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Mens Fashion Tips & News

How to Lose Weight in 7 Days? Lose Weight in a Week? | GQ India

How to Lose Weight in 7 Days? Check out simple ways to lose weight in 7 days. You need a rigorous fitness regime & an effective weight-loss plan to lose weight in 7 days. For quick weight loss, maintain healthy diet plan, an exercise routine, water intake, get sufficient sleep, etc.

How to Build Muscle in 10 Simple Steps? Build Muscles in Simple Steps | GQ India

How to build muscles in 10 steps? Follow these basic easy-to-follow steps to strengthen muscles. To build the lean and muscular physique, stick to these 10 simple steps like proper workout plan, daily calorie need, lean exercises, balanced diet, macronutrient balance, etc.

How to Lose Weight? Get Fit With Simple Workout Routine | GQ India

How to lose weight? Follow these simple workout routine to get fit & healthily lose weight. For the weight loss regime be strict with your exercise plan like body-weight strength training, planks, squats, Cardio workout, sprints, and witness the difference.

How to Make a Woman Orgasm? Orgasm Tips by Porn Star Mia Khalifa | GQ India

How to make a woman orgasm? Mia Khalifa, former porn star, is giving sex lessons on how to make a woman orgasm. You need to feel the vibe & pick on the signals to give her the orgasm. Check out everything you’ve wanted to know about sex from Mia Khalifa.

How to Lose Weight? How a Man Lost 30 kg in 5 Months | GQ India

How to lose weight in 5 months? You can lose weight with cardio training, chest workout, core muscles, legs exercise, and full body workouts. You need gym workout to lose weight & maintain your weight loss. You must also follow the healthy diet to lose 30 kg in 5 months.

Is it Possible to Regrow Hair? Is Hair Regrowth Possible? | GQ India

How to regrow hair? Hair fall in men is common & at times genetic. You can regrow your hair with the help of hair fall treatments like oral medication, herbal supplements, plasma injections, etc. If the follicle is still intact, it is possible to regrow the hair.

How to Lose Belly Fat? Exercises and Foods to Burn Fat Fast | GQ India

How to Lose Belly Fat? To lose belly fat, your workout should include weight loss exercises and foods to burn fat fast. Best foods to lose belly fat & detox your body are green tea, cocoa, and turmeric. You can lose belly fat & beat the bulge by the end of 2018.

Best Shopping Website For Men - Best Online Shopping Website | GQ India

Best Shopping Website for men to help you through the freshness in your dressing style. Farfetch is the best shopping site for men who enjoy dabbling with popular & luxury brands from unique boutiques. The online fashion site boasts of expert-curated products from over 700 brands.

How to Lose Weight in 10 Days? Weight Loss in 10 Days | GQ India

How to lose weight in 10 days? Achieve weight loss in 10 days by counting & controlling your calories. Start having protein-rich diet & reducing carb intake initially to reduce your daily calorie intake by between 10-20%. You should also follow the strict weight loss workout to lose weight.

Things to be Excited About in 2018 - Excited Things in 2018 | GQ India

Top things to be excited about in 2018. There are events, places, products, to look forward to in 2018. Field Of Light exhibition, exploring the desert frontier in Rajasthan, Gucci's Alessandro Michele’s new collection, Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, Indian pop bands, etc.

How to Lose Weight? How to Burn Belly Fat? | GQ India

How to Lose Weight? How to Burn Belly Fat? Seven minutes of bodyweight exercises per day to burn that belly fat one inch at a time. Start doing these super quick workouts at any time of the day to burn the belly fat & lose weight.

Katrina Kaif is Bollywood's Most Searched Star on Pornhub | GQ India

Katrina Kaif is among Bollywood's most searched star on Pornhub. Sunny Leone & Katrina Kaif are two Bollywood actresses among Pornhub’s most searched stars. Lisa Ann, the hottest porn star of the last decade, was replaced in 2017 by Bollywood’s Katrina Kaif.

Hrithik Roshan's 'Kid-Friendly' Bachelor House Photos | GQ India

Hrithik Roshan’s plush ‘kid friendly’ bachelor pad photos. Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood’s very own Greek God, has made his home in a plush Juhu bachelor pad ‘kid friendly’. The wall of the house has positive and motivational slogans. He also has a telescope in the balcony to get a clearer view of stars.

Best Protein Sources You Need in Daily Diet - Protein Diet | GQ India

7 sources of protein you need in your daily diet. Check out best plant-based protein to include in your routine diet to build lean muscle. Protein diet, excluding meat, eggs or dairy, is essential to lose weight and stay fit.

Rahul Dravid - India’s Greatest Cricketer | GQ India

Rahul Dravid is one of India’s greatest cricketer & greatest sportsmen. Rahul Dravid nicknamed 'the wall' is known for his tenacity, gentleman ship, humility. Rahul Dravid continues to serve Indian cricket as coach of the India A and India Under-19 sides.

Bikini Babe 'Abigail Ratchford' Instagram Account Making Money | GQ India

Bikini Model Abigail Ratchford makes $170,000 per year from the ads she does on her Instagram account. Also known as bikini babe, Abigail Ratchford has close to 8 million Instagram followers. Ratchford became famous after her lingerie video was uploaded.

How to Lose Weight in 2 Days? How to lose 2 kg in 2 days? | GQ India

How to lose weight quickly? Tips to lose 2 kg in 2 days. The first step to weight loss, it is always advisable to set smaller and achievable targets. To lose weight fast, drink lots of water, reduce the carb diet, start fibre-filled breakfast, etc.

Best Beers in India Under Rs 200 - Best Beers Under Rs 200 in India | GQ India

20 best beer brands in India under Rs 200 - Check out the list of best important beer brands in India under Rs 200. These pocket-friendly beer brands like Orangeboom, Hoegaarden, Tsingtao, etc. in India are a great way to get ready for the heat.

Hottest Instagram Models of 2017 - Hottest Models on Instagram | GQ India

Hottest Instagram Models of 2017 - Check out hottest Models on Instagram. These sexiest Instagram Models like Emily Ratajkowski, Irina Shayk, Ashley Sky, etc. have the looks, body, & attitude to be on Instagram's sexiest model list of 2017.

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Hot photos - Alessandra Ambrosio’s Beach Photos | GQ India

Alessandra Ambrosio’s hot photos from her Brazilian beach vacation. Check out Alessandra Ambrosio’s bikini photos from her vacation on Praia Brava beach. Alessandra Ambrosio, ex-Victoria’s Secret model, is one of the hottest swimsuit models.

Bollywood Celebrities & Their Dogs - Bollywood Celebs With Their Pets| GQ India

Bollywood celebrities with their dogs. Bollywood celebrities like Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh, & Sidharth Malhotra, Arjun Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput, are extremely fond of their dogs & they love spending time with their wingman.

How to Lose Weight With the Autophagy Diet Celebrities Follow? | GQ India

How to lose weight with autobhagy diet? Lose weight with the autophagy diet that celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Ben Affleck follow. In autophagy, cells destroy and then recycle into new cells. Autophagy helps to fights against harmful bacteria and viruses.

How to Get an Erection Without Viagra? Get Erection in 5 Minutes | GQ India

How to get an erection without viagra? There’s a new gel, MED2005, to rub on your penis that gives you the boost you need. A 15 seconds of gel stimulation, without taking Viagra, can boost your arousal. Start using this gel to solve erectile dysfunction.

Best Hairstyles For Men - Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape | GQ India

Best hairstyles for men - How to choose the right haircut for your face shape? Check out the grooming tips from professionals on best hairstyles for men with round faces, square faces, oval faces, etc. and other grooming tips from hair experts.

How to Lose Weight? How a Man Lost 20 kgs in 6 Months? | GQ India

How to lose weight? Lose 20 kg in 6 months by training at the gym, with the keto diet, weight loss exercises, nutrition diet, etc. Reduce weight with the weight loss tips, strictly follow weight loss diet & improve your physical fitness now.