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Headline for Must Eat Street Food in Bangkok – Don't Deny Yourself the Pleasure
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Must Eat Street Food in Bangkok – Don't Deny Yourself the Pleasure

Bangkok is loved for many things, but it is always the street food that turns up trumps. A must do activity on any tourists' list, the street food of Bangkok is cheap, utterly alluring & quite exotic.


Som Tam

Som Tam is a Thai salad that will literally change your concept of what a salad should taste like. Bursting with flavour, this sweet, sour and spicy salad features the quintessential flavours associated with Thai cuisine. A staple amongst street food this crunchy salad is turned out with freshly julienned raw papaya, ground chilli, tomato, garlic and peanuts. These ingredients are doused in a generous portion of sauce made with the ever famous fish sauce, lime and tamarind juice. Boasting the right amount of 'kick' this salad is a great starter for your gastronomic journey of flavours.


Gai Pad Med Mamuang

Tasting as exotic as it sounds, this dish when translated means Thai chicken with cashew nuts. Served at some of the best restaurants in Bangkok, this dish is another favourite amongst the bustling street food kiosks of Bangkok. The chicken is stir fried with other ingredients and loads of crunchy cashew to treat your taste-buds to a medley of flavours that are nothing short of tropical. You will find some of the most conveniently located hotels for indulging in Bangkok street food amongst Chatrium Hotels & Residences. Remember location is key if you have big plans for indulging the foodie in you to some of the best Thai street delights.


Pad Thai

A comfort food if there ever was one, Pad Thai is a firm favourite amongst all fans of Thai cuisine. Another street food staple, pad Thai is even dished out from boats, cruising the floating markets of Bangkok. A traditional Thai style dish, pad Thai is a combination of egg noodles tossed in pan fried local veggies, bean sprouts, seafood, meat, egg and spices. It is topped off with lashings of ground peanuts, palm sugar and spicy chilli.


Pad Kra Pao Kai

A combination of meat and basil, this popular street food is best enjoyed on a bed of rice. Very aromatic and alluring to the senses, the dish is a combination of meat, cooked with basil, garlic, chilli, fish sauce and spices.


Tom Yum Soup

A spicy, sour soup, Tom Yum, made in the traditional Thai method can be quite spicy. Ask for a toned down version, if you are not a fan of spicy; although, this variant is by far the most flavoursome. Made with seafood or chicken Tom Yum, a clear soup, offers generous flavours of sour, spicy and sweet.


Mango and Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice will delight your taste-buds and hit the spot immediately. The most sought-after sweet treat amongst Thai street food, mango sticky rice is a dessert you won't soon forget. Made by boiling Thai Jasmine rice in thick coconut cream and served with slices of fresh and juicy mango.

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