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Things to Know Before Visiting Xi'an – Birthplace of Chinese Civilization

Ancient Xi'an will not disappoint the culture buff or nature lover, capital of the Shaanxi Province the place is rich in culture and history. Here are a few points to remember when visiting the place.


Xi'an is a Popular Tourist Destination

The city is one of China's most visited destinations. The list of must-visit attractions there is endless and also well-known across the world. Tourists throng the city for sights of the Terracotta Warriors, for exploring the ancient museums, and enjoying the natural scenery; promising hikes into verdant mountains and across lush waterfalls. Not to be missed are the cultural performances and dumpling banquets. Besides, Xi An, China hotels are tipped to be some of the best in the country, with names such as Grand Park Xian offering easy access to top attractions.


The Cuisine is Unbeatable

Xi'an cuisine is famous the world over, its location at the crossroads of many provinces, mean local cuisine is influenced by many regions of the country. Look forward to sampling spicy Sichuan flavours and a variety of Cantonese specials, while noodles, dumplings, lamb and kebab reign as all-time favourites. Make sure to read up on the best traditional dishes, in order to sample some of the tastiest food in all of China. Must try dishes include, biangbiang noodles, roujiamo, Xi'an kebabs and yangrou pao mo.


Buy the Most Unique Souvenirs and Handicrafts

As an ancient civilization, the locals of Xi'an staunchly hold on to traditional crafts and culture, the art forms are still practised across the region and tourists are treated to some of the most unique souvenir items in China. Buy terracotta army figurines, peasant paintings, beautiful and intricate traditional paper cuttings, cultural artworks, treasured antiques and many other fascinating handicrafts.


Xi'an History is a Depiction of Ancient China

Xi'an is the capital of over 13 ancient Chinese dynasties; hence, the city's history delves as far back as 3,000 years. The Ming Dynasty greatly impacted the city in the 14th century, with many a relic dating back to this revolutionary period. You will discover many a gem, hidden away in nooks and corners of the city, while the ancient pagodas built as odes to great artists, poets and illustrators, stand the test of time recording Chinas great history and chronicling its changing reigns.


The Best Time to Visit Xi'an

Xi'an climate is temperate and remains moderate throughout the four seasons. The best seasons would be during spring and autumn when the weather is not too cold and surroundings are crisp and fresh. Spring and early summer seasons are known for the dust storms which plague Xi'an while the rainy season is experienced from July to September, although it rarely rains at a stretch for days.


Transportation is Tops in Xi'an

Transportation in Xi'an is excellent. You will find travelling to and from your Xi'an hotel a breeze. There are 6 main train stations, a well-connected metro system and a well preserved wall system, which you can tour via bicycle.

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