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05 Scenic Places to Visit in the Maldives – The Best of the Indian Ocean

Hop from one stunning beach location to another, explore uninhabited little islands, discover hidden bays, glistening in the golden sunlight and swim amongst coral reefs; the Maldives offers it all.


Fua Mulaku

This is an atoll located around the southern edge of the archipelago. It is the smallest of all 26 atolls, and home to just one island, which by the way is the largest island in the Maldives. This single island is the most fertile of all; plenty of cultivation takes place here and vegetables, as well as, fruits which are not grown anywhere else on the archipelago, like mangos, pineapples and oranges thrive on Fua Mulakua. The surroundings of course are utterly stunning; with white sand beaches for laying on and glistening waters beckoning you to dive in. Fua Mulakua is certainly the epitome of what beach holidays to Maldives are made of.



This island is located on the southern atoll of Nilandhoo, the place is home to the unique mounds known as, hawittas. Some believe the mounds to be the remains of Buddhist temples, lost to the sands of time, a speculation which is yet to be justified. When exploring this island, plan a visit to the vintage mosque, it is believed to display some of the best masonry work from the ancient world. Sounds fascinating? Plan your holiday well, with help from travel specialists such as Vacation Maldives and you could be exploring places like Kudahuvadhoo, as well as, a load of other fascinating locations across the archipelago.


Mirihi Islands

This is one of the Maldives most popular tourist beaches. Named after a flower this is a quarantined island. The place is home to a beautiful house reef and stunning beach, which is shaded by swaying palm trees. In fact the entire island is covered in coconut palms and powdery soft white sand; hard to resist the place is an absolute paradise on earth.


Nalaguraidhoo Beach

This beach is most famous for its clear, azure blue ocean. It is one of the most visited beaches on the archipelago and is a haven of unspoilt environs and sun bleached white sand beaches. This is a must visit site, if you want a taste of the picture-postcard environs of the Maldives, often publicised. The place is tipped to leave one almost speechless for its pristine beauty.


Grand Friday Mosque

The Grand Friday Mosque is arguably the capital, Male's main attraction; its golden dome visible across the island. Its formal name is the Masjid al Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam and is the largest mosque in the nation. The architecture is one of its most popular features, while the throngs of pilgrims who flock the mosque are its strongest asset. Well worth a visit, for its cultural significance, the Grand Friday Mosque will certainly impress.