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Secure Your Home & Garden with Our Wooden Fencing

Fencing – Domestic and Commercial | Construct-a-Driveway

A Fence around your property gives you added benefits of security to your home and the privacy needed to relax around your garden. Construct- a- Driveway provide the best wooden fencing services at your home and make secure your home and garden. Get more information on our site.

Tips for Choosing the Landscaping Services in Leicester

When you are hiring Landscaping Services Leicester you are investing in people who use the right equipment to get the mess cleaned. They have required qualifications and years of expertise to show for it. If you try to do it on your own, you will end up hurting yourself.

Improve Your Home Décor with Pattern Imprinted Concrete

The concrete is now poured, we work with a high slump meaning very wet making it easier to work with and gain a consistent level once this is achieved it is time to tamp down the concrete making sure no hard stone is visible .

Know the importance of fencing around your properties

A property with installed fencing will always prove critical when selling the property. It will add value to the property and the buyer will consider that as the added feature. Privacy fencing is a universally pleasing improvement with a solid return on your investment.

Patio Paving – Develop or Create a Marvelous Indoor and Outdoor Setting

There are many different ranges of accessories, for circle features, cobbles, kerb sets and dished channels for those finishing touches. Block paving can be used to create a unique finish to your property.

High Quality Block Paving by Veteran Paving Company

If you are looking for a veteran paving company in UK, you can hire a company online. There are many companies provides very high quality paving for a long life, but choose one of the best through reading reviews.

Veteran Driveway Construction Company in Leicester

At CONSTRUCTADRIVEWAY we recognize that it will define the appearance of your home. We have been ranked as the best block pavers Leicester for decades.

Tips to Renovate and Maintain Your Tarmac Driveway

Tarmac based driveways are usually very tough made paths and can generally be seen in North America and most regions of Europe including the UK. People have got this done as it has always been considered as the practical and low-cost surface in comparison to other surfacing materials. But as it is done outside the house, it starts losing its strength due to use of vehicles, weather conditions and normal wear and tear.

Pave Your Patio Area in Your Garden and Feel Relax

Looking for patio paving slabs? Construct-a-Driveway has highly trained crew and always uses the best materials. We offer a free no obligation survey. Get Your Instant Quote Now!

Multifarious Benefits of Artificial Turf Laying!

Sport enthusiasts and athletes are all well aware of the multifarious benefits of turf laying that it provides to a game playing pitch but sports fields are not the only place where the turf laying of artificial grass can benefit the users.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete for Better Driveway

As with any project the end result has to be right so at Construct-a-Driveway we have a team that specialize in Pattern Imprinted Concrete also known as pic and are fully trained to do so and produce excellent results.

Know About Some Of The Features For Choosing The Right Patio Paving For Your Garden!!

In your garden, patio areas in very important part where you can feel very relax there. So, it’s very important to choose the right design, color, and material for the patio so that it is maintained in the best possible way.

Construct a Better Driveway With Tarmac Driveway

The Tarmac driveway is a tastefully satisfying option to a concrete driveway. To enhance the look of your driveway, we can also install block paved edge restraints to give a complete new look.

Driveway Construction Company In Leicester

Construct-a-Driveway is an established business, offering competitive quotations and excellent services to clients throughout the Midlands. Based in Leicester.

What is Tarmac Driveway? What are the features of Tarmac Driveways? – Constructadriveway Blog

Tarmac resurfacing of your house, driveway provides looks great and can be availed in a wide variety of colors. Tarmac Resurfacing also adds the salability of your property automatically increases.

What is Tarmac Driveway? What are the features of Tarmac Driveways?

The tarmac driveway is incredibly strong and resistant. Any scratch or mark to the surface can be repaired easily as needed and the ease of installation means a new layer can be applied directly onto the existing surface.

Improve Appearance of Driveway with Pattern Imprinted Concrete

A driveway constructor work with a high slump meaning very wet making it easier to work with and gain a consistent level once this is achieved it is time to tamp down the concrete making sure no hard stone is visible . After completion of pattern imprinted concrete driveway, it look very attractive.

Different Type of Paving and Best one for the Patio

Rubber tiles are also used for patio paving as rubber is a long lasting material, cheap and easily available in comparison to other materials. It is getting po…

Here You Will get the Best Pattern Imprinted Concrete Foundation

Pattern imprinted concrete surfaces are solid; they do not provide permeable drainage for rainwater. As part of the design for your driveway, your contractor will incorporate facilities for letting the surface water run away.

Make a Driveway Solid and Durable with Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is solid and durable. If you are planning to construct a driveway pattern imprinted concrete would be the right choice. The concrete is now poured, Paving Contractor work with a high slump meaning very wet making it easier to work with and gain a consistent level.

How Landscaping Around Your House Brings More Benefits To You?

At construct a driveway we provide a complete landscape service second to none, from the initial contact and survey through to completion, you can be sure that your project is in the right hands. Our team of experts specializes in landscaping services, including management and maintenance.

Looking to revamp your driveway? Here is why you should have a tarmac driveway

A tarmac driveway is constructed from a fine mix of mineral total and bitumen. Having tarmac driveway has gained much popularity in recent times. This is especially so because of the wide range of benefits those are associated with having a driveway made of tarmac.

Tarmac Driveways: Cost-Effective and Highly Beneficial

Tarmac is much cheaper than concrete, which already makes it cost-effective in this manner. Not exclusively do you save money when utilizing tarmac, but you can also save some more bucks on the installation cost.


The current trend which is floating high in the home décor industry today is of printed concrete driveways. Adding a professionally installed printed concrete driveway can be a great way to instantaneously update and renew the outside look of your home.

Block Paving- Transform your home’s exteriors!!!

Are you looking to renovate the exteriors of your home? The safest and easiest way to do this is by getting block paving done. The best part- it can be installed in your garden, driveway, and also the patio. With the wide range of block paving options that are available in the market these days, you get ample opportunity to experiment and create beautiful designs for your home.