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Updated by University of Alabama on Jan 28, 2021
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University of AL Basketball

University of AL Basketball

University of Alabama provides University of AL Basketball. The University of AL provides various range of T-shirts. Shop for your favorite T-shirts only at U of A. You have options to buy or order online with different options to buy according to the price list. Call us at 205-348-6168.

A coverage on how the Alabama Softball has split games to open Crimson Classic

This blog takes a look at all the fan-frenzied moments of the inaugural Crimson Classic and how the various sport stars managed to make a mark on the field with a fiery display of sportsmanship. For fans too, it was a one- of- its- kind moment where they get up close and personal with their favorite teams and select sports stars. Get a detailed coverage on how the match played out and witness the excitement that penetrated the entire duration of the match. Fans can also extend their love to their preferred sports team by opting for a wide collection of retail merchandize that they can use as collector’s items. These are available only at the University of Alabama Store.

Alabama Football: Is Crimson Tide Era Of Dominance Over?

This blog gives you some details as to how the Alabama team lost its position. There were some errors or areas of improvement where the team could have worked and got the victory. You can also live your dream of being a part of the football team by using accessories and donning caps, T-shirts, and long-sleeve T-shirts of good quality Alabama Crimson Tide with the print form University Supply Store.

The Effects of Corona Virus on Alabama's Football Season

The whole world is dealing with a crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. You already know how badly the people from all around the world are affected by this pandemic situation. The coronavirus pandemic has changed people's lives, and it has severely affected every possible sector. And just like the other sectors, the football sector is also affected. If you are a football fan, then you already know that professional football league seasons are postponed and even canceled. And not only professional football but collegiate football seasons like the Alabama football season is also affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can keep yourself up to date by reading the Alabama basketball news and football news. This blog discusses the effects of coronavirus on Alabama's football season.

Roll Tide, War Eagle And My Connection To Alabama

This article gives you information on the rallying cry ‘Roll tide!’ for the University of Alabama football team. It tries to explain why the use of the phrase is so prevalent even outside the football plethora. Also, you get more information on how the team’s fan followers have found ways to make the best of the phrase. The Shop for university of Alabama roll tide sells items of daily use with the team’s logo and the expression imprinted on them. You can find a wide range of utility items like throw rugs, chairs, keychains, ties, bowties, purses, wallets, and handbags with the logo and ‘Roll tide!’ imprints. There are even gender-specific items like earrings and bags for women.

Why Are College Sports So Popular In The USA?

If you are an immigrant student at a college or university where college sports are prevalent, this blog is for you because you will learn why college sports are so popular in the US. In the US, the government does not fund pro sports, and neither is there any second division in this country. So, unprivileged teenagers who still want to pursue their careers as sportspeople take admission into Universities like Alabama University that allow these teenagers to play professionally and remain funded by the government. Local communities also support their children by buying sports merchandise like U of Alabama basketball and many more. Again, not to forget, college sports are a part of the college culture, which makes it so popular in the US, unlike nowhere else.

5 of All Time Best Alabama College Football Games

It's hard to imagine college students not participating in football tournaments, especially when it's the most spectacular game in the country. And football is the perfect way to connect with the basic instincts, wherever you are. Nothing can be as adventurous as the zest and enthusiasm of Alabama and Crimson Tide. Why Alabama and Crimson Tide? Alabama has been the winner of the last eleven national championships in college football to date. Crimson Tide has fifteen national championships to its credit. Football is all about hallmarks such as sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication towards common goals, and the right gear. In this blog, the focus is on the winning Alabama team, and the use of right sports equipment.