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Packing List for a Bali Traveller - Pack Like a Pro

Packing is often an arduous task. Here are a few tips on how to reduce your packing induced stress before your next trip to Bali and help you make the most of your vacation.



It may be tempting to pack all of your skimpiest outfits for your stay at a Bali Kuta Resort but please keep in mind that the Balinese often dress conservatively. If you have any plans to explore Hindu Temples or other sacred locations such as the Elephant Cave, you should pack an outfit that allows you to cover your arms and legs. Similarly, a more conservative outfit is recommended when visiting small villages in the inner parts of the island. If you will be spending most of your days in a resort in Bali such as the Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali, your best option would be to pack light cotton clothing. Denim jeans and other outfits out of heavy material should be avoided as they can be stifling under the hot sun in Bali.



Much like any South East Asian region, a traveller's best footwear option is a simple pair of flip-flops. Certain temples, bars and restaurants may require you to remove your footwear before entering so wearing flip-flops allows you to kick them off when necessary. When buying a pair of flip-flops for your trip, try to look for something reliable but cheap looking. The cheap appearance would prevent people from stealing your flip-flops when you leave them outside. If you do not have a pair, you can easily buy flip-flops from the plethora of shops located on the island. However, if you are planning to climb Mount Batur or Gunung Agung, you must also carry a solid pair of hiking shoes. Moreover, if you enjoy visiting high-end clubs, an alternative pair of shoes would be necessary as these clubs often enforce strict dress codes.


A First Aid Kit

Falling ill while travelling abroad can be a nightmare. Luckily, you do not have to pack all your medical supplies because Bali's walk-in pharmacies are well stocked and you can often avoid visiting a hospital. Remember to pack your prescription medication and anti-diarrhoea medication if you are prone to a sensitive stomach while travelling. Mosquito repellent is also advisable as this tropical destination has its fair share of mosquitos.


Money and Travel Documents

While Bali has a number of ATMs with affiliations with major banks, it is best to keep a roll of back up money in the event the network goes down or you lose your credit card. Ideally, your back up cash should be in US dollars and some can even be in the form of traveller's cheques. It is also recommended that you keep two copies of your passports and travel insurance papers. Spread your copies in your luggage so even if you lose a piece of luggage, you would still have your back up documents. If you should lose your passport, having a copy of it would significantly help in getting a replacement passport from your respective embassy.


Optional Items

Now that we have covered the main items to pack for Bali, here are a few optional items that may make your stay easier. Travellers who enjoy savouring fresh local fruit may want to pack a small knife. As Bali has several public squat toilets, you may also want to pack a roll of toilet paper and a hand sanitiser. Much like any other place in South East Asia, there is the possibility of an unexpected power outage. In such instances, it would be best to have a torch on hand.
Follow these tips and make the most of your stay in Bali!