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Tips for Camping With Your Family – Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Camping can be quite overwhelming in the initial stages of preparation be it organising the gear, preparing food for several days or packing the car. It is, however, quite rewarding when done right.


Set a Camping Date in Your Diary

Camping sites tend to fill up pretty fast, avoid getting disappointed by making your booking well in advance. Also, try to leave early, such as a Friday, this way you do not get stuck in long lines of weekend traffic. Getting to your destination early, means you have a chance to set up camp before night falls. You can find a Yala safari hotel which promises one an authentic campsite adventure with options including WildTrails Yala that offers spacious tents that are pitched and ready.


Invite Some Friends

A family camping adventure can be lots of fun, but invite another family with kids and you are all set for a wonderful holiday. Having the additional company is not only loads of fun; your kids too will be kept occupied with their friends.


Pack the Gear

Have a camping checklist to ensure you take only gear which is necessary. Take only what you need and nothing more. Essential items which need to go on your checklist include a tent, matches or lighter, a stove, and a good powerful lantern. Taking along minimum gear will make your trip lighter, and not clutter the vehicle with unwanted paraphernalia.


Get the Food Ready

Before getting the food ready, plan what you will be having for each meal, this includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Based on this menu get the food ready; prepare as much as you can at home. Cut up the vegetables, marinate all the meat stuff and wrap the potatoes in foil. Once the food is ready, pack the cooler according to the order you will be eating the meals. This way, you cannot overlook necessary utensils like can-openers, as well as, essential condiments.


Download a Family Camping Checklist

There are plenty of camping checklists available online. Download one which offers a comprehensive list of items to pack; under campsite gear, kitchen, clothes, personal items and miscellaneous stuff under which gadgets like cameras, maps, bikes etc. fall. A checklist is imperative in avoiding any mishaps, like finding yourself deep in the woods, with loads of canned food and no can-opener.


Research the Area You Will Be Visiting

Travelling with kids, mean you need to keep them occupied most of the time. The great outdoors is an excellent entertainer; and never fails to attract the interest of young minds. If you are visiting popular reservations, like the Yala National Park, for instance, there are particular times, when it is best to head out for spotting certain wildlife. You can also research the area for special features, such as historical sites, places frequented by wildlife and popular lookout points. Every campsite has a number of special features, which you need to get updated on before visiting the place.

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