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Headline for Water Sports in Abu Dhabi - Adrenaline Rush Adventures
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Water Sports in Abu Dhabi - Adrenaline Rush Adventures

Abu Dhabi with its 200 islands, sparkling Arabian Gulf waters and warm climate is a Utopia for water sports and offers a range of aqua activities from traditional dhow sailing to jet skiing.


Fly Boarding – Zooming skywards from the waves

In Abu Dhabi, truly adventurous people can enjoy the exhilarating, adrenaline rush thrill of flyboarding or shoot out from the waves. This sport is fast becoming trendy and popular among water sports in Abu Dhabi. Once you master the technique and perfect your balance you can soar skywards even up to heights of eight or ten meters above sea level and indulge in some back flips for an additional adrenaline rush! To fly board you strap your feet on to a jet-propelled board and powerful surges of water sent through nozzles will blast you in and out of the water. No special skills are necessary but you have to be very fit and have great stamina to master this thrilling sport. An Abu Dhabi hotel promotion will quite often feature flyboarding as an attraction if it is a pampered stay you need while enjoying aqua sports in Abu Dhabi then the luxurious and at-one-with –nature Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara would be a good choice.


Snorkeling – Close encounters with sea creatures

Snorkelers and divers at all level will find superb snorkelling and diving in Abu Dhabi. The 'Corniche' beach offers good snorkelling but the offshore 'Desert t Islands' has clearer waters than the sea at the 'Corniche'. A superb snorkelling site is the five miles or so of Sandy beach at the northwestern corner of the luxurious man-made Saadiyat Island. It is approximately 05 minutes away from downtown Abu Dhabi.


Diving/Freediving – Exploring under the Gulf waves

Abu Dhabi offers great sites for diving free diving and reef diving. Ras Ghurab Island between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and Al Dibya are popular diving sites. The MV Ludwig and the MV Hannan are wrecks to which you can dive. See a myriad of sea creatures and live coral. There are many dive centres and certified PADI Instructors to guide you and provide training if you need.


Kayaking – Paddling your way enjoying nature

A favorite sport in Abu Dhabi Kayaking offers you the chance to enjoy the scenic aquatic beauty of the Emirate especially the lush mangroves. There are many Kayaking packages of varying durations to choose from. The Eastern mangroves are really lovely to go kayaking in.


Kitesurfing - the wind beneath your wings

This is another ideal sport for adrenaline rush seekers. It is a combination of Paragliding, wakeboarding, surfing, and windsurfing. Guided by the wind kite surfers can travel the ocean as free as a bird. If you are new to the sport it is better to master the sport with a trainer kite offshore. Yas Island and Al Dabiya are good spots for kite surfing.


Dhow and Dragon Boat Sailing- Skimming the waves of the Arabian Gulf

Skim over the waters of the Gulf in a traditional dhow and enjoy the beauty around you.

The Dragon Boat is an elongated kayak with a dragon's head in front and needs 20 people paddling in perfect synchronization for smooth sailing. This is a very competitive and tough sport.


Jet Skiing - Getting high on adrenaline

Jet Skiing is hugely popular in Abu Dhabi where jet Skis of varying power can be hired by the hour. You can go tandem on Jet Skis and no fee is levied for the second rider. You must be over 18, have a valid passport or Emirates ID, and be physically and mentally fit to hire a Jet Ski in Abu Dhabi. Jet skiing is a great way to view the Abu Dhabi skyline.


Fishing –harvesting the ocean

The Abu Dhabi fishing season is from October-May but the best time is considered to be from February to May. For shore fishing, you need a license and there are designated shore fishing areas. Al Raheem Corniche and the breakwater at Mina Port are good for shore fishing. Boats can be chartered for deep sea fishing.