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Insane Traveller

This is a story about how 3 people met in the mountains and later left their corporate jobs to satisfy their need for adventure. The travel without itineraries, usually hitch-hiking their way to off-beat places. Browse through as they bring to you the stories from high above the mountains and deep beneath the seas.

Staying at Key Monastery for a Night, Something I had to do for a while - Travel Blog

If you are a lover of mountains and trekking, and want to stay in a monastery one day, then you must read this delightful story of staying in Key Monastery for a night. Read now!

When I had no Money in Spiti - Insane Traveller | Travel Blog

Have you ever been stuck without money while travelling? Have you ever travelled without money? In this article, we shared a beautiful cashless memory of one of the great adventures in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India. Read now and Stay tuned for more updates.

5 Things Which You Must Not Miss in Spiti – Insane Traveller

Are you planning to travel to Spiti? Don't know what to do in Spiti? Read to know the list of things you must not miss in Spiti.

How to Reach Spiti valley from Delhi? - The Cheapest way Possible | Insane Traveller

Planning a backpacking trip to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh? Don't know how to reach from Delhi? When to go, where to book the bus? Looking for a budget travelling plan? Read this blog to get answers to all your questions on How to reach Spiti in Himachal Pradesh in the cheapest way possible.

5 Safest Destinations to Hitchhike in India - Hitchhiker's Guide | Insane Traveller

Are you a Hitchhiker? Do you want to Hitchhike in India? Here is the Hitchhiker's guide to India. Read this blog to know about the safest destinations to lift your thumb for a ride.

Life of Insane Travellers - How we Travelled India? Travel Video | Travel Inspiration | Travel India

Life of Insane Travellers - How we Travelled India?

2 Years of Travel in 2 Minutes. Quickly catch up with Insane Travellers story so far. Include scenes from India and Nepal. Shot in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharastra, Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, and Nepal.

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What do you want to do in Life? Do you want to be stuck in 9 to 6 Slavery or Do you want to Live it, make the most out of it?

We had the same questions two years ago when we took a decision to leave everything behind to just Travel. We hitchhiked, rode on bikes, walked, trekked thousands of miles and traveled even while the earth slept. We want to Inspire you to Travel to India with this Video.

If you think you can do it then you should. Get out of your comfort zone and go see the world. It is more beautiful than the Dreamland. Maybe we will see you on the road sometime.

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Altered Destination - Travel Prose | Insane Traveller

"And finally I took a step into something that I had always wanted to do ever since I was that little, curious boy traveling with his father; I decided to step out of the train on an empty station, a station where there was no one." Ever thought of getting down on an unfamiliar destination and exploring the unknown?

The Cheapest way to reach Ladakh - Travel Tips | Insane Traveller

Searching the cheapest way for Leh? Here we share two of the cheapest routes that will help you reduce the cost of Leh, Ladakh trip. Read Now. Subscribe us for more travel-related tips.

I hitchhiked from Leh to Manali on a Bike - Travel Blog | Insane Traveller

I hitchhiked from Leh to Manali on a bike, a dream come true. Riding bike in the land of high passes has its own charm. Read the blog to know how I got this dream fulfilled for free.

5 Hidden Gems of Ladakh - Travel Blog | Insane Traveller

Ladakh is one of the favourite destinations for adventure. Here we share some of hiddeb gems of ladakh that you should not never miss. Explore now!

How my Heart found Solace in Nubra Valley? – Insane Traveller

Looking to know about Nubra valley? Read everything about the famous Nubra Valley in Ladakh and know about its best attractions & other required information.

How a Truck Driver restored my faith in Humanity - Travel Blog | Insane Traveller

Is your Faith is humanity lost? Don't you think that good people still exist in this world? Read this blog to know How a truck driver restored my faith in humanity. Few hours, Few words and a small gesture, that left a big impact.

Old Age Travel - Travel Prose | Insane Traveller

All I will have is my compass to show me the way, and my heart to guide, I will make my own map of all the places which I am going to explore so that I can come back later whenever I feel like. Read this prose to know more about how we travel in India.

The Metamorphosis - Travel Blog | Insane Traveller

What made you start travelling? Why did you decide to take it as a full-time thing? Why did you do all those things, which if a person is in the right state of mind would not prefer to do? Read our travel blogs and Get more travel information.

Around The World in 10 Books - Insane Traveller

Don't know which book to read while travelling? Look no further – here we share top 10 travel book that will ignite the fire in your heart. Read now!

10 Movies that made us Quit our Jobs and Travel – Insane Traveller

Here we have shared some of the most amazing travel movies that inspired to trip in the world. Read now!

The Best of Travel TV Series - Insane Traveller

Looking for the best travel TV Series? Don’t go through anywhere? Here is a list of popular travel TV series that will inspire you to travel. Check now!

10 Himalayan Treks You Should not Miss - Travel Tip | Insane Traveller

Is trekking on your list? Do you want to see the valleys and peaks of the Himalayas? Well, if yes then we have made a list of 10 Himalayan treks not to be missed by anyone. Read the blog to know more.

59 Best Travel Songs for the Wandering Soul in You - Insane Traveller

Music is a Universal Language. It inspires you, motivates you and makes you feel your soul. Here is a list of 59 best travel songs for the wandering souls. Listen to them and lose yourself into the unknown just to find yourself. Read this blog for the complete list of songs.

The Smog, The Fork and The Wolf - Travel Poem | Insane Traveller

Read this marvelous travel poem The smog, The Fork and The Wolf which emphasizes that you are never alone in your journey. If you think you are right then you should go for it leaving aside all the pains and fears, you will find other wolves on the chosen path. Click the link to read the travel poem

The Cave of Enllightenment - Travel Poem | Insane Traveller

Have you ever been lost in questions? Have you found the cave of your enlightenment? Have you been asking the wrong question? Read this travel poem to feel such a feeling.

Petrichor - Travel Poem | Insane Traveller

Petrichor is a poem on love, desire, life and longing. It is partially written on scribbles of paper by the author while travelling in the Himalayas for a month on a bike trip to Ladakh. Click the link to read the full poem.

Why Trekking Pole is a must during a Trek? - Trekking Tip | Insane Traveller

Why you should take trekking pole during a trek? In this article we give reasons to use trekking poles and its benefits. Read now!

Everything You Need To Know About Diamox - Trekking Tip | Insane Traveller

Do you know how Diamox help you when you going to high altitude trekking in the Himalayas? In this blog we have covered all things about Diamox. Read now!

6 Ways You Can Keep Altitude Sickness At Bay - Trekking Tip | Insane Traveller

Planning to go to the Himalayas or a high-altitude destination? Here are the do’s and don’ts during the trek that will help you not fall prey to AMS. Read now!