

Before deciding on a divorce, you will want to weigh all your options and decide what is and isn’t working in the relationship. You or your partner may be able to change some things so as to save the marriage, although some issues may be deal breakers.

The Staff at our Saint Louis Family Law Firm

As a leading St. Louis family law firm, we know that the delivery of premier legal services is made possible only by the talent and dedication of our staff.

Divorce Attorney | St. Louis Missouri | Kathleen E. Shaul

To schedule a confidential pre-divorce consultation with a divorce attorney, call 314-863-9955. We're here to help guide you through the process.

Lawyers for Grandparent's Rights

We are highly skilled lawyers for grandparent's rights and are ready to help if you are being denied visitation with your grandchild. Contact us today.

Divorce and Property | St. Louis Missouri | Kathleen E. Shaul

Visit our website for answers to your questions about divorce and property or call 314-863-9955 to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney.

Child Support Attorney | St. Louis Missouri | Kathleen E. Shaul

If you are going through a divorce or aren't receving the support your children need, you need a child support attorney looking out for your interests.

Paternity Attorney | St. Louis Missouri | Kathleen E. Shaul

Paternity attorney Kathleen Shaul works with men and women on both sides of paternity disputes to help them protect their children's rights.