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06 Must Try Dishes in Fiji – Take Your Taste-buds on a Culture Trip

Root vegetables and fish are staple ingredients in most Fiji dishes. Local takes on these favoured components consist of various versions of these elements; delicious and marvellous to savour.



This is a dish which is similar to New Zealand's, hangi, and is cooked in an underground oven. To prepare the pit is prepared by first digging a deep enough hole in the ground; stones which are heated from the bottom are then placed in the pit. On top of these stones, which cook the food, meat, fish and certain root vegetables, wrapped in fragrant banana leaves are placed. Once done the hole is covered with earth and left to get piping hot, once the cooking process is done after several hours, the food is uncovered and eaten.



This is the Fijian version of ceviche, which is a raw fish dish. Pronounced as Koh Kon Da the meal is made by soaking fresh fish in lime or lemon juice. These acids cook the fish, to which are added, spring onions, chillies, red onions, tomatoes and capsicums; the mix is then soaked in creamy coconut milk for island flavours. If you order this dish at a Fiji restaurant, chances are it will be served in a bamboo, coconut shell or very tropical looking pineapple. Sanasana easily accessible to guests at InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa is known for its themed seafood nights, dishing out local favourites like Kokoda.


Fijian Curry

Home to a large Indian population Fiji is not short of hot and spicy curries to tickle the taste-buds. The local Fijian take on varied curries is quite exotic, with most them, cooked with thick coconut milk and tomatoes to which are added the famous green cooking bananas. This very popular banana curry is served most often served with dhal soup and hot roti.


Grilled Mahi Mahi

A deep water fish often spotted around the coast of Fiji, Mahi Mahi is a popular variety to consume. The fish is most often pan fried or grilled, tossed on a layer of vegetables and a jus; a jus, by the way, is the culinary term for a dish prepared with juices. Mahi Mahi is also quite often the fish used for preparing kokoda.



Rourou is often served as a side dish and accompaniment to a fish meal. It is often made with taro or dalo leaves which are stewed or cooked in thick coconut milk. Apart from accompanying a fish dish, it can be served as an additional dish when mixed with chicken.


Cassava Chips

Cassava grows freely on most parts of the Fijian islands; it is a local staple and available in abundance. A starchy root vegetable, quite similar to potatoes, cassava is much starchy. The root is often boiled and cut into log shapes, to resemble a fatter version of a French fry, before being deep fried. Most restaurants serve these tasty cassava chips, which is quite a favourite amongst most visitors.

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