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Things You Should Know About Elephant Trekking – A Chance to Fall in Love with these Amazing Mammals

Elephant trekking is in a nutshell a treat. It is a chance for you to mingle with the largest mammals on land while enjoying a ride atop their backs. Below are a few useful tips for a fun adventure.


Learn about elephants

Elephant trekking is an interesting way to get comfortable with these mighty animals. A lot of people are very reluctant to even get close to an elephant, let alone sit atop their backs and ride them, but trekking, in general, gives you a chance to overcome that fear and mingle with elephants in a personal level. Thailand is a great place to go elephant trekking. You can stay at a Koh Samui resort for there are several options like Sunset Coast Samui Resort & Villas and from there you can plan your trekking expedition. Before you begin, it would help to do a little bit of homework on elephants. Read about them and what an elephant ride would feel like. That way you know what to expect and you minimize surprises.


Things you should avoid

Fear is one thing you will have to get over. Use the help of your mahout to get on your elephant and be steady while you are on top. Elephants available for rides are generally tame and used to humans, however, don't take their relaxed nature for granted. It is always best to exercise caution and play it safe both before you get on the animal and also while you are atop it. Hold on to your animal while it is moving and avoid taking pictures. You may click a couple of shots when the animal is steady but be cautious of it suddenly deciding to move.


Find the right tour

When you take a place like Thailand, there are several tour operators out there each offering a different elephant trekking expedition. Even though the price for many is the primary concern when choosing a package, do not let it be the only concern. Find out what your tour package entails and read up on the reviews of each tour operator. Do not compromise quality for quantity and make sure you choose a tour that gives you many opportunities to actually enjoy the animal.


Choose your adventure

It is important that you choose your setting and the kind of elephant trekking expedition that you plan on having. You can check in advance the route that your trekking entails and choose the sort of setting that you have a personal preference towards.


Be kind to your elephant

Elephant trekking is a great opportunity for you to enjoy some one on one interaction with these mammals. So stop and appreciate elephants, stroke their faces, feed them if you can, watch them bathe and enjoy their company and appreciate their majesty. Elephant trekking is an experience that is one of a kind and the only way you can fully enjoy it is by absorbing the beauty of this creature.