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Updated by Poker Nation on Mar 06, 2018
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Top 10 Most Annoying Things To Do On The Poker Table

For anyone who has played poker in India, one knows that poker is a marathon, not a sprint. Finding peace whilst at the table is vital to the success of the most accomplished players in the game. So what are some annoying aspects that tend to get on one’s nerves?



Hollywooding refers to acting in an exaggerated manner so as to draw out a reaction from your opponents.


The Chip Stack Question

There might be nothing wrong in doing so, but it is better to simply concentrate on your own game.


Angle Shooting

Using a series of underhanded manoeuvres to exploit inexperienced players



Over-exuberance can wind up even the professionals.


Talking Strategy

you should offer advice only when asked for


Forced Conversation

You will encounter a wide variety of people at the poker table, some more tolerable than others.


Being ‘in the tank’

While it is perfectly fine to think before playing your cards, but try not to stall unnecessarily.


Poor Personal Hygiene

This one ranks highly in the list of professional poker player annoyances.


Abusing the Dealer

Players who abuse dealers are next in the list of annoyances.


‘Educating’ the novice

The most annoying thing that poker players do at the table is to teach the fish. Trying to teach the fish how to play better, and then later telling them off for playing poorly crushes their soul.