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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for The benefits of offering cloud payroll services - Get your data going!
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The benefits of offering cloud payroll services - Get your data going!

Cloud payroll services have made quite the buzz within most companies in the recent years. Let's look at the main benefits of offering cloud payroll services.


Cloud Backup

Most payroll bureaus are still faced with the challenge of storing payroll information as well as with data protection. An automated cloud backup tool offers you peace of mind by knowing that you'll never lose your payroll data again. Generally, as your payroll software is integrated with the cloud, all your payroll data will be synchronized to the cloud as you run your payroll or even make changes all the while maintaining a chronological history of all your backups. These backups can be restored by downloading them on to your PC or Mac.


Removing Paper & Postage Processing

As the world moves on with increased efforts in sustainability and ease of our everyday lives, the concept of using paper pay slips that need to be downloaded, printed, enveloped and posted is an entirely outdated one. As evident with the changing times, we see more employees who prefer to have their pay slips accessible whenever they want, which makes a secure online storage system ideal. Payslips and other relative documents such as P45's, P60's and employment contracts can be easily made accessible on an employee self-service online portal. With the cloud, the effort made by payroll bureaus to print, mail and resend documents could be entirely removed. An online employee self-service portal gives the employees the freedom to view their current and past pay slips and access all HR employee documents.


Online 24/7 Accessibility

A cloud client and employee dashboard allow 24/7 access, flexibility, and control of all payroll information. Clients can easily access payroll reports, amounts due to HMRC, employee contact details, employee pay slips and can even have the ability to approve annual leave requests. Employees, on the other hand, can easily access their self-service portal via their computer or an app on their mobile. They can easily download their pay slips or even submit holiday requests, view leaves taken as well as leave remaining. If you're on the lookout for great cloud-based hr systems, there's plenty to choose from, like OrangeHRM for instance.


Increased Bureau Productivity

Cloud functionality presents an opportunity for many payroll related tasks to be synchronized with your existing payroll software. This allows most Payroll bureaus to radically save time as they no longer have the need to waste time sending payslips to employees, re-sending lost payslips, manually process employee leave or even send payroll reports to all their clients on the payroll software.


Full integration in Payroll software

Payroll software systems that facilitate full integration with the cloud is an absolute necessity. This integrated payroll and cloud allow both tools to synchronize and share your payroll data in real time without delay. As such, an online payroll tool that connects to your client's data saved on your payroll software has the possibility of directly communicating with each other, making sure all the information present is up-to-date and accurate.