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Updated by Devine Home Health Care Solutions on Jan 15, 2024
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Devine Home Health Care Solutions

Devine Home Health Care Solutions offers home health care services in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Please call 855-226-0007 for more information.

How Can Sleep Keep Your Mind Healthy

The risk for health conditions such as Alzheimer’s and other types of Dementia increases with age. However, it is possible to take certain steps to reduce or even eliminate this risk altogether.

Elderly Care: 3 Values You Should Be Living By

When taking care of a mentally or physically challenged individual, you should always be patient and compassionate. You need to open your eyes and heart to completely understand their condition.

Where to Look to Find the Beauty of Aging

Getting old is often associated with negative thoughts. People mostly anticipate a decline in their health and even in their enjoyment in life. Is it true though? Does aging really have to be that bad? It is not only those who have not yet gone into their golden years have a gloomy perspective about aging but many elderly individuals. Many of them are prone to depression, anxiety, and many other unhappy inclinations.

Check ASAP: Skin Problems That Could Worsen Over Time

Skin elasticity tends to wear off as people age. Sometimes, skin problems are just developed along the way.

Choosing a Home Health Provider: What You Need to Know

Looking for a reliable home health care in Tulsa, Oklahoma can be harder than it sounds. This is because every single agency is different. They all provide unique services and more. To ensure that you can find a home care service provider that is able to accommodate the needs of your loved one, it is important to do your research and make sure that you have compared the various options available.

What Your Loved One Needs at their Golden Years

Our parents are our pillar of strength. They are the only people in this world that we can truly rely on at all times. Whether we are having trouble financially, emotionally, or physically they are always there at our side to care for us. They give out all their blood, sweat, and tears in order to look after us and suffice all our needs. Given that, it is our time to give back to our parents especially when they reach their golden years. As their children, it is our duty to provide what they need for them to experience a comfortable and stress-free life.

4 Reasons to Spend More Time with Seniors

It’s no secret that life can sometimes get in the way of spending time with loved ones. But that’s to be expected, right? We’re living our own lives and they’re living theirs, so both parties will make time when they can. In the case of senior loved ones, however, it’s different. It’s as if a heavy cloud of loneliness settles above them whenever you have to reschedule your monthly visit or can’t bring the grandkids over during the weekends. Your elderly loved ones need quality time with none other than the people they love the most.

Giving a Helping Hand to New Mothers

Becoming a new mother can be a very emotional and intense experience, especially if your child has special needs. It is happy and also overwhelming but you are not alone. Through our home care agency in Oklahoma, we can assist you so you can adjust to becoming a new mother by providing a helping hand. We offer numerous services that can help you take care of your little one. Here are just a few of the many things we can do for you:

How a Home Health Aide Makes Life Easier

While we all want our elderly loved ones to live happy and meaningful lives, making that happen on our own can be a challenge. Not only do we lack the skills and knowledge to care for individuals with medical conditions, but we also have personal goals to attend to as well. While it’s not impossible to become a great family caregiver, not knowing how to cope with the role can take a toll on your health and well-being.

How Can You Cope with Chronic Pain?

Pain comes in all forms. Sometimes, it’s bearable. Other times, it’s not. Devine Home Health Care Solutions shares tips to help you get through your bad days:

Strengthening Bonds: Ways to Get Closer to Your Senior Loved One

Improving your relationship with your elderly loved one takes effort. As a home care agency in Oklahoma, we suggest:

Healthy Habits Linked to a Long Life

It’s always a wonder how people reach 90 years old and above. According to WebMD’s report, your lifestyle and genes play a major role in your long life. Here are some of the habits you should know.

Home Health Aid for Seniors During a Pandemic

At this point, where we are facing a global health crisis, it is crucial to safeguard our loved ones. That includes our elders – who are considered more vulnerable to acquiring diseases than the rest of the population.

Causes of Dry Skin and Some Solutions

Our compassionate care makes a difference in Home Health Care in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is the kind of care Devine Home Health Care Solutions provides to patients and their families.

Health Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

As people age, the risk for developing health conditions continues to increase. This is where physical therapy (PT) comes in. Physical therapy not only helps individuals recover from an injury, but it also improves strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Senior Care: Preventing Falls at Home

There are so many factors as to why falls happen to your senior loved ones. This can be because of their weak physical strength from having mobility issues, or simply because of the environment they live in are not senior-friendly. Here at Devine Home Health Care Solutions

Senior Care: Medical and Non-Medical Care Services

We want just the best possible care our elderly loved ones can get when they decide to age in their homes. At Devine Home Health Care Solutions, a trusted agency of Home Health Care in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we offer both medical and non-medical services that are ideal for you and your elderly loved ones.

Balancing Independence and Receiving Care

Getting the help you need when all your life you’ve been self-reliant is no easy challenge. But, when you know that overcoming this persistent urge to not ask for help can ultimately boost your quality of life, we at Devine Home Health Care Solutions have some tips for you.

Water: What It Can Do, Especially to Seniors

As a home care agency in Oklahoma, we have gathered information on how water can help, especially seniors.

How Transportation Services Help Seniors

Transportation services from home health care in Tulsa, Oklahoma, also help seniors maintain their independence, a vital part of aging gracefully.

How Aging Adults Benefit from Hobbies

During retirement, many seniors are surprised by all the free time they have suddenly gained in their day. Engaging in a new or existing hobby is a great way to spend that free time as they offer several health benefits during the golden years. As a leading provider of home health care in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we will discuss how seniors benefit from having hobbies:

Managing Chronic Pain With Physical Therapy

Chronic pain pertains to any unpleasant sensation that lasts for more than three months or beyond the normal healing time. Seniors with chronic pain often have an ongoing disease and may experience symptoms like stiffness, decreased circulation, and increased medication use.

Aging in Place with the Help of Home Care Services

Although it's not easy to accept, the majority of us seniors will need care assistance from healthcare professionals like those at a home care agency in Oklahoma when we reach over 65. We may be used to doing everything by ourselves; however, as we reach our senior years and our situations change, moving around and taking care of ourselves may become increasingly difficult.

How to Open Up about Home Care to Our Loved One

It’s heartbreaking to see our loved ones having hardships caring for themselves. We may notice that our loved one’s home has become dirtier than before, or perhaps they’re wearing dirty clothes. We may also observe that they haven’t taken a bath for a long time, and when we look at their refrigerator, it’s almost empty.

Strategies to Help Seniors Socialize More

Social interactions can promote the mental, physical, and emotional health of senior citizens aging at home, reducing the risk of dementia, high blood pressure, chronic stress, and depression. As a home care agency in Oklahoma, here are a few strategies we recommend to help families encourage their elderly loved ones to socialize more: